Hart of Dixie Season 5: Officially Cancelled!

Will there be any possibility of season 5 of Hart of Dixie coming back? There are many series which are loved by everyone and the Hart of Dixie series is one of them and now fans are looking and waiting for season 5.

As the news breaks that the new season is cancelled but still fans are finding ways and are curious to know whether it is coming or not? Here we tell you all about the series and let you know why the season fifth is cancelled.

Hart of Dixie Season 5: Cancelled and Why?

hart of Dixie season 5

When the 4th season came, the team revealed that it is the last and the final season and the production cast decided to discontinue the series after the fourth one.

Due to fall in the ratings from season 3rd even though it was raised in season 4, it is not enough for them to make the renewal. On May 7, 2015 CW officially cancelled the show which left the viewers sad.

Some rumors also came for the cancellation of the show that one of the cast’s is pregnant but it is not the reason for the cancellation of the show. CW itself is the real reason for the cancellation of the show and not the network and they have a plan for the five years only and it was completed.

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Fans are still excited to watch new season

When the season 4 came to end Marker Leila Gertein appeared and season 4 is composed in the same way to give satisfaction to the fans if the new season not renewed.

The series goodbye to the main characters along with remainders of the town or the other cast of Hart of Dixie in an ideal way but leaving the entryway open in case of the series.


Hart of Dixie About

Hart of Dixie season 5

As we all know that it is one of the popular American television show which is most loved by the fans and well liked by the audience. The first season premiered on The CW on September 26, 2011 and created by Leila Gertein and it is the comedy drama series and runs for 4 seasons successfully from September 2011 to March 2015.

And also the bond between the channel and the Netflix is also cut off after 5 years as its was announced by the Netflix and it has cancelled all the series and refused to show drama on Netflix.


So fans are worried that they are not able to watch any season of the series on Netflix but you don’t want to be sad as it is also available on Hulu or HBO Max.

Hart of Dixie Cast and Characters

Hart of Dixie season 5

Here all cast team member including with the cast are shown here-

These are the producers of the series- Leila Gerstein, Donald Todd, Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage, Jason Enster and Goldstein. Now after producers cast stars named are there with their characters played by them and these are-

  • Rachel Bilson played the role of Zoe Hart.
  • Cress Williams played the role of Levon Hayes.
  • Scott Porter played the role of George Tucker.
  • Jaime King played the role of Lemon Breeland.
  • Wilson Bethel played the role of Wade Kinsella.
  • Tim Matheson Bertram played the role of “Brick” Breeland.
  • Kaitlyn Black played the role of Annabeth Nass.
Season Name Hart of Dixie Season 5
Genre comedy drama
Release Date cancelled
Director  Leila Gerstein
Streaming Platform CW
Lead Role

Rachel Bilson

Where to Watch the Hart of Dixie Series?

You can stream the Hart of Dixie series on Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies & TV, Apple TV and even on Youtube.

Trailer of Hart of Dixie Season

Season 4 Official Trailer

Ratings and Reviews of Hart of Dixie All Seasons

On IMDB Hart of Dixie got 7.7 ratings out of 10 and even the popularity of this series also grew after season 3. And it is the comedy, romance drama series whose tagline for season 1 is ‘Her Life is about to go south’.

If you are looking for top rated episodes then I will let you know that episode no 22 ‘The Big Day’ of season 1 and episode 10 ‘Bluebell’ of season 4.

There are so many positive user reviews to this series and few are given here to know what users said about the series. They write to bring back Hart of Dixie, Sweet and show and actually the user is entertained, loves the series and Bluebell is the new Stars Hollow.

Last Lines

So it is clear that the series is cancelled and no hope is there for a new season as it was cancelled by the CW. So, watch the previous seasons of Hart of Dixie and also read more latest articles on Keeperfacts.com according to your needs.