The Harry and Meghan Show Has Been Put on Hold by Netflix.

Netflix has officially delayed the December 2022 streaming debut of the documentary series featuring Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle. The publication of the documentary has reportedly been delayed until next year, but the online media platform has yet to declare an official date. It is rumoured that the documentary’s new release date was influenced by reports about Netflix’s popular historical drama series ‘The Crown‘ as well as a recent terrible event involving the Royal Family.

Why did Netflix Put on Hold Harry and Meghan Show?

According to the source, officials determined that it was not the most significant moment to release two controversial royal family-related documents in such a short timeframe. The recent issue involving the Royal Family, the death of Queen Elizabeth II, is also taken into account by Netflix officials in reaching their conclusion.

‘The Crown’ is a popular Netflix streaming series based on the life and historical events of Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch. After successfully completing the previous four seasons, the fifth season of ‘The Crown’ will premiere on November 9, 2022.

The Harry and Meghan Show Has Been Put on Hold by Netflix.

Peter Morgan developed and primarily wrote the series. Critics appreciated the show’s writing, acting, cinematography, and production values highly. The sitcom has won numerous significant honours, including six Emmys for primetime and two Golden Globes.

The opening episode of The Crown’s fifth season has recently been subject to criticism. Former British Prime Minister John Major recently attacked the television series The Crown over the rumoured plot of the first episode of the fifth season. In the supposed episode, Charles is depicted as plotting against his mother, The Queen, in an attempt to usurp her position on the British Throne.

In the episode, it is implied that Charles exerts pressure on his mother to abdicate the throne so that he might become king. It also describes a secret plot Charles devised to become king. In the series, Charles will reportedly meet with the Major to seek the support of the Prime Minister for his ascension to the throne. The mayor rejected the occurrence, stating that such an event has never occurred.

Netflix replied to the criticism by stating that the show was a work of fiction loosely based on history, with a greater emphasis on drama. However, Netflix was not prepared to display a legal notice of the series’ historical accuracy. According to authorities, others claim that the series is based fully on historical facts and accurately depicts the life of the Royals.

Netflix was compelled to provide a rare defence of the show as a ‘fictional dramatisation’ following such serious claims from former Prime Minister John Major. The Prime Minister, who was incensed by the claimed portrayal, said that the sequences depicting the then-Prince Charles attempting to enlist him in a secret conspiracy against the Queen were “malicious” and “utter rubbish.”

The Harry and Meghan Show Has Been Put on Hold by Netflix.

Due to the aforementioned controversies, Netflix was not prepared to release the Liz Garbus-directed documentary about the contentious Royal Family coupling Harry and Megan.

Since leaving the Royal Family, Harry and Megan have reportedly negotiated multimillion-dollar deals with Spotify and Netflix. The couple’s chat with Oprah was especially controversial since Megan accused members of the Royal Family of racism. King Charles, who has yet to call Megan and Archie’s children Prince and Princess, is reportedly waiting to see if the couple would continue their assault on the Royal Family.

Also, Harry was accused of hypocrisy because he did not criticise Netflix for the show. It was noted that Harry continually chastised the media for intruding on his private space, but his silence on susceptible subjects, such as the plots against the Queen, is also questioned by the media. According to reports, Harry has inked a $100 million agreement with Netflix for the documentary.

Harry claimed, “It’s fictional,” in an interview with James Corden. However, it is loosely based on reality. Obviously, it’s not entirely accurate, but it gives you a general notion of that lifestyle—the rigours of putting duty and service ahead of family and everything else—and what might result from it.” Netflix has not yet postponed or cancelled the streaming of the upcoming drama series ‘The Crown,’ despite the outrage against it.