Happy Valley Ending Explained: Did Catherine and Clare Make Up?

The finale of Happy Valley has finally been broadcast on BBC One, and it has left quite an impression on fans throughout the nation, with millions tuning in to see the eagerly anticipated finish.

There was certainly a great deal going on, and on Sunday, February 5, the BBC One finale brought everything to a head. It was a dense episode with numerous significant events, so let’s break it down.

Explanation of Happy Valley’s Ending

Tommy’s fate was determined in the previous episode by a vicious struggle with Catherine. Tommy’s tranquility was disturbed when a group of men and Darius’s brother Zeljko arrived to move him from his hiding place. Tommy smuggled a kitchen knife into the car after spotting a gas can.

When the time was right, he brutally slashed the passengers and forced Zeljko into a nearby field, where they fought. Tommy drove to Catherine’s apartment after murderously assaulting Zeljko.

Tommy came at the window behind Catherine as she slept in an armchair, carrying a gas canister and preparing to torch the house. Catherine was stopped by her phone at the perfect time and went to pick up Ryan just as Tommy broke into the house through the basement, thereby averting a confrontation.

Happy Valley Ending Explained: Did Catherine and Clare Make Up?

Tommy was surprised to feel emotional when he saw Becky and Ryan in family photo albums when Catherine was abroad, as he rarely does so.

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Tommy was not alone for long after Catherine’s arrival and discovery of the shattered glass. She entered the residence stealthily and proceeded to the kitchen, where Tommy was drinking and taking medications.

In a heated argument, Catherine revealed to Tommy that she liked Ryan because he was unlike his father. Tommy criticized Catherine and attempted to deceive her by claiming he “forgave” her for keeping Ryan at a distance.

Tommy realized he had nowhere to go and would be apprehended by police upon their arrival. Now that his friends were dead or in prison, he decided to commit suicide by dousing himself in gasoline and setting himself on fire.

Catherine utilized a blanket to douse Tommy’s blaze. Catherine discovered via text message that he had passed away after being detained by authorities.

Did Catherine and Clare Reconcile?

Catherine confronted Clare about taking Ryan to see Tommy in prison behind her back in a now-iconic moment, and the two had a significant argument over it. Catherine’s wrath was also evident when she yelled at her sister that they had nothing in common before storming out and returning to work.

Happy Valley Ending Explained: Did Catherine and Clare Make Up?

Catherine had a change of heart in the season finale after a conversation with Ryan when she returned to their safe house and disclosed the prison visits to Tommy.

There, she realized that perhaps she shouldn’t have been so nervous about her grandson seeing his biological father, and she expressed concern that Ryan would wind up like Tommy. Catherine closed the scene by eating dinner with her sister.

Clare raced to Catherine’s residence at the conclusion of the show, where she observed her sister sobbing and clutching family photo albums. Catherine joked that she had “clearly won” against Tommy and apologized for causing damage to one of Clare’s crochet blankets, so it appears that their relationship is back on track.

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Will Happy Valley Have Another Season?

The conclusion of the third season of the television series Happy Valley occurred on February 5, 2023. After viewing it, numerous series fans inquire whether season four is available.

There will reportedly not be a fourth season of the series. The entire series has been concluded, and season three is the final season. Will Johnston, the executive producer of the series, has indicated that there are no plans for a fourth season.