Happy Gilmore to Come up with Season 2?

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There’s a very popular saying in English that “Laughing is and will always be the best form of therapy” . In such stressful and busy lives, a few minutes of laughter and giggles are enough to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

And this fact can be well understood by the 90s born people who have witnessed one of the most iconic and classic comedy films ever “Happy Gilmore”.

Well, the worst part for the fans of the popular comedy film is to wait for its second season which is not yet out. The fad for the comedy film was such that even today audiences are demanding a second installment of Happy Gilmore.

Scroll down to know what the makers have to say regarding its second season, the cast and much more.

About the Show Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore Season 2

Happy Gilmore is an American Sport Comedy film, produced by Robert Simonds under the direction of Dennis Duggan. It was released in February 1996 and declared a commercial success within a few days of its release.

The film was based on the life of an unsuccessful Hockey Player who later finds himself to be more suitable for Golf.

It was widely applauded for its screenplay, acting and light hearted comedy scenes although it also contains some form of adult comedy and explicit language. Despite all this, the film managed to garner $41.2 million on the box office with an average budget of $12 million.

The storyline of Happy Gilmore was one of the major reasons for the film to be able to strike the right cord with the audience. Along with comedy, it also shows the emotional, familiar and romantic aspect of the lead protagonist ‘s life.

Read on to know the unique plot of Happy Gilmore and we are sure you won’t be able to control but rush to watch the classic comedy on your television screens.

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Storyline of the Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore Season 2

Happy Gilmore is titled after the lead character of the same name Happy Gilmore, a not-so-successful ice Hockey player who is not actually skilled at the game but has managed to sustain himself only because of his powerful slap shots and fighting.

He lives with his grandmother in Waterbury after his mother divorced his dad and his dad was killed when a player hit him on his head with a hockey puck. He learns that his grandmother is in debt of IRS 27000 and if she doesn’t repay the money within 90 days, her house will be auctioned off.

He is challenged for a long drive contest by two movers who have come to repossess Happy’s Grandmother’s belongings.

Happy wins the contest and he discovers that he has a hidden talent of playing Golf. Meanwhile he comes across Chubbs Peterson, a former star and Club Pro who lost his one hand in an alligator attack. He coaxes Happy into playing the local tournament that involves a winsome prize.

A desperate Happy readily agrees and wins the tournament, becoming an overnight star, all thanks to his unorthodox playing techniques.

He then meets McGavin, an arrogant shooter who despises Happy because of his bad behaviour and anger issues. Virginia Venit, a public Relations Officer, helps Happy to manage his anger and motivates him to perform better and they both develop Romantic feelings for each other.

With Virginia on his side, will Happy be able to free his grandmother from the huge debt and save her house? To know this, you need to go and play the movie on your screens.

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Will Happy Gilmore Season 2 Release?

There is no official announcement regarding its season 2 but on the 25th Anniversary of Happy Gilmore, Adam Sandler and his co-star Christopher McDonald dropped a hint for a sequel of the popular classic comedy film.

In an exclusive interview with the Golf Channel, Sandler said that although there haven’t been any discussions regarding it but if it ever happens he is all in to do it.

“It has not been discussed, but it has certainly been discussed on the internet,” – Sandler

He further states – “Believe me – that Senior Tour idea, it would be so amazing… Yes, you can greenlight this… I don’t know if [we can do it].”

Well, only time will tell what’s in store for us till then we can only wait to know whether it will happen or not.

Star Cast

Happy Gilmore Season 2

  • Adam Sandler as Happy Gilmore, the lead protagonist and an unsuccessful hockey player but a successful golf player
  • Julie Bowen as Virginia Venit, A public Relations Head and Happy’s love interest.
  • Carl Weathers as Chubbs Peterson, a former star who lost one of his hand in an alligator attack.
  • Christopher McDonald as McGavin, an arrogant golf player.
  • Francis Bay as Gilmore’s Grandmother.

Ratings and Reviews

Happy Gilmore was rated 7 out of 10 on IMDb with 357 user reviews and 76 critics reviews.

It received 85% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes

Where to Stream Happy Gilmore?

Happy Gilmore can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video, Vudu and Apple Tv. You can watch it wherever you want to.


Happy Gilmore is an evergreen classic comedy which is never old. The film promises to take you on a laugh riot with its humorous and witty storyline.

Season 2 is not yet confirmed, but if it happens we will be as happy as you. It would be exciting to watch our favourite characters on the silver screen once again.

To know all the latest updates regarding your favourite dramas and shows,stay hooked with us and do not forget to leave your valuable feedback in the comments section below.

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