Happy Death Day 3: Release Date | Plot | Cast – The Way Sequel Was Conceived

One of the biggest mysteries in Blumhouse’s horror empire is HAPPY DEATH DAY 3. The writer-director Christopher Landon’s Groundhog Day-inspired trilogy had a great start in 2017, but after the sequel underperformed in cinemas, Landon and Blumhouse moved on to Freaky Friday (a Freaky Friday-inspired slasher in theatres on November 13).

However, don’t count out the possibility of a Happy Death Day 3 release date just yet. In an interview with Inverse, Landon and Blumhouse Productions CEO Jason Blum both revealed that the threequel is still in the works and is much further along than you would expect – despite some roadblocks..

Happy Death Day 2U finished with a post-credits sequence that definitely hinted to a third film, pushing into the science fiction narrative of the sequel.

Happy Death Day 2u Ending Explanation

The source of Tree’s time loop is revealed immediately away in Happy Death Day 2U: it was all due to a technology called the Sisyphus Quantum Cooling Reactor. Carter’s (Israel Broussard) roommate Ryan (Phi Vu) and his lab colleagues Samar (Suraj Sharma) and Dre (Sarah Yarkin) were working on their research project at Bayfield University’s Science and Engineering building as the events of the first film were unfolding. Their invention, dubbed “SISSY” for short, was created to slow down the passage of time. But since they couldn’t get the algorithms right, SISSY ended up creating a temporal loop that imprisoned Tree.

Happy Death Day 3

Tree’s time loop in Happy Death Day required her to relive her birthday, Monday, September 18th, every time she was slain. Tree saved and liberated herself after discovering that her roommate Lori (Ruby Modine) was behind the conspiracy to kill her; when Tree killed Lori, the time loop was stopped and Tree was allowed to move on to the following day. Tree appeared to have broken the time loop by murdering her own killer, but this isn’t entirely correct.

Tree passed the time loop to Ryan, who began repeating Tuesday the 19th at the start of Happy Death Day 2U on Tuesday the 19th, instead of surviving the day. Ryan had his own Babyface Killer, who assassinated him, resetting Ryan’s death date. Thankfully, Tree (much to her dismay) knew precisely what was going on, and she, Carter, and Ryan set out to discover the new Babyface. When Tree rescued Ryan, they uncovered Babyface and discovered he was Ryan’s lookalike. Ryan II believed that murdering the other Ryan was the only way to break the time loop, so he killed “himself.” Who knows why Ryan II chose to put on the Babyface Murderer mask and act like a serial killer?

Happy Death Day 3

SISSY was also unstable, but Ryan II activated it nonetheless; the device’s defective algorithm created an overload that impacted everyone in the lab, but Tree was the most affected. She was sent back to September 18th and into a new time loop, this time with Tree trapped in a parallel realm. The criteria for the time loop are the same there: Tree must die to reset the day, but she isn’t the Babyface Killer this time, therefore she must commit suicide to cause a reset.

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Everything We Know About Happy Death Day 3

Director Christopher Landon suggests that Happy Death Day 3 will be announced shortly. With the premiere of the first Happy Death Day picture in 2017, Blumhouse puts their horror movie spin on the Groundhog Day premise. Jessica Rothe plays Tree, a typical college student who is murdered by a mystery killer dressed as the school’s baby mascot and then continues living the same day over and over again. Happy Death Day was a huge blockbuster, grossing $125 million worldwide on a shoestring budget, prompting Blumhouse and director Christopher Landon to turn it into a series.

Happy Death Day 3

Happy Death Day 2U was developed quickly, with the sequel arriving in theatres barely two years after the first. It reintroduced Landon as director, and Rothe headed a cast that included many of the characters from the first film. Tree was reintroduced to a time loop situation in Happy Death Day 2U, which included more sci-fi themes. While the film garnered good reviews, it did not fare as well commercially as the first. This cast doubt on the franchise’s future, prompting Landon to declare that Happy Death Day 3 was not in the works. That, though, appears to have altered.

The Happy Death Day franchise has a devoted following of fans who want to see Tree’s adventures continue, and they frequently ask Landon for updates on what the future may bring. On Twitter, the filmmaker answered to one of these questions by teasing that Happy Death Day 3 may possibly happen. He hinted that there could be some news about Happy Death Day 3 in the near future, but it’s uncertain when that announcement will actually happen.

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Happy Death Day 3 Release Date

Despite the fact that Happy Death Day 3 has yet to be formally announced, Landon has already set the stage for the franchise’s third edition.

A post-credits sequence in Happy Death Day 2U teased where the franchise will head next. Landon has also stated that the plot of Happy Death Day 3 may take place years after the events of the first two films, as it does not follow the tradition of taking place on the same day. Since the filmmaker has clearly laid out his vision for the film, it is now up to Blumhouse to approve it. Jason Blum has indicated interest in extending the franchise, but it’s conceivable that the ongoing talks regarding a third picture have finally reached a point where there’s anything to report.

Happy Death Day 3

Landon hasn’t revealed any new directorial projects, so he should be able to make Happy Death Day 3 sooner rather than later. Fans shouldn’t anticipate any significant advancements in the near future, as he believes that news regarding the film may still be a long way off. It’ll be interesting to see whether Landon utilizes a possible Happy Death Day 3 to tie the property to his recent body-swapping horror/comedy Freaky. Regardless, the hint that the film could happen after all should be enough to pique the interest of fans of the franchise.

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