Halle Berry Car Collection: Check Out Her Luxurious Garage

Halle broke barriers for African American actors when she became the first of her demographic to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal in the 1999 television series Introducing Dorothy Dandridge. In 2000, she won an Emmy and a Golden Globe for the same role.

Her 2002 Academy Award for her performance in the 2001 film Monster Ball swiftly followed. She is the only African-American actress to have won the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role. The 55-year-old actress and filmmaker have made her mark in Hollywood as an award-winning performer. Halle Berry can stand tall among established actresses with high-grossing films and a well-earned reputation.

But can she preserve her pride when discussing automobiles? Halle Berry’s net worth currently exceeds $80 million, and she has not been hesitant to indulge in luxury. As one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, her wealth includes Beverly Hills, Malibu Beach, Hollywood Hills, and Canada real estate, a $200,000 emerald ring, and automobiles.

The Car Collection of Halle

Halle Berry may have had automotive issues, but she still maintains an expensive collection of automobiles, and her taste easily rivals that of the characters she has portrayed. The Mini Cooper and Alfa Romeo that Halle Berry has been sighted driving would surely make Jinx envious, but her current collection is something that would make most celebs gasp.

The Story of Halle Berry’s Crash

After being involved in an automobile accident early in her career, our favorite Storm character has been a model motorist. However, this accident occurred in 2000, when Halle Berry reportedly ran a red light at 2:30 a.m. and slammed her rented SUV into another woman’s vehicle. Halle was sentenced to three years probation, 200 hours of community service, and a $13,500 fine for fleeing the scene of the accident, according to LA Times archives.

The Lexus Lover

This is one of the vehicles that Halle Berry has explicitly identified as her favorite. More often than her previous vehicles, the action actress has been observed driving her white Lexus RX400H.

Halle Berry Car Collection: Check Out Her Luxurious Garage

Halle Berry has consistently advocated for children and charities, so it should come as no surprise that the $40,970 Lexus evokes the mother figure she portrayed in her 2017 film Kidnap. Obviously, that vehicle was a Chrysler, but you get the idea. The 5-door SUV has a legacy of dependability and adequate performance that can only be provided by mothers.

Halle’s Navigator

Halle Berry’s Lincoln Navigator reflects her taste for elegance and style. She has been observed arriving in a third-generation Lincoln Navigator as early as 2010 and has retained her preference for the vehicle’s rugged exterior. Four iterations of the Lincoln Navigator have proven to be among Ford’s heaviest vehicles, and the 2022 model will include even more amenities.

Halle Berry Car Collection: Check Out Her Luxurious Garage

The 2022 Lincoln Navigator, according to Ford, will usher in a new era of intelligent driving. ActiveGlide is equipped with Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, allowing you to enjoy the ride without holding the steering wheel. It would be surprising if Halle Berry had not pre-ordered this model, given its elaborate design and the possibility of an intelligent car.

Honda CR-V Sign of Good Taste

Halle Berry’s ownership of a Honda CR-V confirms her affinity for SUVs and the comfort they bring. The Compact Runabout Vehicle has been hailed as one of the most enjoyable recreational vehicles in recent years, and Halle’s ownership of a fourth-generation model demonstrates her commitment to comfort.

Halle Berry Car Collection: Check Out Her Luxurious Garage

Halle Berry may be mistaken for a model when seen with her blue-gray Honda CR-V, as her attractiveness complements the car. Her two children may have impacted her preference for the SUV, as she was rarely seen driving without them. The CR-V may not be the most maternal vehicle in the world, but it has sufficient legroom for two growing children to ride comfortably with their celebrity mother.

The fourth-generation Honda CR-V owned by Halle Berry is powered by a 2.4-liter i-VTEC inline-four engine producing around 170 horsepower. The All-Wheel-Drive automobile with a 5-speed automatic transmission is equipped with an intelligent control system.


Halle Berry’s automobile collection is not as large as that of a vehicle fanatic, but you must agree that she makes some daring selections. The fact that she has at least three SUVs demonstrates her affinity for large vehicles, but how can we explain her other choices?

When compared to the renowned Aston Martin V8 Volante she has been spotted driving, Halle’s automotive selections are questionable. Is it speed, comfort, or the opulence of owning a stylish automobile? Regardless of the motivation behind the ex-beauty queen’s pick, you cannot deny that she has excellent taste in automobiles.