8 Habits of Every Productive Remote Worker

Last year, many office workers faced a new challenge – remote work. For some, it has become an interesting experiment. And for others – a real shock.

And this is not surprising: the usual work routine has given way to new rules. In this regard, many have learned what is distraction, fatigue, burnout, and unproductiveness.

However, we have noticed that these things can be avoided if we have the right habits and a well-planned working routine. And which ones, we’ll talk about below.

8 Habits That Will Make Your Remote Worker Life Better

Don’t Mix Work and Leisure

Working 24/7 is a new norm for many people working from home. It arises from a lack of internal discipline.

Someone will say that the specifics of tasks don”t allow them to think over a clear work schedule in advance for a month or at least a week. Or if the company is at the stage of launching a project, urgent tasks may arise that need to be completed here and now. The main thing is not to find yourself in a situation where such a rhythm becomes a tradition – you’ll face health deterioration and family shutting off.

Get in the habit of maintaining a work-life balance. During your “resting hours”, don’t check your mail, answer audio messages in the Telegram, or do anything related to work. Anything. And be sure to give yourself at least one full day off a week.

Divide Work Into Blocks

Often people spend a lot of time at work and then realize that very few tasks have been completed. This happens due to the lack of a streaming state – we are constantly distracted by trifles like making coffee, checking social media, loading the washing machine, etc.

Before you get down to business, schedule time, which you will devote to work without stopping. For example, two hours. During this period, keep your distractions level low. Then, go for a full break, after which schedule a new work block.

This technique allows you to comfortably perform large, long-term tasks that are difficult to approach. For convenience, you can use the well-known Pomodoro Timer which is highly appreciated among productivity apps.

Use Task Managers

This is the next habit to watch out for. If for some reason you are not yet fixing your tasks, start right away. It is useless to clog the brain with information that can be written down, and it is impossible to remember everything – this means that some of the tasks won’t be completed on time or at all.

You can use any option convenient for you. Starting from a notebook with a pen and ending with all kinds of online or desktop task managers.

Add your tasks for the next few days right now, and the result won’t make you wait.

Record Working Calls

There are a lot of remote calls. There are weeks when you have to call the team every day. And even if you don’t complain about memory, by the evening, the details of the conversations can get confused. There is a way out – to record everything down.

Ask permission from the author of the call to record the process using a screen recorder – so nothing important will be missed.

Use the Best Tools

Remote work software is essential for working remotely. There are channels through which you can communicate and automate workflows.

Search the Internet for the best remote work tools for collaboration, video conferencing, group communication, and more. In fact, you should make it a habit to use the right tools to be most productive.

Reward Yourself

Who said rewards are for children? Set small rewards for yourself that you can receive by completing a specific task. For example, have a cup of coffee or watch one episode of a TV show.

Not only does the expectation of a reward help increase motivation, but it can also make you work faster.

Resist the Desire to Work in Your Pajamas

The clothes you wear have an impact on your performance. When you are in pajamas, you may subconsciously feel that you are not working – this will reduce efficiency.

Scientists at the University of Hertfordshire noted that clothing often has a symbolic meaning for a person. When we put on this or that thing, our brain “adjusts” to its purpose and behaves in accordance with it. Therefore, it is useful to force yourself to dress every morning – as if you’re going to work in the office.

Remember to Communicate With People

When you start doing remote work, the number of interactions with people decreases many times over.

In order not to lose your communication skills, increase the level of social interactions. If you find yourself in a state of loneliness, urgently do something about it – otherwise, you will not notice how you run wild.

Final Say

In conclusion, we would like to give one more tip – be mindful. This is perhaps the main habit that should be adopted by a person who spends a lot of time alone with themselves.

There are no habits that suit everyone. To work remotely and stay happy, you need to understand what helps you work and what hinders you. What makes you happy during the day, and what upsets you. By being honest with yourself, you can choose the habits that will help you become self-organized and get the most out of the remote mode.