Growing Up Chrisley Season 5 Release Date: All We Know So Far


What is “Growing Up Chrisley“? Are you excited about the upcoming fifth season of the show? Growing Up Chrisley Season 5 news, including the number of episodes, has been anxiously anticipated by the show's fans. Chrisley's Growing Up was published in 2019.

Since then, the series has fascinated its audience. The fourth season of the series was recently launched in 2022. What then of the fifth season? Let's find out everything we can about Growing Up Chrisley's Season 5.


Growing Up Chrisley's fourth season featured a fresh addition in the shape of a commentator. This narrator is not visible on-screen but discusses the thoughts and emotions of the other characters. Season four centered on the connection between Chase and Emmy.

Chase strengthens his relationship with Emmy and aids her in establishing her business. Savannah is currently focused on her work and is terribly exhausted. Thus, the Nanny assists her in finding a new activity. Savannah and her friends take a trip to Miami, where she sets out to find a boyfriend.

Chase and Emmy are also searching for a girlfriend for Elliot, while Chase presses Savannah to develop a relationship with Emmy. Reality television drama has also garnered decent ratings.


Common Sense Media assigns the program a rating of 3/5, while IMDb assigns it a rating of 4.5/10. Growing Up Chrisley has a Next Episode rating of 3/5.

Growing Up Chrisley Season 5 Release Date: All We Know So Far

When is Will Growing Up Chrisley Season 5 Be Released?

According to Chase Chrisley's social media post, filming for the fifth season of Growing Up Chrisley was nearly complete. The fifth season of the series was expected to premiere very soon. However, due to controversies surrounding Todd and Julie Chrisley, the producers have decided to terminate the series. but we will update you whenever we received any confirmation about releasing of the latest season.

The Growing Up Chrisley Season 5 needs to have an anticipated release date. The first four seasons of the show are accessible to view on Hulu, while season 5 will be available to watch on USA Network‘s website following its broadcast. Fans may also purchase episodes on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Prime Video.

The Trailer of Growing Up Chrisley Season 5

Growing Up Chrisley Cast and Plot

The insertion of a narrator in season four was a decision many people despised. The fifth season will not include a narrator, as E! Studios has listened to the fans' feedback. The wedding preparations of Chase and Emmy were also expected to be an intriguing element of the fifth season.

Growing Up Chrisley is a spin-off of the television program Chrisley Knows Best. The franchise centers on the family of Georgia-based real estate mogul Todd Chrisley.

Growing Up Chrisley is about Savannah and Chase, his children. The tale begins with an unplanned road journey from Nashville to Los Angeles by the siblings. They begin on a journey to achieve independence and realize their potential.

Growing Up Chrisley Season 5 Release Date: All We Know So Far

The fifth season of Growing Up Chrisley has been canceled. All Chrisley reality television programs have been discontinued like the others.  Growing Up Chrisley featured Savannah and Chase Chrisley as siblings. In addition to them, other members of the Chrisley family frequently appeared. Emmy, the fiancee of Chase, is also featured in the series.



How many episodes does Growing Up Chrisley Season 4 have?

There are a total of six episodes in season 4 of Growing Up Chrisley.

Where is Growing Up Chrisley Season 4 filmed?

The fourth season of Growing Up Chrisley is filmed in several Nashville locations. Some episodes are filmed in Miami as well.

How many seasons of Growing Up Chrisley are there?

Expanding Up Chrisley has only four seasons to date.