Grey’s Anatomy Season 3: When Are Addison Montgomery and Derek Shepherd Getting Divorced?

Addison and Derek were one of Grey’s Anatomy’s most beloved couples. Addison’s narrative began after Derek’s appearance at the beginning of the show. When we witnessed Derek sleeping with Meredith, we never would have guessed that he was married. Yet he didn’t appear to be the sort to cheat, so what happened?

The entrance of Addison provided another twist to the MerDer love triangle. The second season finale of Grey’s Anatomy was one of the most heartbreaking. In the final five episodes, everything between love and death was explored.

Prior to the end of their relationship, it becomes clear that Addison did love Derek. But it was too late for her to apologize, as he had moved on and fallen in love with Meredith. Let’s go to the heart of the matter and determine when and why Derek and Addison divorced.

When Do Addison and Derek Get Divorce?

The answer to the question depends on when we believe the event occurred. And Grey’s Anatomy prolonged the case significantly. Yet, the complete divorce scenario occurred during Season 3.

Meredith opens Episode 1: Time Has Arrived Today by stating, “I lost my pants last night,” which Addison finds with Derek’s clothing. In the same episode, Derek and Addison’s relationship is explored.

Addison Montgomery and Derek Shepherd Getting Divorced?

In a flashback, Derek is shown gathering Addison’s clothes and then flinging them all out the door with Addison on a wet night. Addison cheated on Derek with his friends, and Derek is unable to ignore the reality, bringing Addison inside and leaving himself.  In Season 2, Episode 25, Addison confronts Derek for neglecting her and focusing on the girl dating the vet for the same reason.

At the conclusion of Episode 1, Derek confesses his love for Meredith and gives her as much time as she needs to make the right decision, as he was unable to. Addison affixes Meredith’s underpants to the hospital’s “Lost and Found” board. When Meredith is uncertain about Finn and Derek, Derek and Addison have already to a conclusion.

Derek and Addison Continue to Avoid Each Other in the Hospital

In Episode 2, Derek visits Addison in her hotel room to discuss the divorce; however, he observes Mark leaving her restroom, and everyone can predict what will occur next.

In the hospital, Derek and Addison avoid each other at all costs. Don’t misunderstand, but Mark’s addition made the trio’s sequence of conversation truly entertaining. And in Episode 5, Oh, The Guilt, they finalize their divorce.

During the divorce settlement, it is revealed that Addison had two sexual encounters with Mark. Derek is determined to take the responsibility for the divorce, which may be accurate.

To make peace, he gives Addison the House in the Hamptons and the Brownstone in the vicinity of Central Park, while he retains his trailer and acreage in Seattle. Addison was taken aback, assuming he was up to no good, as she had anticipated arguments about “CDs and books” and “a battle over a crystal vase.

Addison Montgomery and Derek Shepherd Getting Divorced?

It comes all good, and the divorce settlement is done without any complications, and now Dr. Montgomery-Shepherd is just Dr. Montgomery.

Later in the episode, Addison comes clean to Derek about something drastic, and it turns out that Mark and Addison lived together for two months, making her fall in love with him. Now we know that it wasn’t as straightforward as we saw it.

This concludes the narrative of Dr. Derek Shepherd and Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery’s divorce. If you have seen Grey’s Anatomy, you may be aware that something that seems fair to you may not be appropriate for another person.

You always have to cope with the consequences of your choices, and things alter significantly within seconds. So live free, do what’s right, and don’t get caught up in a hospital like Seattle Grace, or do it if you enjoy dramas.