Greenleaf Season 5: Release Date| Plotline | Teaser And Alot More!

Greenleaf is an American television drama which is produced by  Craig Wright and produced by Oprah Winfrey and Lionsgate Television. The show is the debut for the first time on June 21, 2016, on Oprah Winfrey Network commonly known as OWN.

Greenleaf is a successful show for the creators because the audience appreciated the show very much even it stand with a community rating of 65.43%. Followers of the show start posting about season 5 from the day last season episode of the green leaf debut on November 5, 2019.

Seeing the cute response from the audience, the creators decided to make season 5 in just a few months. The fifth and final season airs on 11 August 2020.

Who Are In The Greenleaf Fifth Part?

The former characters are again added to the series. In the main role, we see Keith David playing the role of Bishop James Greenleaf. James is the strongest leader in the story around which the main show revolves. He lives with his wife Daisy Mae Greenleaf played by Lynn Whitfield.

They live happily in their house with their children Pastor Grace, Sophia Greenleaf, Pastor Jacob Greenleaf played by Merle Dandridge, Desiree Ross, and Lamman Rucker.

Meanwhile, other actors who are in Greenleaf's journey are Kim Hawthorne as Kerissa GreenleafDeborah Joy Winans as Charity Greenleaf, Tye White as Kevin Satterlee, Gregory Alan Williams as Robert “Mac” McCready, Lovie Simone as Zora Greenleaf, and Rick Fox as Darius Nash.

Greenleaf Season 5

The Plotline of Greenleaf Season 5

The audience finds the fourth installment a bit roughly made because of some turns which left incomplete in the story. To cover up the ending of the fourth bit and tangling up the knotted threads of the previous slice, the story starts with Lady Mae and Gigi. Gigi revealed the biggest secret that she is going to give interviews in New York.

Being a mother Lady Mae didn't want to transfer her there because of concerns about her life and fate, so she decided to protest against this and stop her from going to New York.

On the other hand Bishop, David Keith died. Not only this everyone's life airs in different directions. AJ started living with Noah leaving Sophia behind. In the closing scene, when she was saying goodbye to the family it seems like she'll never return again.

If there be a sixth installment then it covers the story of Gigi showing her struggles and travails of living in a whole new region, The New York. But unhappily, we are never going to see more stories because the show is canceled for more seasons.
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The Greenleaf Season 5

Episode List-

The Greenleaf Season 5 has only eight episodes which are covering the whole story. e have mentioned the name of individual episodes below-

  1.  The First Day
  2. The Second Day
  3. The Third Day
  4. The Fourth Day
  5. The Fifth day
  6. The Sixth Day
  7. The Seventh Day
  8. Behold

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Where We Can Watch Greenleaf's Fifth Installment?

The show is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix, fuboTV, DIRECTV. Not only this, the series available on iTunes, Vudu, and even on the Google Play Movies.

Greenleaf Season 5- Official Teaser

Haven't seen the official teaser yet? You can watch it here but don't forget to share your reflections with us after watching this.

Wrap-Up Lines

Hope you enjoyed the series “Greenleaf” After the addition of the fifth installment now the series has a total of sixty-episodes. The OWN also added that there won't be further seasons which means we will never see Greenleaf Season 6. But as a substitute, we have plenty of series to go with like Life In Pieces Season 5, Midnight Texas 3, Young Justice Season 4 or you can visit us at www. for the latest movies and tv shows.

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