When Will Be Green Mothers Club Korean Drama Released on Netflix 2022?

Green Mothers Club: Netflix appears to be saturating its consumers with Kdrama in April 2022, with Green Mothers Club being one of the most eagerly anticipated titles on the list. With My Liberation Notes, Our Blues, and a slew of other Kdramas set to premiere this month, Korean series fans will have a difficult time deciding what to watch and what to skip!

JTBC is producing the upcoming series Green Mothers’ Club, which is written by Shin Yi-won and directed by Ra Ha-na. Let us take a look at the cast, narrative, release date, and many other data about this new Kdrama, which is being produced by Megaphone in collaboration with JTBC Studios.

A narrative about the camaraderie, motherly love, and progress of five women who met in an elementary school and each had a problem they couldn’t solve.

Green Mothers Club Plot

Green Mothers Club

“Five moms in a competitive elementary school community keep their adversaries close, and one another closer, as envy and secrets tangle and destroy their lives,” according to Netflix’s description of this upcoming Korean movie. The show has an A maturity rating on the OTT platform, indicating that the content is intended for adults only.

The toxic relationships among a neighborhood association of parents at a local elementary school are the subject of “Green Mothers Club.” The association’s women, who had come to think of themselves solely as “mothers,” would confess previously concealed secrets and understand what it means to be a “friend” in adulthood.

In the role of Lee Eun Pyo, a woman with a strong sense of pride in her high-class education, Lee Yo Won will make her debut appearance as a mother. Byun Choon Hee, the attractive trendsetter of the parents’ association who has the ability to obtain insider knowledge, will be played by Chu Ja Hyun. Seo Jin Ha, Eun Pyo’s friend-turned-rival, will be played by Kim Kyu Ri, while Choon Hee’s antagonist will be played by Jang Hye Jin. Park Yoon Joo, Eun Pyo’s younger cousin, will be played by Joo Min Kyung.

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Lee Eun Pyo, Byun Choon Hee, Seo Jin Ha, Kim Young Mi, and Park Yoon Joo’s subtle charisma can be seen in newly released stills. With their proud, pleased smiles, the five women pose in their clean Green Mothers Club uniforms, exuding dignity and confidence.

The five women’s brilliant atmosphere and good chemistry seem to be carried beyond the screen in one photo, which shows Kim Young Mi and Park Yoon Joo carrying the signature flags used in the association.

Green Mothers Club Cast

Green Mothers Club


  • Lee Yo-won takes on the role of Lee Eun-pyo.
  • A highly educated mother, who majored in aesthetics first in French studies, joins into their town and becomes involved in a variety of occurrences.
  • Byun Chun-hee is played by Choo Ja-Hyun.
  • In terms of beauty and information substance, the most powerful mother of popular.
  • Kim Gyu-Ri in the role of Seo Jin-ha
  • As Lee Eun-rival pyo’s and best friend, she creates an odd atmosphere by having an attractive foreign spouse with innate grace and a smart son.
  • Kim Young-mi is played by Jang Hye-Jin.
  • Park Yun-joo is played by Joo Min-kyung.
  • Lee Eun-cousin pyo’s is a thug who doesn’t care about education and invents other twisted tales.


  • Man-su is played by Yoon Gyung-ho. The only stigmatised person who watches TV with a beer after work is Park Yun-spouse, joo’s a shy and submissive office worker.
  • Joo-seok is played by Choi Deok-moon. Byun Chun-husband hee’s and an anesthesiologist.
  • As Geon-woo, my name is Soo-hyung. He is Kim Young-husband mi’s and a well-known film director.
  • Hee-joon

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  • Park Ye-rin in the role of Soo-in Yoon-kid, ju’s an 8-year-old primary school student who grew up a little faster than the rest of her classmates.
  • Jeong-suk is played by Lee Ji-hyun is an elementary school teacher in Sangsu-dong who is passionate about education.
  • Bang Jeong-hee is played by Lee Seon-hee. Someone who possesses the aristocracy’s wealth and power. A mother who is passionate about her child’s education. and is the University Foundation’s chairman

Green Mothers Club Release Date

Green Mothers Club  is a South Korean television series starring Lee Yo-won, Choo Ja-Hyun, Kim Gyu-Ri, Jang Hye-Jin, and Joo Min-kyung and directed by Ra Ha-na. It will premiere on JTBC on April 6, 2022, and will air every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:30 on that channel (KST). On April 6, 2022, the show is set to premiere on Netflix.

Green Mothers’ Club Teaser

Green Mothers Club

“Green Mothers’ Club” is a film about the perilous relationships that exist between parents at a local elementary school, as well as the dark side of this ostensibly nice society. Lee Yo Won, Chu Ja Hyun, Jang Hye Jin, Kim Kyu Ri, and Joo Min Kyung will play five distinct mothers who are members of the same school’s parents organisation.

The drama released a fresh teaser on April 1 that shows Lee Eun Pyo (played by Lee Yo Won) having a difficult time in her new neighbourhood. Byun Choon Hee (Chu Ja Hyun) and Lee Eun Pyo (played by Lee Eun Pyo) get off to a bad start when Byun Choon Hee tries to save a child who is about to be hit by the moving truck Lee Eun Pyo is in. They exchange an awkward hello, and their subsequent interactions are equally strained and uneasy.

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“If you get on Byun Choon Hee’s wrong side, you’re over,” Lee Eun Pyo’s younger cousin Park Yoon Joo (played by Joo Min Kyung) warns Lee Eun Pyo, implying that Byun Choon Hee is the Queen Bee around here.

Lee Eun Pyo not only has to cope with Byun Choon Hee, but she also has to deal with her old buddy Seo Jin Ha (played by Kim Kyu Ri). Unlike Lee Eun Pyo, Seo Jin Ha is overjoyed with their reunion and embraces her.

When Lee Eun Pyo discusses her mothering philosophy, things go awry. “I’m not that sort of parent,” she replies, prompting Byun Choon Hee to stiffen and answer, “That kind of mom?” “Sending kids to academies really stresses them out,” Lee Eun Pyo says, “and I think that’s just the mother’s greed.”


The ‘Green Mothers Club’ chronicles the friendship, motherhood, and development of five mothers who met in an elementary school and shared a complex that they couldn’t overcome.

It’s a narrative about friends that meet spontaneously, talk, and share their lives, rather than organizational interests like school or work. Each person leads a distinct life, but they are all reminded of the ‘beast realm’ (instinct) known as motherhood, and they question the existence of both a mother and a human being.