Great Season 4 Release Date: Confirmed or Not?

If you enjoy the Hulu dramedy The Great, you’ve probably already binge-watched the third season, which recently became available. The conflicted relationship between Russian Emperor Peter III (Nicholas Hoult) and Catherine the Great (Elle Fanning) is the focus of the television series.

But have you ever pondered whether a fourth season will be produced? Do not worry; we have inside information regarding this popular series’ future. Therefore, grab some popcorn and relax as we explore what The Great Season 4 has shown thus far and what the future may hold for this clever and irreverent program.

The Great Season 4: Confirmed or Not?

No information on season 4 of The Great has been released, despite the show’s enormous popularity. Although Hulu, like the majority of other streaming services, is rather private about its audience figures, the fact that the show has been renewed for three more seasons speaks to its appeal.

Great Season 4 Release Date

Fortunately, news on the show’s future after season 3 will probably come quickly. Season 1 of The Great debuted in May 2020, and in July of that same year, Hulu announced that season 2 had been renewed.

Season 3 of The Great will premiere on May 12, 2023; therefore, if a fourth season is planned, the news may be announced in July 2023.

What Can Be the Great Season 4 Release Date?

Streaming shows, like The Great, don’t have to stick to a strict yearly plan like network shows do. Instead, they can take longer to make their shows better, which could make it take a while for season 4 to come out.

Based on how the other seasons were made, it’s very unlikely that season 4 of The Great will come out at the same time of year as season 3. Instead, it’s more likely that the release will be like season 2, which came out a long time after season 1.

Based on this assumption, season 4 of The Great couldn’t come out before November 2024.

Who Will Be Part of the Cast for “The Great Season 4”?

The only character whose appearance in Season 4 is assured is Catherine herself, given the events of The Great Season 3.

Hoult and Fanning will likely return to the roles of Peter III and Catherine, respectively, as the program places more emphasis on the romance between the two characters than it does on historical accuracy.

By having one actor play numerous roles, as demonstrated by Hoult’s dual roles as Peter and Yemelyan Pugachev, the series has created a creative technique that might also indicate the return of any actor.

Great Season 4 Release Date

It is also quite likely that recurring cast members from the series, such as Phoebe Fox as Mariel, Sacha Dhawan as Orlo, Gwilym Lee as Dymov, Adam Godley as Archie, Belinda Bromilow as Elizabeth, and Douglas Hodge as General Velementov, will all return in season 4.

The addition of additional historical characters from Catherine’s life also makes room for new performers to join the cast, especially as Catherine expanded Russia’s influence abroad in nations like China and Japan.

What Are the Story Details for the Great Season 4?

Season 4’s events might go in a variety of directions because The Great mainly ignored Catherine the Great’s historical biography. Season 4 might touch on the fact that Peter, Catherine’s spouse, died soon after their wedding in real life.

Although it would mean ending the adored Hoult from the series, his dual position as Pugachev demonstrates he may always make a comeback in some capacity.

Season 4 could benefit from some historical revisionism to resolve the long-standing mystery surrounding the true Peter’s demise, which occurred under fairly enigmatic circumstances.

Great Season 4 Release Date

Additionally, if the show continued past the reign of Peter III, a great deal of the real Catherine the Great’s reign might be explored in greater detail.

In addition to the few battles the Russian Empire fought while she was Empress, Catherine’s perspective on Russia’s quick rise to global power may be used to tell a story about that development.

However, The Great Season 4 would continue to need to center on Catherine herself, particularly her complex legacy and relationship with her fellow nobility.


In conclusion, fans of The Great are eagerly awaiting news of a possible Season 4, since the third season captivated viewers with its unique mix of historical fiction and captivating storytelling.

Even though there has been no official news about its renewal, the show’s popularity and the fact that it has been renewed in the past give us hope that it will continue.

If Season 4 happens, viewers can expect to see key cast members back and learn more about Catherine the Great’s amazing journey through a mix of historical revisionism and interesting stories. Stay tuned for news about where this popular series is going.