Grand Tour Season 5: Release| Cast| Latest Update of Season 4

Grand Tour Season 5

If you love to ride cars and want to be in the race of those high-speed racers then you would definitely love this British television drama, Grand Tour Season 5.

We have collected all the latest news and updates related to season 5 of this drama. Be with us to know the complete details about this racing adventure.

Grand Tour Season 5

The Grand Tour is a British television drama created by Jeremy ClarksonRichard HammondJames May, and Andy Wilman. The previous seasons were exclusively produced by Amazon. The show was premiered on Amazon on 18 November 2016 for the very first time and then time passes and now the Grand Tour is coming with its fifth season.

The grand tour is released in about 195 countries and territories. The show is quite popular for those who love racing and adventures like monster trucks, cars, and yes, those high-speed racing bikes.

The previous seasons are quite popular and now its the time for the fifth season. But there are a lot of lively debates about season 5, the internet is flooded with many news and controversies about the new season. That season 5 is never going to happen, the show is canceled by Amazon and More.

But before moving to give answers to these queries have a look at the previous year’s IMDb rating and the user’s reaction to this British drama.

Grand Tour Season 5 Official Release Date

As of now, there is no official date for the Grand Tour season 5, the fans are waiting for the official release date of season 5 while some fans are still waiting for the continuation of the fourth season.

Season 4 began in 2019 with only one episode which might be a complete full stop for season 4 because James May, shows his uncertainty for the fourth season. They are unclear for the continuation.

Grand Tour Season 5

This may be the reason for the delay in the release date of the fifth season maybe they continue the season fourth first and then the season fifth follows after that.

But there is no clear information about the continuation of season 4 and the release of Grand Tour Season 5.

If we get the news related to both then we will update the latest information in our article soon. Till then follow for the latest trends and updates.

Grand Tour 2016-2019 IMDb

This comedy-talk show has given 8.7 stars according to the IMDb. You can also check out the IMDb ratings and user reviews of Insatiable and also check out its release date and updates.

Insatiable Season 3: Everything You Need To Know.

What Are Views of IMDb Users on This Drama?

You would love to read these interesting comments of the IMDb users, you can also share your reviews in our comment section if you have watched the grand tour.

Starting with our very first comment of Srmarshall, look what he said on the Grand Tour.

Season 3 Special Episode is the funniest show I have seen in years…


“Their connection with each other as they traveled across Mongolia was wonderful to watch. Hammond’s attempts at driving were always great and perfectly timed. I have not laughed out loud during a TV show this much in a LONG time!”

P.S. Where can I get a “John”?

The second season saves!


“Yeah, the first season left me a bit disappointed. The first episode, in general, was really good and there were signs of hope along the tour of season 1 but in the end, it just felt too scripted. And it seems they heard it, just look at the episode unscripted, it seems they really took the criticism to heart.”

“The second season is full of all the stuff that I loved in Top Gear. It’s fun, fast, slightly ridiculous, sometimes scary but really really just great entertainment. Love it, keep it up!”

Season 3 Special Episode is the funniest show I have seen in years…

Their connection with each other as they traveled across Mongolia was wonderful to watch. Hammond’s attempts at driving were always great and perfectly timed. I have not laughed out loud during a TV show this much in a LONG time.”


The Grand Tour Season 5: Cast

The star cast for the season 5 is as such that we have mentioned below.

  • Jeremy Clarkson as Self – Presenter
  • Richard Hammond as Self – Presenter
  • James Hay as Self – Presenter
  • Abbie Eaton as Self – Driver
  • Mike Skinner as Self – The American
  • Jimmy Car as Self- Special Guest
  • Johan Ackermann as Self- Mercedes C9 Replica Builder
  • John Surtees as Self- Special Guest
  • Roger Daltrey as Self- Singer

There may be the chances of the new faces to be seen. What do you think will come in the grand tour 5.

Where To Watch The Grand Tour Season 5?

Once it gets released it will be available on Amazon Prime Video to stream online. All the previous seasons are also available on Amazon Prime you can watch the old episodes there.

Grand Tour Season 5

Is There Any Trailer for The Grand Tour Season 5?

No, there is no official trailer for ‘The Grand Tour Season 5’ but here we have a fan-made video. The video is just for informative purposes when we get the latest trailer and news about season 5, we will promise to update in our article soon till then enjoy this claimed video 🙂

Bottom Lines

The above article is based on the thrilling adventures of the Grand Tour, who are now in huge discussion for the Grand Tour Season 5. There is no official date for the release in fact the viewers want the continuation of season 4 because for them only one episode is not sufficient.

We have tried to cover all the queries in our article but if you have any queries related to the Grand Tour, feel free to ask us in our comment section we would love to answer your query.

Also if you have liked this article then please let us know in our feedback section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-When will Grand Tour Season 3 Episode 5 be available?

A-The fifth episode of the Grand Tour Season 3 was aired on Amazon Prime on February 8th, 2019. If you want to watch the previous episodes, you can watch it on Amazon prime whenever you want to.

Q-How many seasons Grand Tour has?

A-The Grand Tour has 4 total number of season. Season 4 is incomplete because it began in 2019 and only have one episode, the fans are still in hope for the continuation of the fourth season.

Q-When will be the Grand Tour Season 5 release?

A-There is no official release date of the grand tour season 5 but there are chances that season 5 will release in 2021 maybe in the mid or in the end.

Q-Will there be Grand Tour Season 4 Episode 2?

A-They are not clear for season 4 to continue again as the show began in 2019 and only the first episode air and now it’s 2020 there is no sign for the release of the second episode but the fans are still in hope for the continuation of the forth season…  But it is totally up to the creators.


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