Gotham Season 6 | Release Date | Cast And More

Warners Broths creation Gotham is an American thriller, action television series based on the Dc characters. The series focuses on James Gordon, Commissioner in Gotham City Police Department Commissioner, and Bruce Wayne. Gotham City is full of criminals, and he is trying to make it crime-free.

Developed by Bruno Heller, the show first aired on September 22, 2014, Fox. It is a Prequel to the Batman series. Season 1 caught the attention of more than 7 million viewers and created a massive fan following. Subsequently, Fox released four seasons with a total of 100 episodes so far. The fifth season ended on April 25, 2019. Fans are waiting since then to watch Season 6.

Gotham Season 6

The Plot of Gotham. What to Expect From Season 3?

The series focuses on detective James Gordon, who is trying to solve the criminal cases of Gotham City.

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Season first begins with the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents. James Gordan and his ally Harvey Bullock were given the task of solving the murder mystery. In the meantime, a war between two criminal families led to Carmine Falcone and Fish Mooney. A gangster named Oswald Cobblepot interfered. In the end, Cobblepot killed Mooney, and became “King of Gotham”.

Gotham Season 6

The second season begins with the arrival of Theo Galavan in Gotham. He came with his sister to kill Bruce. However, Gordon, with the help of Cobblepot, Selina, and the GCPD saved Bruce.

On the other hand, Experiments were going on in Indian Hill run by Professor Hugo Strange. He was turning humans into monsters. When Gordon killed Galavan, Strange retrieved him back and made him a monster called Azrael to take revenge on Gordan. When the Gordan became aware of the activity, he shut down the Indian Hill and killed the monsters. However, a bus of monsters managed to escape, which also included revived Mooney and a clone of Bruce.

Gotham Season 6

In season 3, Gordon began the search for a monster. On the other hand, Nygma came in agreement with Jervis Tetch’s sister Alice. She contained a virus known as Tech Virus. Finally, the Court got the virus to use against Gotham. Mooney, on the other hand, used Strange to produce an antidote for the virus. In the meantime, the Court of Owls Bruce adopted the clone of Bruce. On the other hand, Bruce began the search of Demon’s Head so that he became Gotham’s, Dark Knight. Bruce later became the masked vigilante with the help of Alfred.

In Season 4, Cobblepot set a modern law of licensed crime. It helped him to control the criminal underworld. On the other hand, Bruce was helping the city as a masked vigilante. Jerome Valeska created a group of criminals to make Gothman lawless. However, Jerome got killed and his twin brother Jeremiah decided to complete the task becomes insane, and follows in Jerome’s footsteps. With the help of Ra, he managed to achieve his goal.

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In season 5, Gordon tried to re-establish Gotham city with the aid of Eduardo Dorrance. Ra’s daughter Nyssa turned Dorrance into a superhuman. Bruce caught Jeremiah to be sent to Arkham. Later, Bruce left Gotham for extensive training. Ultimately, the city was restored and Jordon became Commissioner of the GCPD.

After years Jeremiah escaped from Arkham and abducted Jim’s daughter but is rescued by the Bruce vigilante.

Well, our favorite show ended here.

The Release Date of Gotham Season 6. When Will It Air?

I know you are desperate to watch the sixth installment of the series, but there chances you may never see it.

Yes fans, you have heard it right. Warren Bro and Fox officially canceled the season. You must be thinking that despite popularity, why the series got canceled?

Well, numerous factors are responsible for that.

Gotham Season 6

One of the biggest reasons is declining viewership. The viewership of the series keeps declining. Further, the creators wrapped up the series in season 5. There are no open threads to continue with the series.

Well, may the mind of the creators change after a while? Well, we hope for the best.

Is There Any Trailer Available for Gotham Season 6?

Fox has officially canceled season 6 of the series. So there is a possibility we may never see the trailer of season 6. If the series got renewed and the trailer of season 6 comes, we will inform you. Till then, enjoy the fan-based trailer.

Gotham Season 6 What Is the IMDB Rating of the Gotham Series?

We all love Dc characters, and James Gordan is no different. The series got appreciation from every corner of the world and scored a rating of 7.8 out of 10.

Where Can We Watch the Gotham Series?

Fox is the ott platform of the series so you can watch it on Fox. It is also streaming on giant platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Gotham Season 6

Final Verdict

DC characters need no introduction. Dc has gifted the world with Amazing characters. James Gordan and Bruce are no different. The series is set in the universe like a batsman. Blockbuster action has nailed the floor. In one word, the series is Masterpiece. Overall it is a concoction of action, mystery, and adventure. You will have a good time with the series for sure.

Tell me your views in the comment section about GOTHAM SEASON 6.

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