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Gotham Season 5 Ending Explained: Who is Coming Back?

Gotham is an excellent crime drama based on the DC Comics character Batman. This is one of the best detective series that keeps you interested throughout the entire series. After five long seasons and much discussion, Gotham’s series finale and last episode have arrived. After a brief prologue depicting Bruce Wayne’s departure for the mountains to begin his training, this episode begins with a ten-year time jump.

Who’s Coming Back?

Jim Gordon is close to retiring, and his daughter is now an adult. Barbara has a decent relationship with the father of her kid, and they all debate the construction of Wayne Tower. As the big opening day approaches, rumors begin to circulate that Bruce Wayne will almost surely return.

We next move to Arkham, where we find Nygma and Jeremiah both residing in the asylum, as the newspapers report this news. Jeremiah is mentally dead, physically disfigured, and a mere shell of his former self. As the alarms sound overhead, he escapes Arkham and prepares to welcome Bruce back to his city with a bang.

Here, we also catch a peek at Selina. She snatches a diamond while sensing the mysterious presence of someone who is now a prolific cat burglar.

Before we can investigate this further, we cut to Bullock, who follows a clue in his case to a nearby residence. He is given a phone by an Arkham guard and, terrified and wide-eyed, begs the person on the other end to stop. Who this could be is currently unknown.

Gotham Season 5 Ending Explained: Who is Coming Back?

A fresh look Penguin, equipped with a monocle and flabby stomach, is released from prison and immediately begins working on his own scheme. He confronts Jim Gordon with a revolver and orders him to drive. Penguin was not responsible for the murder of the gang or Nygma’s escape.

The main scheme of the Riddler is exposed when Jim escapes at the docks and the Penguin violently shoots his gun in rage. With a crate of C4 and Wayne Tower in his sights, he intends to detonate the edifice.

Selina arrives and knocks out The Riddler while he is ranting about his intentions for the Bruce and Wayne Tower. While Jim evacuates the structure, Barbara and Selina deliver The Riddler to him. They defuse the device in the nick of time, but as Riddler and Penguin flee, something stirs in the shadows – is it, Batman?

When Barbara and her daughter return to the ice lounge, she draws her revolver from the drawer but stops when she hears music emanating from the room. Jeremiah returns, dressed as the Joker, and abducts Barb’s daughter. He just pretended to be brain-dead in order to wait for Bruce’s return.

This leads to a confrontation at Ace Chemicals, where Jeremiah unveils his new Joker appearance. Bruce appears and, while not catching sight of his face, thwarts the menace with an arsenal of batarangs despite the situation is hopeless. With one last glance, he sneaks away, prepared to defend Gotham from the threats within.

The episode concludes with Jim Gordon exposing the infamous spotlight atop the Gotham City Police Department, as Selina and Bruce finally communicate, albeit in fragments. The series concludes with a shot of our dark knight surveying the city and preparing to protect it from within.

The last season of Gotham has demonstrated something that many fans have long suspected. This show ran out of steam a while ago, and despite some interesting concepts, this year’s plot and general pacing have been completely off.

Gotham Season 5 Ending Explained: Who is Coming Back?

This is especially evident in the conclusion, as all the parts are hurried and a lack of character development fails to establish a credible threat. Even after ten years and a new design for some of our enemies, they all feel like comic book stereotypes, particularly Penguin and Riddler.

Despite the fact that Joker was always meant to return to Gotham, his brief visit is also disappointing, and I cannot help but feel this conclusion might have been so much better.

Still, fans will always have the second season, which, at least to me, exemplifies the series’ zenith and what could be accomplished with actual danger, a few psychotic villains, and a genuine threat for Jim Gordon to face.

Still, there’s enough here to make this a respectable tribute to Gotham, but considering the level of expectation leading up to this, I can’t help but feel a little let down by the conclusion.