Are You Embarrassed By Your Google Docs Skills?Here’s What to do

Hello, friends, If you’re starting with Google Docs, its extensive features and add-ons can be a little overwhelming. No software downloads. No payments. No specific browser or computer necessary. Have you ever seen any product which is simple to use my answer is, yeah, it is? Its a completely free platform for all of you; it works online & offline both. All you need your Google account. It is a cloud-based tool that includes a clean layout & unique features for every user like you & me like you can share your work & collaborate from anywhere. It automatically saves all your work without saving; that’s why people prefer Google docs over the word. Here I will show you some best Google docs explanation to help you get started with this powerful alternative of Microsoft Word.

What is Google Docs?

Google Docs introduced on March 9, 2006, and free Google offers web-based software in Google Drive service. Google Docs is available in a mobile app for Android iOS,& desktop application in Google Chrome. It is compatible with Microsoft Office File. You can see the editor’s as it highlighted with an editor specific cursor & color. It also offers you a benefit of Cloud storage that means your document saves automatically. You can start Google Docs by simple steps and learn about the features of the tool that will help you become a Google Docs expert.

Google Doc


  • Text format.
  • Able to insert images & media.
  • You can use a variety of templates in Google Docs.
  • Collaborate & edit for share between computer devices.
  • It supports .doc, .docx, .dot, .dotx,dotm, .html & .odt files.

Google docs download

Setup of your Google account

Whenever you use Google docs, you have to signup for a Google account; it’s free, your account provides you with access to Gmail. Create a Google account enter your information – including your email address & Birthdate & click the next step. Read all the privacy policy & agree with all the terms & conditions.

Google account

Launch Google Docs

There are many ways to access how to use Google Docs, depending on the device. Download the Google doc app from the Google Play or App Store & click the icon in the right corner of the Homepage. You can navigate to Google drive & can select Google docs within Drive you navigate directly to the Google docs you have launched the web app & can create a document.

Create a File

To make a new File, click the blank page with the multicolored addition sign inside it. & it locates in the upper-left corner of the main Google Docs page. Suppose you can’t find this scroll up or click the multicolored plus sign icon in the lower-right corner. Creating a document from Drive, then select Google Docs after hitting New will automatically create a blank paper. Then Click the small, right-facing arrow next to Google Docs. You can even choose to complete a new form based on a provided template. There is a variety to choose from, including résumés, business letters, and another party template. 

Launch google docs

Start working on documents.

Once you create a document, you can work on that document. Click on the Untitled Document in the upper-left corner to add a title to your paper. You can adjust the font type & text size at the top of the page. Some options may hide. In that case, click on the right corner to display them. When You are working in Browser, your changes will save automatically. Otherwise, you can save the file. There is an option at the top of the screen or all changes saved in Drive.working on google docs

How to Make Google docs Available offline?

Firstly you have to install Chrome.

  • The offline feature of Docs only works in Google’s Browser.
  • If you are using any other browser, you have to download & install Chrome on that Browser.

Sign In to Your Google Account

  • Everything you do in Google’s world linked to your Google account and Docs is no different.
  • You have to Sign in to your Google account in Chrome. After that, you can install it.

You can download the Google Docs Offline Extension.

  • Google Chrome allows you to install browser extensions that can add new features, and & you can enhance your experience.
  • For offline, this extension will help you to use Google Docs, even when you lost your internet access.Google docs

Set Up Google Docs Offline on your own Mobile

Offline access for Docs is simple on your cellphone.

The Apps You Need To Download

  • Google will offer you separate apps for Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets for Android.
  • You can download the ones you need on your phone and use it when you are offline.

You can make your Recent Files Offline.

  • On the app of your choice, tap the menu () in the left top corner, then tap Settings, and you can enable recent files available online.
  • When you enable the toggle, it will apply to all your account on your cell phone. You’ll need to do for every app, so repeat on the Slides and Sheets apps as required.
  • The mobile app will automatically detect the files you’ve used frequently and kept a copy available so that you can use it offline.

    Make Your Specific Files Available Offline

    Google will try to save space for keeping your local copies of files you’ve recently edit on your device. However, you have a lot of options if you want to make sure that individual files are always available.

  • Otherwise, on your laptop, you can download Google Drive Backup and Sync to keep a local copy of all your files, or just specific folders, on the Desktop. When you have a file available for offline use, you’ll see a circular symbol with a checkmark inside it.

When you’re editing the file without an internet connection, you’ll see a circular logo with a lightning bolt next to the document’s name. Once you’re back online, changes will sync up, and the symbols will disappear.

How to put a Border in Google docs

Firstly you have to check the templates that the app offers you. Sometimes any of your document templates can fit, then you don’t need to create a border. If none of the Templates, then we can move on to creating the edge that you need.

  • Go to your Google Docs page, and I start with a new document.
  • Now click on the Menu click on Insert > Table > 1 x 1.
  • Resize the cell to fit your needs.
  • In the top-right, you have the options of the border: Background color, Border color, Border width, and Border dash. You can change according to the format in the manner that fits your document.
  • That’s all. If You know you have a border on your document and you can add pictures & texts, and so many things inside the cell created at step 2.

How to Make a Title Page in Google Docs

For formal documents, DO NOT include pictures, designs, or color on the title page. Before the body of your research paper, write the following information (at the beginning of your work)

  • The title of your document.
  • Your first & last name.
  • You are writing the document for which class.
  • Your teacher’s name (Mrs. A. Stein)
  • The date. (Write in the current date and change it when your print.)

Center your information vertically and horizontally.

  •  You can center your information vertically by going to the File menu and select Page Setup. 
  • Select the Layout tab.
  • Choose “different first page” so that your header and footer do not show up on your first page.
  • Choose “Centre” in the pull-down menu beside “Vertical Alignment.”
  • Choose “Selected Text” from the pull-down menu next to “Apply to.”
  • Then press, OK.
  • The information should be vertically centered on the page.
  • Next, center the information horizontally using the button on the toolbar.

Make a title or heading.

  • Open a document in Google Docs.
  • Select the text you want to change.
  • Click Format. Paragraph styles.
  • Click a text style: Normal text. Title. Subtitle. I am heading 1-6.
  • Click Apply’ text style. ‘

How to Create a Table of Contents in Docs

When you add a table of content in your document, it’s hard for readers to read each topic which you listed in your form. It automatically generates one & and links that jump from each section when you click & allows you a specific part of the document. When you place the insertion point in your form, you have to select where you want the Table of content. Typically, the Table of content appears after the title but before the body of your document in the article. Then Click insert point to Table of contents; there are two options available.

Table of contents

  • The first is a plain text table of content with numbers & the second one doesn’t use page numbers. The first is for documents & second for documents to view online when you create an automatic generated Table of contents that define the particular link section of your paper.
  • Each level of heading style is different in the Table of contents like the Heading 1 shows a top-level entry in the Table of contents & the Heading 2 are considered subsections. If You want to change Your headings, then you can update your Table of Contents.
  • Meanwhile, you want to delete a Table of contents right click it & select Delete Table of Contents permanently.


How to upload PowerPoint to google docs?

  • Open Google Drive.
  • In the upper-left corner, select New > File Upload.
  • Please navigate to the file you want to upload and fix it.
  • You’ll see an uploading message, and then the file will show up in your Google Drive file list.

How to Change Margins in Google docs

In Google Docs two ways to set margins, You can use the Ruler to assess the margins by dragging it with the mouse quickly, or you can type the margin (in inches) in the page dialogue box setup.

  • First, Click the File & free Page setup. You can change the margins by drag the Grey zone of the document ruler with the page setup feature. in Google Docs
  • It determines the unused space of the document. It defines you where your text appears.
  • Whenever You want to change all four margins (including the top and bottom margins) of the page, open the “Page Setup…” dialogue box in your google doc file.
  • It would help if you had a margin, especially when you have to do binding for document printing.

By Ruler, you can change the Margins.

  •  Firstly you have to turn on your Ruler just by clicking View & if it’s not visible.
  •  Started to form the left margin, you can position your mouse pointer over the grey zone; it indicates you the margin on the top of the screen & you see a point to change the arrow direction. Then, drag to the left & right to adjust your document whitespace.
  •  Drag the grey zone & click to the right to make a more considerable margin, to the left, or make it small.
  • At the end of the margin also has a little blue rectangle & a pointing rectangle downward. These icons are the Indent. It travels with the margin & you can position the indents if you want. Let’s suppose your document will have no cut after settings your margins, you can set the Indent if desired.
  • You can adjust every margin-top, right, and bottom. When you drag the grey margin, find the top and bottom margins in the vertical Ruler on the left side of the screen.

How to add a Comment on Google docs

You can add comments in Google Docs both in the mobile app or on the Desktop.

  • You can comment on Google Docs from your desktop version of the app on your cell phone.
  •  In the mobile app & Desktop, you can add the comment by highlighting the text.
  •  So, many methods are available to add comments on Google docs.add comment in google doc

When you’re editing someone else’s work or leaving notes for yourself later, then you can add comments. It appears as small notes in the sidebar of a document online. Due to limited space in the mobile app, until you click & open them, comments are hidden. In Google docs, you can add comments & you can edit or delete at any time.


In this article, I have described all explanation about Google docs. I hope you like all the information regarding Google docs. If you have any doubts or queries about Google Docs, you can ask in the comments. I will resolve all of your questions.

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