Goodnight Mommy Ending Explained: Who is Really in the Mask?

The 2014 Austrian movie of the same name, “Goodnight Mommy,” was remade for Amazon Prime Video by director Matt Sobel. The remake, which features Naomi Watts, falls short of the original. Everything is overly explained and watered down to the point where it no longer has any suspense or gore.

I would much rather see the original “Goodnight Mommy” with Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz than the remake in terms of photography. In all honesty, the remake feels very superfluous, and the modifications made to the original are not for the better.

Synopsis of the Drama Goodnight Mommy

The film Goodnight Mommy is a remake of the same name from Austria. Elias and Lukas, twin boys, are the main characters. They visit their famous mother at her rural estate. When they arrive, they notice something odd about their mother.

She is not only dressed in a medical mask, but she has changed significantly from who she once was. Her maternal warmth and compassion are vanished. She treats the boys instead in a chilly, distant, and occasionally rather hostile manner.

Goodnight Mommy Ending Explained

Elias and Lukas believe their mother is not the woman wearing the mask. Who else could she be if she isn't their mother, though? Does she intend to damage her kids in any way?

Why Do the Boys Believe That Their Mother is a Fraud?

Their mother gives them certain guidelines soon after they arrive. She warns them not to enter the barn, make noise, or go in her office or bedroom. Elias and Lukas are wary of these regulations because their mother doesn't typically impose them.

She declines to sing them the nighttime ballad she used to sing to them when they were younger, which only serves to confirm their fears. She claims that they are too old for bedtime songs, but the boys don't believe her since they think she is a phoney who doesn't know the lyrics.

A picture of the family standing together that Elias gave the masked woman is also destroyed. Given that their mother used to preserve their images, there is another proof that she could not be who she claims to be. The woman's eyes are another feature. The boys recall that she had blue eyes, and they discover a photo to support their memory. However, the housemate has a green eye color!

They discover blood on the barn wall when they subsequently defy the woman's orders and walk inside. The woman then enters the barn and behaves violently toward them. Once more, this behavior differs greatly from that of their mother.

Goodnight Mommy Ending Explained

The boys flee and take refuge in the barn of a neighbor. However, the boys are returned to their mother's house when the owner calls the police. When the police arrive, they are told that the woman residing there is a fake, but when they actually see her, she is not wearing a mask and resembles the mother of the boys in every way.

The woman tells Elias to go to his room, but he stays and hears what she and the cops are saying. She overhears the mother saying, “He must have slipped on some water while playing near the pool. That boundary between fact and fantasy has disappeared, which is terrible.

Why is the “Mother” Hiding Her Identity?

They are shocked to discover their mother wearing a medical mask when they first get to her house. She adds that she had cosmetic surgery and is wearing the mask while her face heals, which clearly comes as a surprise to them.

It makes sense that their mother, who is a well-known actress, would wish to maintain her attractiveness. There are hints, though, that point to the woman not being their mother after all. Therefore, it's possible that cosmetic surgery is only a practical approach to conceal the identity of the potential imposter.

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In the Barn, What Does Elias Discover?

Elias' mother (Naomi Watts) shows him the bloody barn wall. We notice a bullet hole here. Elias' mother says he and Lukas played with a loaded gun as kids. Elias shot Lukas accidentally. Elias lashes out when his mother tries to make him face Lukas' death. She falls from the barn's attic. Her broken lantern ignites the hay.

Elias flees the barn while his mother burns inside. Elias looks up and sees his mother and Lukas approaching him. His mother tells him he's done nothing wrong.

The Woman, is She the Mother of the Boys?

The boys are unconvinced by the woman's claims to be their mother and think she's a stranger with facial reconstruction surgery. She's duct-taped to her bed while napping. Elias douses her with cold water as she wakes up and asks for their mother. When queried about her eye color, she says she uses colored contact lenses.

Police check on them. Elias (Cameron Crovetti) tells them their mother went out. When called to another assignment, the cops leave the youngsters at home despite one officer's scepticism. Lukas and Elias flee. Elias informs Lukas he forgot his toothbrush. He finds his mother's colored contact lenses at home.

He unties her after realizing she's his mother. Another enigma remains. Although she's not an imposter, someone else in Elias's life is. Elias' mother reveals this to him in the barn.

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