Good Trouble Season 5 Release Date: is It Cancelled or Renewed?

Good Trouble Season 4 has resumed airing on Disney+, Freeform, and Hulu following a hiatus (depending on where you live). If you like The Coterie and its characters, you’ll probably be wondering if it will get a fifth season.

Brief Information About Good Trouble Season 5

Name Good Trouble Season 5
OTT Platform Disney+, Freeform and Hulu
Written By Joanna Johnson, Peter Paige, and Bradley Bredeweg
Good Trouble Season 5 Release Date Yet To Be Confirmed

About Good Trouble Season 5

It is an offshoot of The Fosters on Freeform. Conceptually set a few years after the earlier series, Good Trouble premiered in January 2019 with a thirteen-episode first season. It follows Callie Adams Foster (Maia Mitchell) and Mariana Adams Foster (Cierra Ramirez) “as they embark on the next phase of their young adult lives working in Los Angeles.

Good Trouble Season 5 Release Date

What is Potential Release Date of Good Trouble Season 5?

It’s a done deal, indeed! For fifth season, Freedom’s Good Trouble will be on television. It happens before The Fosters spinoff’s fourth season finale, which runs through August. Freeform and Onyx Collective President Tara Duncan made the announcement during the network’s virtual TCA press conference.


Good Trouble Season 5 is rumored to be unavailable for streaming as of August 4, 2022. The same period as the previous season, the series is anticipated to debut some time between early and mid-2023.

We want to be clear that this is just a prediction right now; Freedom network will reveal the precise release date as the year comes to a close.

Additionally, it will take time during the post-production phase to polish the episodes and make the upcoming season much more exciting for the viewers. As a result, we advise fans to be patient as these announcements take some time to publish and are made by the streaming companies on a schedule.

Cast: Good Trouble Season 5

There haven’t been any more cast members leaving Good Trouble as of yet (except for Maia Mitchell). This indicates that the main players will likely return for Season 5 of Good Trouble:

  • Mariana Adams Foster, a software engineer and Callie’s adopted sister, is played by Cierra Ramirez. She recently received her MIT degree.
  • Malika Williams, played by Zuri Adele, is a political activist and bartender who resides in the Coterie with Callie and Mariana.
  • The Coterie apartment complex’s building manager, played by Sherry Cola as Alice Kwan,
  • Gael Martinez, played by Tommy Martinez, is a bisexual graphic artist and designer who has feelings for Callie.
  • Judge Roger Bart Callie served as a clerk for conservative judge Curtis Wilson.
  • Educator and advocate for body positivity, Davia Moss is played by Emma Hunton.
  • Dennis Cooper, played by Josh Pence, is the Coterie’s oldest inhabitant and an aspiring musician.
  • Jamie Hunter, played by Beau Mirchoff, is a lawyer and Callie’s on-again, off-again boyfriend.
  • Joaquin Peréz, played by Bryan Craig, is an enigmatic newcomer to the Coterie and an investigative journalist on the hunt for his estranged sister Jenna.
  • As Isabella Tavez, played by Priscilla Quintana, an aspiring model and actress

The Plot: Expected Storyline of Good Trouble Season 5

The fifth season is anticipated to maintain the same basic plot as the previous four, which followed the inhabitants of The Coterie in downtown Los Angeles as they balanced work, love, and friendship while discovering that standing up for what you believe in necessitates making a little noise and getting into trouble.

Good Trouble Season 5 Release Date

The fourth season’s final episode, Wake Up From Your Reverie, is anticipated to serve as the season’s starting point. According to the episode’s official narrative, Davia goes on a date with a new person, Sumi encourages Alice to evaluate her relationship with pleasure, the FCGs succumb to cancel culture, Joaquin learns fresh details about his sister’s abductor, and Mariana steps in to offer assistance.

Additionally, it’s predicted that it will pick up any subplots and cliffhangers from the previous season and dive right into this universe with more experiments, giving viewers something new to think about instead of the same old themes.

Trailer: Good Trouble Season 5

There isn’t currently a trailer for Good Trouble Season 5 online. It is way too early to look for a trailer or promo for the programme because it was just renewed for a fifth season. You can now view the official Good Trouble Season 4 trailer here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Callie left Good Trouble, but why?

She told, “Australia’s always felt like home to me and I always had wanted to move back eventually. “It was obviously a really difficult choice to make because I felt a sense of community on that show. In America, they have served as my family. It has sustained me during my homesickness.

What are Good Trouble’s IMDB ratings?

Good Trouble has an IMDB ratings of 7.4/10.

Does Disney+ have Good Trouble?

Disney+ offers the whole episodes of Good Trouble.