Good Trouble Season 4: Everything We Know About the This Season

Following Wednesday’s episode, in which their portrayers Maia Mitchell and Beau Mirchoff exited the Freeform drama, there will be no more Good Trouble for Callie and Jamie.

Mitchell’s departure from The Fosters, where she first played Callie in 2013 before going on to feature in the spinoff with costar/TV sister Cierra Ramirez, was “totally a personal decision about my life,” as she explains to TVLine in the video below. “When I was quite young, I moved to America [from Australia].” Being away from family has been quite difficult for me, to be honest. I practically spent my whole twenties in another nation, which I would not have done if it weren’t for my job. The Fosters cast and crew provided me with so much comfort and family, and then there was Good Trouble.”

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Following Mitchell’s announcement, producer Joanna Johnson — who also scripted this week’s poignant episode — set out to give Callie “a very dignified and a very Fosters/Good Trouble goodbye.” “I asked her if she could give us a couple of Season 4 episodes so we could truly do it right,” Johnson recalls. “I didn’t want Callie to leave suddenly in the Season 3 finale once the decision had been made… ‘Of course I’ll come back,’ she answered with a smile. So she went home and then returned to finish those programmes for us.”

 Good Trouble seasons 4

Is ‘good Trouble’ Leaving Callie (Maia Mitchell)?

On the season 3 finale, Callie’s narrative ended on a dramatic cliffhanger—but is she leaving? While we don’t know where Callie is heading (is she leaving town? ), we do know that she is leaving town. Leaving the Coterie? ), Joanna Johnson, the show’s executive producer, confirmed that Maia Mitchell will return for season 4.

Will the Entire Cast of ‘good Trouble’ Return for Season 4?

You can expect all of our core characters to return for Season 4. Maia Mitchell (Callie), Cierra Ramirez (Mariana), Sherry Cola (Alice), Tommy Martinez (Gael), Zuri Adele (Malika), Emma Hunton (Davia), Josh Pence (Dennis), and Beau Mirchoff (Beau Mirchoff) are among the cast members (Jamie).

With Priscilla Quintana, who portrays Isabella—a recurring character in the second and third seasons who is the mother of Gael’s baby—officially added to the main cast, you can anticipate some familiar faces to become more permanent fixtures. Bryan Craig (The Grand Hotel, General Hospital) and Booboo Stewart (The Twilight Saga, X-Men: Days of Future Past) are also new regulars on the show. Craig portrays Joaquin, an independent investigative journalist with a strange past, and Stewart portrays Luca, an unhoused guy that Joaquin befriends while working on a story.

Trouble Is a Good Thing Callie’s Departure

Callie’s Foster parents Lena and Stef, as well as her brother Jude, travelled to Los Angeles to assist Callie in breaking the news to Mariana that she would be going to Washington, D.C. in two days for her dream job at the ACLU.

“I’m pretty proud of how we went about it.” Mitchell praises Callie’s send-off, saying, “I thought that was incredibly kind.” “It’s good to see Callie off and be happy for her since she’s grown so much.” It was critical to me that she was pursuing what she truly desired, and that she was doing so without reacting; instead, she was taking control and command.”

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Callie, on the other hand, did not say her goodbyes to her ex-boyfriend Jamie. He showed up on the same aircraft as her, just when it looked like she may leave without telling him her momentous news. In a strange twist of fate, he’d also secured a new job in Washington, D.C.

Good Trouble  season 4

Mitchell says she was “cheering” when she read the scenario because “Jamie being on that plane is just the cherry on top.” “I was overjoyed. “I’ve always had a soft spot for them.”

Johnson had been keeping the “Jallie” ending in her back pocket for a long. “I proposed this a long time ago that if Maia left the show, [she] would hop on the aircraft and he would be there,” Johnson explains. “But then I thought to myself, ‘Is this too coincidental?'” I discussed it with the writers, and we all agreed that the fans want it. It needed a happy conclusion, and it just felt like one of those rom-com moments that you forgive despite the fact that it’s coincidental because it makes you feel good.”

Return Date for Season 4 of ‘good Trouble’

After what seemed like an eternity, Good Trouble season 4 premiered with episode one on Freeform at 10 p.m. on March 9 and then on Hulu the next day. Check out how to watch all of the Good Trouble seasons if you need to catch up before watching the new episodes.

Trouble Is a Good Thing Callie/jamie

Plus, “their chemistry is so unmistakable,” Johnson says, “and the idea that the world keeps pushing them together, it just felt like a really fun rom-com moment that we couldn’t resist executing.” “So we just felt compelled to do it.” We had no choice but to send them off into the sunset together.”

Of course, this meant bidding farewell to another Mirchoff cast member who was on board with the scheme. “Beau is incredible. He’s the kindest guy on the planet and a fantastic performer, so he was game. Johnson says, “He really understood it.” “I think he enjoys performing the show and being on it, and we enjoyed having him… His story, however, is about Callie. If Callie departs, he feels obligated to accompany her.”

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When he booked a three-episode arc on The Fosters, Mirchoff had “no idea” he’d still be playing Jamie years later. He’s “extremely grateful for the job opportunity and everyone involved,” he says, adding that he and Mitchell had “really great chemistry, and I love her, and we get along, and we have fun.” So it was a real pleasure and a fantastic job to be a part of.”

Good Trouble Season 4

How to Watch Season 4 of ‘good Trouble’ in the Uk and Elsewhere

If you’re not in the United States but want to watch Season 4 of Good Trouble, you’re in luck. While the new episodes will most likely be available on streaming platforms such as BBC iPlayer in the UK, you can watch them now with a VPN. A VPN allows you to change your IP address, making your phone, computer, or laptop appear to be in a different location.

‘good Trouble’ Has It Been Cancelled?

Don’t worry, Good Trouble is still on the air. Season 4 is a go (we have a release date and all), but it’s unknown whether the show will return for a fifth season. We’ll let you know as soon as we have more information!