Good Karma Hospital Season 4: Cast and Crew, Episodes, Release Date and More

Fans have been frantic for fresh insight about The Good Karma Hospital season 4 and we were totally more than happy when ITV affirmed creation is at last in progress! Set in Southern India and shot on the spot in Sri Lanka, Dan Sefton’s kind yet strong dramatization acquired a normal crowd of 5.9m watchers across series 3 last year.

The clinical show follows junior specialist, Ruby Walker, who passed on to the UK to track down another life in India to work at The Good Karma Hospital, an under-resourced and exhausted cabin hospital run by an unconventional English ex-pat, Dr Lydia Fonseca. Here’s the beginning and end we are familiar with the fourth season.

The Good Karma Hospital Season 4 Release Date

The Good Karma Hospital season 4 will debut on ITV and ITV Hub at 8 pm on Sunday 23rd January 2022. The series will run for six episodes, with the finale circulating on Sunday sixth of March.

Good Karma Hospital Season 4

What Occurred in Episode 1? Contains Spoilers!

Ruby is as yet faltering from Gabriel’s takeoff. Whenever she experiences a patient in a provincial town with an exceptionally infectious and dangerous infection, she and the new chipping in specialist, Mr Samir Hasan face a challenge and transport the young lady to The Good Karma Hospital.

Lydia and Ram perceive the Nipah infection. Smash asks Lydia to keep the guidelines and send them back to the town, yet Lydia overrules him. In addition to the fact that Lydia risks a flare-up, she brings about the rage of neighbourhood legislator Hira Grover. It’s a danger to the life span of The Good Karma Hospital.

At the point when Ram finds that his new determined learner specialist, Dr Nikita (Niki) Sharma has likewise disregarded him and broken patient privacy, Ram is irate and reminds her she actually has a long way to go. In the interim Greg meets Frankie and her neurodiverse child Bobby.

What Occurred in Episode 2? Contains Spoilers!

Following a long fourteen days, Ruby, Samir and Mari are released from isolation. Lydia is intrigued by Samir, yet will not show it, as he requests to see the Nipah patient – Karishma – – subsided into HDU. At the point when Samir loses his employment with his NGO, a quick reasoning Lydia offers him work at The Good Karma Hospital.

In spite of the fact that Mari is furtively satisfied Samir is joining the staff, he before long annoys her up however it this simply the start of a searing relationship?

Good Karma Hospital Season 4

 In the meantime, Ruby’s annoyance at life is getting the better of her. She insults a patient’s girl – Mia Balan – in a blunt way. Lydia steps in and determined Mia’s mom Bhoomy to have mercury harming the skin easing up creams she uses to conceal her actual low-standing character.

Yet, pressures reach a critical stage when Ruby punches her boxing teacher adequately hard to break her spleen and Lydia demands Ruby make sense of what’s happening.

 Discussions about Ruby requiring time off are stopped when she gets obliterating news about her dad, similarly as Frankie understanding that Bobby is absent from his hospital bed and Greg finds that the most common way of getting captured has made movement aware of the way that he doesn’t have a Visa…

What Occurred in Episode 3? Contains Spoilers!

The cheerful news that Karishma is conscious of is hosed by how desolate and despondent she is. Samir has a brainwave and in spite of Lydia’s doubt of comedians, welcomes neighbourhood entertainers Jay and Prakash to the hospital to perform stunts. Mari finds missing jugs of fentanyl from the hospital, and Samir gets back to the bazaar persuaded the jokesters probably taken them.

In any case, when he sees Jay ingesting too much and surges her back to Good Karma in a rescue vehicle, he finds something much more awful and needs Lydia’s assistance to comprehend the reason why Jay will not consent to palliative consideration. Samir tells Prakash the best way to reduce Jay’s terminal ovarian disease side effects at home so she might keep on performing sorcery.

Good Karma Hospital Season 4

Frankie is as yet frantic to observe her missing child and Niki volunteers drive Frankie to look for him at a nearby bird safe haven. At the point when they observe him, Frankie’s defensive impulses go into overdrive and Bobby is embarrassed. Niki finds that sympathy perhaps the best medication, in spite of the fact that Frankie’s malignant growth stresses require dire tests.

At last, Greg accumulates the fortitude to enlighten Lydia concerning his Visa. Regardless of being sure, she can take care of any issue; Lydia before long hits a dead end and frantically goes to lawmaker Hira Grover for help. Hira will not help the self-important specialist who gambled with a Nipah flare-up. Similarly, as it appears Lydia will lose Greg always; Ram makes an idea which may very well work in the event that Lydia wasn’t actually hitched to her ex…

What Occurred in Episode 4? Contains Spoilers!

At the point when Hindu minister Ramesh Kurup winds up at The Good Karma Hospital, he is joined by his Muslim closest companion Moideen Pathan. Ramesh’s kidneys are flopping yet he denies dialysis thus Moideen proposes he gives a kidney on a contributor trade program.

Moideen’s child Anwar, an Imam, is alarmed that his dad needs to give a kidney to a Hindu. In attempting to forestall the tests being shipped off, he unintentionally thumps Lydia to the ground. Whenever Lydia addresses Anwar about his feelings of trepidation and advises him that affection is a higher priority than dread, Anwar volunteers to give a kidney for Ramesh in his dad’s stead, gaining some favour with back Moideen.

Good Karma Hospital Season 4

In the meantime, Samir and Mari are at an ashram for an overall facility when Dr Priya Kapoor goes into early work with twins. Notwithstanding the chances, Samir and Mari convey a solid kid, however, the subsequent twin is breech, and the string is prolapsing. The head is caught, and the child shows up dead. Recollections of Samir’s own misfortune come surging back to him.

Niki offers Bobby the chance for freedom he longs for and assists him with purchasing and cooking supper. At the point when it begins to turn out badly, Frankie blames Niki for violating the imprint, however, it ends up being by and large the thing mother and child required.

Before Mari and Samir leave the ashram, Gabriel shows up out of the blue – he’s the specialist for the upcoming facility. An immobile Mari punches him and as Samir’s sewing his face, Gabriel removes pivotal data about where to see Ruby…

What Occurred in Episode 5? Contains Spoilers!

Ruby is gazing unbelievingly at Gabriel, who has seemed unannounced at her withering dad’s hospice. She can’t contain her resentment regarding the reality he deserted her, yet at the same time, Gabriel will not leave. He can see that Ruby is depleted and is so bustling agonizing over Amit’s clinical necessities she’s ignoring her job as a girl. Hesitantly, Ruby licenses Gabriel to remain.

In the interim at the Good Karma Hospital, Lydia has required an ‘individual day’. Niki is excited; this is her opportunity to show off her abilities by administering confirmations. Dismissing Ram’s admonition about carelessness, Niki starts treating a drowsy, young man – Shaan Murthy – who shows up with a wrecked wrist and liquor in his blood.

Good Karma Hospital Season 4

Shaan’s dad Venkat shows up at the hospital so as to see Shaan’s breakdown. Slam is overwhelmed by Niki’s error in neglecting to get a full clinical history yet permits her to vindicate herself in medical procedures. At the point when Shaan rejects his dad’s guarantee to assist with handling his drinking, Niki goes to Ram to help her interact the close to the home cost of life at The Good Karma Hospital.

Lydia has shown up at her almost ex’s home. She’s there to finish her legal documents, yet Jules faculties that she is searching for a conclusion as well. An outing to play out a front separation decrease on nearby rancher Mehin demonstrates shockingly private and it’s obvious to Lydia how simple it is to slip once more into the former way with Jules.

As Lydia attempts to leave, Jules says what she fears the most. Is it true that she is truly going to have the option to make a subsequent marriage work when she cannot give all of herself to anyone?

Samir and Mari are at long last returning Karishma to her town. Karishma’s interests in being forgotten by her sibling bring Mari and Samir closer together as they alleviate her tensions. Yet, once at the town’s Raksha Bandhan festivities, Samir is helped all the more significant to remember the girl he lost. Mindful of his aggravation Mari again demonstrates an extraordinary solace to Samir – yet is this simply a kinship or more?

Whenever the most horrendously terrible occurs, and Amit kicks the bucket, Ruby feels alone again on the planet. There’s nothing Gabriel can say. However, he actually won’t leave. Ruby expresses goodbye to her dad with Gabriel close by.

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Good Karma Hospital Season 4

What Occurred in the Series 4 Finale? Contains Spoilers for Episode 6!

It’s the morning of Greg and Lydia’s wedding. Lydia actually feels quite wary and Greg is likewise feeling uncomfortable. Be that as it may, when Lydia sees Greg dressed for the service in ostentatious Indian dress, every one of her apprehensions disseminates. Ruby and Gabriel run over an improved vehicle out and about.

Inside, they track down Bharat Chandra, his girl Mishka, with wounds to her face and Tulsi, Bharat’s significant other, who has a shard of glass infiltrating her neck. Ruby and Gabriel show up at Good Karma with the family and Lydia pass on Greg at the raised area to go assume responsibility for the disorder.

She teaches Ruby to lead the activity to save Tulsi and causes Gabriel to regulate Samir’s endeavours to save Mishka’s eye. Lydia is prepared to get back to the wedding, however, Greg has tracked down a letter from her ex and is crushed. Greg takes off passing on Lydia to manage Tulsi whose delicate tissues are enlarging post-operatively.

To survive, Bharat takes a cutting edge to the neck of the transporter who caused the accident. Niki gets found out in the crossfire and Greg should save the two lives as Lydia watches, terrified by the possibility of losing Greg. Intermediary Niki chooses to intercede with Mari and Samir.

Also, with the power elements between Ruby and Gabriel tended to, it depends on Ruby to conclude what she needs from Gabriel…

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Good Karma Hospital Season 4

The Good Karma Hospital Season 4 Cast

Amanda Redman (Sexy Beast and New Tricks) will return as Dr Lydia Fonseca, Ruby Walker’s coach and the chief of ordinary tasks at The Good Karma Hospital, while Amrita Acharia (The Sister and Game of Thrones) will be back as Ruby.

Yet again Neil Morrissey (Line of Duty and Men Behaving Badly) will repeat his job as nearby bar proprietor and Lydia’s beau, Greg McConnell, while Darshan Jariwala returns as Dr Ram and Nimmi Harasgama will play Nurse Mari.

Additionally joining as series regulars are Harki Bhambra (Our Girl and Call The Midwife) who plays high-flying and alluring Dr Samir Hasan, a British Asian specialist who has left Britain for India because of reasons that demonstrate too horrendous to even consider sharing. Can anybody inspire him to open up?

Rebecca Black (Ginny and Georgia and Let It Snow) additionally joins playing certain and dynamic Dr Nikita ‘Niki’ Sharma, a youthful, recently qualified specialist whose father is a profoundly fruitful specialist in Kochi and who has demanded every one of his kids endure a year accomplishing something ‘troublesome’.

Will Dr Sharma avoid the difficult work and obligation Dr Lydia Fonseca will be interested or will she become familiar with the example her dad so frantically believes that she should learn?

In the meantime, Raquel Cassidy (Downton Abbey and Teachers), Ace Bhatti (Line of Duty, Baptiste and Alex Rider), Connor Catchpole (Enola Holmes and Pursuit of Love), Chetna Pandya (Feel Good and This Way Up) and Jonas Khan (Our Girl and The Ipcress File) will join as visitor cast for key storylines through the series…

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Good Karma Hospital Season 4

Amanda Redman on ‘The Good Karma Hospital Series 4

“After such a troublesome and testing year for the entire world and entertainment world it’s a distinction to get back to our dearest Sri Lanka with its magnificent film teams and entertainers to make this much-adored series four potential,” says Amanda. “We can hardly hold back to get everything rolling.

The storylines are far superior to any time in recent memory.”In the meantime Catherine Mackin, Managing Director of Acorn Media Enterprises, said..

 “The Acorn TV crowd have incredibly partaken in this endearing excursion of affection, misfortune, family, companions, thus substantially more – all drove by the creative mind of Dan Sefton, his splendid composing group and a totally heavenly cast. We are excited to join as co-makers on series four.”

Good Karma Hospital Season 4


Plot subtleties are at present hard to come by for the new episodes, yet series three finished with Dr Gabriel Varma announcing his adoration for Ruby (yippee!) and afterwards leaving both her and the hospital (boo!). We don’t know whether he’s long gone, however, so we’ll see what season four brings.

The new cast declarations (see above) propose we’ll spend the principal several episodes getting to know a few fascinating new characters, as well as finding old top picks.

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