When Will Good Burger 2 Air?

If you like Nickelodeon shows, then you must have heard about Good Burger. It’s been 24 years after the release of the Good Burger movie, and it’s high time for a sequel now.

Luckily there has been news about the sequel for few years. With a decent rating on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes, the film is going to be back with another Good Burger.

Good Burger is an amazing comedy film that originated in the United States. It is based on the idea of a comedy sketch of Good Burger on the Nickelodeon series All That.

Brian Robbins is the director, and Dan Schneider, Kevin Kopelow, and Heath Seifert are the writers of the film.

Mike Tollin and Brian Robbins are the producers of Good Burger.

The film got released on 25th July 1997 and has a running time of 95 minutes or 1 hour 35 minutes.

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The budget for the film was not so high. It takes $8.5 million and collected $23.7 million from the box office.

The Plot Of The Comedy Movie Good Burger

Good Burger Season 2

Dexter Reed, a high school scholar, takes the car of his mother for a ride over the streets. His mother was out on a business trip on the first summer day. He meets with an accident with his teacher, Mr Wheat. Mr Wheat agrees and allows him to pay the money for damage instead of calling the police as he was not having any license. The money for the damage was around $1,900. To pay it, Dexter decides to opt for a summer job. He tries in Mondo Burger initially but gets fired as he clashes with the owner and manager named Kurt Bozwell. However, he ends up working in Good Burger then. He meets and becomes friends with Ed, an absent-minded cashier of the Good Burger.

At first, they were not aware that Ed was unpredictably responsible for Dexter’s car accident. Ed was going out for delivery and ended up in front of Dexter’s car, due to which Ed crashed into Mr Wheat’s car. Mondo Burger was much larger than Good Burger and served oversized burgers, due to which the survival of Good Burger comes in danger. However, Good Burger is rescued because of a secret sauce discovered by Ed. After realizing that Ed was responsible for the car accident, Dexter decides to take advantage of Ed’s nature to collect money for the damage.

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Ed instantly signs a contract with Dexter in which it was written that Ed would share 80% of his profits with Dexter. Dexter then instructs Ed not to reveal the recipe of the secret sauce to anyone. Good Burger sales increase due to Ed’s sauce, and their rival Kurt gets eager to know about the secret sauce.

The Cast of the Movie Good Burger 2

Good Burger Season 2

The animated cast of the cartoon is as follows

  • Kel Mitchell playing the role of Ed
  • Kenan Thompson playing the role of Dexter Reed
  • Abe Vigoda playing the role of Otis
  • Jan Schweiterman playing the role of Kurt Bozwell
  • Sinbad playing the role of Mr Wheat
  • Shar Jackson playing the role of Monique
  • Dan Schneider playing the role of Mr Baily
  • Ron Lester playing the role of Spatch
  • Josh Server playing the role of Fizz
  • Ginny Schreiber playing the role of Deedee
  • Linda Cardellini playing the role of Heather
  • Shaquille O’Neal playing the role of himself
  • George Clinton playing the role of Dancing Crazy
  • Robert Wuhl playing the role of an angry customer

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IMDb Rating Of The Movie Good Burger:

Good Burger Season 2

The cartoon does not meet the expectations of the audience. you can see an IMDb review.

5.7 out of 10 is the IMDb rating of the movie Good Burger.

Where Can We Watch The Movie Good Burger?

  • You can watch it on Amazon Prime.
  • You can watch it on Netflix.
  • You can watch it through Just Watch.
  • You can watch it on Vudu.
  • You can watch it through tvguide.
  • You can watch it on Directv.

You can watch the movie good burger online, from the above links or download it from torrent and platforms to watch it offline.

Release Date of the Movie Good Burger 2

good Burger Season 2

It’s high time now for the cast and crew of Good Burger to get back together once again. There is news swirling around about the sequel of the movie for the last few years. Nickelodeon mentioned that they were always ready to welcome a sequel with open arms.

In 2018, Mitchell announced that they are ready to start with the sequel, and meetings are also progressing related to this topic. Mitchell and Kenan are prepared for their roles, but the rest of the cast is still in doubt.

The audience is eagerly waiting, the cast and crew are preparing for the return, and Nickelodeon also doesn’t have any problem. What we need to do is sit back and wait for the release date of the movie.

FAQ Related To Good Burger 2

What is the age of Ed in the Good Burger?

Edward Horace Brandon, also known as Ed, is the protagonist of the movie and is 18 years old. He is a simple boy and is often absent-minded. However, he is charming and lovable as well. He worked in the neighbourhood burger joint as the multi-tasking cashier.

Is the Good Burger a real or a fictional restaurant?

Nickelodeon has opened a real-life Good Burger in Los Angeles on 10th July. You can taste the mysterious sauce of Good Burger too. You can visit there and have all that stuffs that you saw in the movie.

How is the taste of Ed’s sauce?

Ed’s sauce contains lemon juice and Ketchup. It tastes like lemonade and barbecue sauce. Kal Mitchell revealed in an interview that it is similar to In-N-Out sauce. Is Good Burger a cartoon?

Good Burger is a sketch on a Nickelodeon show named All That in 1994. It was a kid-friendly version of Saturday Night Live.


Good Burger restaurant caught the limelight due to the movie of the same name. Part one of the movie made many fans, who are eagerly waiting for a sequel.

Until then, keep enjoying Good Burger!

If you have any queries regarding the Good Burger season 2, you can drop a comment in the comment box. We love to answer.

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