The Return of Amy Dunne: Is Gone Girl 2 Release Date Got Confirmation?


In spite of the fact that it doesn't seem like Gone Girl 2 would make sense, could it happen? As a filmmaker, David Fincher is known as one of the best. Even though his career was almost over before it started. To make Alien 3 when the previous director left, Fincher was hired at the last minute.

Fincher had a terrible time filming the sequel, and it has been widely publicised. If you think about it, David Fincher is one of the most well-known film directors of our time. With movies like “Fight Club,” “Zodiac,” and “Seven,” he has always dominated and changed the psychological thriller genre.


Another example of this is Fincher's “Gone Girl,” which is a visual masterpiece. According to how well it did, and how much money it brought in, this movie may be his best yet.

What is Gone Girl 2 About?

With each of his psychologically complex visual stories, Fincher has found new ways to show the dark, morally corrupt side of humanity to his viewers. Gillian Flynn, the author of the book on which the movie is based, also wrote the script. He worked with her to make the movie.



Dark Places and Sharp Objects, both of which have been made into movies, are two of Flynn's critically acclaimed, psychologically frightening thrillers that feature strong female characters. Together, Fincher and Flynn bring Rosamund Pike's character, Amy Dunne, to life, making her one of the best female protagonists (or antagonists, depending on how you look at it) on screen in the last decade.

Gillian Flynn has said that she would like to see the Dunnes again in a few years, but she says that the ending of Gone Girl wasn't meant to be bait for a follow-up. Gone Girl star Rosamund Pike and her co-star, Tyler Perry, have also said they'd like to come back if Flynn writes the second movie.

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“Gone Girl” is a great movie because of its gruesome, unsettling ending, as well as how the movie only reveals some of its most interesting and important twists in the last 15 minutes of the movie. Because it twists the “whodunnit” genre, it is also very clever. Instead of focusing on the act, it looks at the killer, making her both a bad person and a good person in the movie.

In the movie “Gone Girl,” Ben Affleck plays Nick Dunne, who is married to Amy Elliott Dunne (Pike). Amy mysteriously vanishes on the day of their fifth wedding anniversary. When their relationship breaks down, the movie shows more of their darker or more ugly sides as the movie goes on.

Nick is the main suspect in his wife Amy's disappearance and possible death, and he wants to find out the truth so that he can protect himself. He soon realises that Amy's disappearance was staged by her to get back at Nick for cheating on her.

Gone Girl 2 Release Date: When Is It Going to be Out?

 There is no official news about “Gone Girl 2.” But most of the people who worked on “Gone Girl” have said that they would like to work together again on a sequel. This means that a sequel is quite likely to happen in the near future.

We want to see the Dunnes' child grow up in the sequel, and Flynn thinks that it will happen a few years down the road. This means that the sequel should also be made a few years later, with the characters older than they were before. The fact that David Fincher has a lot of other projects would also make this a good idea.

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Fincher's most recent project has been Netflix's “Mindhunter.” He is also working on his next film, “Mank,” which will be released in 2020. So, we can only hope that “Gone Girl 2” will be made and released in 2022 or after that.

Who Will be in Gone Girl 2?

Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike are likely to return to their roles as Nicholas “Nick” Dunne and Amy Elliott Dunne, respectively, if there is a sequel in the far future.

Other actors who are likely to come back are–

  • Tyler Perry will play Tanner Bolt
  • Carrie Coon will play Margot “Go” Dunne
  • Kim Dickens portrays Detective Rhonda Boney
  • Patrick Fugit in the role of Officer James Gilpin
  • Missi Pyle wi play Ellen Abbott
  • Emily Ratajkowski in the character of Andrea “Andie” Fitzgerald
  • Casey Wilson will play Noëlle Hawthorne
  • Lola Kirke will portray Greta
  • Boyd Holbrook will play Jeffrey
  • Lisa Banes will return as Mary Elizabeth “Marybeth” Elliott
  • Sela Ward will be back as Sharon Schieber
  • Scoot McNairy in the role of Thomas “Tommy” O’Hara
  • Scott Takeda plays the TV Producer
  • David Clennon will play Randall “Randy” Elliott
  • Kathleen Rose Perkins will portray Shawna Kelly

What Will Happen in Gone Girl 2?

As of now we, the creators does not give any hint about the plot of movie but we predict some plots. One possible plot for “Gone Girl 2” could involve the return of Amy Dunne, the smart and manipulative main character of the first story, who faked her own death and blamed her husband Nick for her disappearance.

In this case, Amy could come back after a few years, maybe under a different name or with a new goal, and try to get revenge or make up for what she did in the past. She could also face new challenges or enemies, such as a rival schemer, a former partner, or a detective who thinks he knows who she really is.

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Another possible plot for “Gone Girl 2” would be to look at what happened after the first story, including the legal, social, and psychological effects on Nick, who was found not guilty but was traumatised by his ordeal. In this situation, Nick might have to face his past and present demons, such as his relationship with his sister, his job as a writer, or his marriage to a new partner. He could also face new mysteries or threats, such as a stalker, a blackmailer, or a killer who was inspired by the “Gone Girl” case.

A third possible plot for “Gone Girl 2” could be a prequel or parallel story about Amy and Nick's childhood or upbringing that shows how they became the flawed and interesting characters they are in the first story. In this case, the sequel could go into the backgrounds of Amy's parents, who were shown to be dysfunctional and abusive, or Nick's family, who seemed to have their own secrets and resentments. The sequel could also add new characters or subplots that shed light on the social and cultural setting of the first story, such as the media frenzy, the gender dynamics, or the class tensions.

Of course, these are just ideas and don't reflect any official plans or ideas for “Gone Girl 2.” The actual plot of the sequel, if it ever comes out, could be very different or unexpected, with new characters, themes, and twists. Still, the idea of a sequel to “Gone Girl” is intriguing and exciting to many fans of the first book, who can't wait to see what Gillian Flynn and David Fincher come up with next.

Is There Any Trailer for Gone Girl 2?

As we know there is no official announcement on Gone Girl 2. So there is no trailer yet. You can watch the trailer for the season first of Gone Girl below:


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