Golden Time Season 2: Why is the season not Coming?

Golden Time Season 2

In Today’s world in the entertainment industry, anime is growing day by day and has experienced rapid growth. Many among you like most of the anime tv series, in which Golden Time is also included as I think?

I am saying this because it is one of the popular anime series and most of the people love to watch romantic animated series. If you took the USA then it is the most Enthusiastic country where anime series are popular and watched by everyone.

Here, we are going to talk about J.C. Staff Anime series which is also called Season 1 of Golden Time and then we move forward to know about its Golden Time Season 2.

Golden Time Series: About

Golden Time Season 2

It is the most loved and appreciated Japanese anime series which is taken from a light novel and then comes in the form of the tv anime series.

Till this time it has only one season which consists of a total of 24 episodes which started from October 3, 2013 and concluded on March 27, 2014. If we talk about novels then it has 11 volumes which came between 2010 to 2014.

It is a type of show which leaves the audience in doubt whether the two main characters are dating with many endless loops in this love story.

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Golden Time Characters

Golden Time Season 2

There are many main and supporting cast to this anime series but who is your favourite character and cast from the series which you follow or may follow in future-

Do you remember and love these one’s-

Golden Time Season 2 Release Date

As there is no release date for the Golden Time Season 2 as the story is completed and it is said by the author Yuyuko Takemiya, so the series will not continue further for the new season.

Which scene do you like the most in this series? Do you like the ending where Banri Gives his ring to Koko and the ring is accepted happily by Koko and the series ends with a happy note.

You can also write in the comment box which episode you like the most and what is your favourite scene.

Do you also think there should be an alternative ending to this series then give suggestions what do you think and it is a good one that Banri is in touch with koko while going back to school and university with his friends and they both didn’t give up their relations.

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Is There Any Golden Time Season 2 Trailer?

No, There is no trailer for the new season as it is not coming but, you can watch its English Trailer which is available here.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Is Golden Time Season a good one?

Yes, it is a good series and If you ask me then I say I really enjoyed this series in which romance is portrayed in a nice way with some of the insecurities shown in this Golden Time anime series.

Most of the romantic Tv anime series only show romance but don’t show the insecurity between the couples but this Golden Time shows it perfectly which I like the most.

Is there Golden Time Season 2?

There will never be Golden Season 2 as no other OVA or spin off is made after its original season even though the show is popular.

The first season came on October 4, 2013 and it concluded on March 28, 2014.

Does Koko Loves Banri?

Koko still loves Banri but she breaks up as he forgot her and this pain is not bearable by Koko. He also told Koko that he didn’t remember anything since he met with an accident but he is regaining his memories which were before his accident.

What is the reason behind Banri’s memory loss?

It is heard that he suffered from the partial loss of memory during the accident and fell off of the bridge which causes his memory loss.

Golden Time Season 2

In which Episode does Banri Confess?

He Confesses in the Dream episode.

Is this Banri’s character Golden Time Series available on Netflix?

Yes, you can stream and enjoy this romantic anime series which is available on Netflix. You can also watch many of these romantic series on Netflix by changing your region to another country if that particular series is not available in your region.

What Platform is on Golden Time and where you can watch it?

You can watch Golden time on VRV and this Japanese series is available on playstation Vita.

Do you think Banri Cheats on Koko?

According to me, he cheated on Koko with Linda and Banri Can’t be excused for his actions.

Why do you think the Title named Golden Time?

This Golden Time anime series is based on the boy who lost his memory and if you say why it is called golden time then the festival they are celebrating is actually “Golden Time” and even you also see that they are also holding signs of it.

Does the Light novel and Manga end like that of the anime?

Yes, the ending of both light novels and manga are the same.

Last Lines

Golden Time is not coming for the new season as its story ends up after getting so much popularity. If you want to watch more anime series then you can stick to Gundam Thunderbolt Season 3, Rent a Girlfriend, To the Abandoned Sacred Beast Season 2 and many more on Keeperfacts.


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