GOG GALAXY 2.0- Game Launcher


Gog Galaxy 2.0 is a modern concept PC game launcher which brings all your favorite games together. It is a single platform for all the games from Steam, Origin, Uplay, Epic Store and GoG.com as well. Currently Gog Galaxy 2.0 is working with 20 other gaming platforms.

Gog Galaxy 2.0 makes it easier for gamers to launch games from a single launcher, now you don’t have to run a separate launcher for every game you play.

You can connect to your friends across all the gaming platforms. You can keep track of all the achievements earned by you and your friends.

How to access Gog Galaxy 2.0?

Gog Galaxy 2.0 is a free of cost game launcher. It’s currently in open beta, still work in progress, this gaming launcher is the future of PC games.

First sept to access this amazing software is to download it. You can download the software by going on the official site or by clicking the given link: http://shorturl.at/mRX46

The second step is to create an account, if you haven’t got one already.

Once you have logged in, now you have the access to your game library and you can add another account to like Stream, Uplay, Epic Store etc.

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How to connect Steam, Epic Store, Uplay etc to Gog Galaxy 2.0?

Once you’re logged in, now you can see a plus icon on the top of the launcher. Click on that plus icon and select ‘connect platform’. Then you have to log into every platform you have access to.

When you are done logging in each platform, now you have option on the righthand side to browse more games. You also have the option to filter your games according to different platforms or see your entire collection of games in one place.

How to Add Games in Gog Galaxy 2.0?

Community created integration has made the process easy as you can connect to other platforms and import all your data about the games you own. If you are not connected to any platform you can manually add every single game.

Do you still need the other platforms launcher?

You must be thinking that now you have installed Gog Galaxy 2.0, you don’t need the other platforms launcher to be installed. Unfortunately, it’s not true as you still need them in for games updates, use cloud storage, etc.

But you don’t need to launch each platform individually in order to play a game. You just have to do it from one place: Gog Galaxy 2.0.

Customization feature of your gaming Library

Once you gaming library is loaded up with your favorite games it can start to look a bit messy. But you have solutions for that to:

Going into the ‘owned game’ section at top you will find a filtering system option. Select that and filter your games according to your choice.

If you want to see the games present in Steam select that option, you can also filter your games according to their genres.

Epic Store official Support

Gog Galaxy 2.0 is supported to 20 different platforms, but most of them are not official. Recently Gog Galaxy 2.0 has announced the integration of Epic Store via it’s official website and twitter handle.

Before Epic Store, Gog Galaxy 2.0 had only one official integrated platform and that was Xbox.

Steve Allison, Epic Games Store general manager said that ‘ We are excited that Epic Games Store integration has come to Gog Galaxy 2.0’. He also said that ‘ it’s an important step towards breaking down walls between PC stores, as it enables a unified experience for players to manage their PC games library independent of where their games were purchased’.

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Some more features of Gog Galaxy 2.0

  • You can bring all your friends from different platforms, and see their online present.
  • You can see recently played games, game time milestones and cross-platform achievement of your friends.
  • You chat with your friends no matter on which platform are they.
  • No one is spying on your systems data.
  • Your personal data is safe, they will never share your data to third parties.
  • You can remove all your important & personal data from their servers with just a single click.


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