Godless Season 2 | Release Date: Everything You Need To Know!


Last updated on 29th January 2022

Will Roy and Alice's story over? Will we see them together ever? Well, Season 2 of the Neo-Western series Godless is the answer. Will Godless season 2 return?


Netflix's one of the most popular 2017 western dramas, Godless is a miniseries. It is a beautiful creation of Scott Frank. The story followed a criminal gang headed by Frank. It was behind Roy who ditched the gang and took the looted money.

Produced by Steven Soderbergh and Casey Silver, all the seven episodes of the series hit the screen on 22 November 2017. Fans as well as the critics extremely appreciated the limited series. Since its end, they are craving for season 2.

Godless Season 2


Will There Be Godless Season 2?

At this time, it is very difficult for any tv series to take place in the hearts of viewers as the internet is flooded with the series. Until the series is exceptional, it will fail to impress the viewers. However, this miniseries did its job well.

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The writer and creator of the series Scot Frank revealed that he had a film his mind, but the executive producers had insisted to make it a miniseries. Currently, he had no plans for season 2 as the series wrapped the story well. Scott Frank said-

” I had not thought of any storylines that could follow season one of Godless. “You never know, but right now I don't know what it would be,” he said”.

So, we have a very slight chance to see season 2 of the series. But given the popularity and demands from the fans, the creators might decide to go with another season. Well, if they do so, it will no arrive any time sooner.

We will inform you if any update arrives about season 2. Stay tuned until then.

The Cast of Godless Series? Who Will We Meet in Goldless Season 2?

The main cast of the series includes-

S no. Actor/ Actress Name Character Name
1. Michelle Dockery Alice Fletcher
2. Merritt Wever Mary Agnes McNue
3. Jack O'Connell Roy Goode
4. Scoot McNairy Bill McNue
5. Tantoo Cardinal Iyovi
6. Thomas Brodie-Sangster Whitey Winn
7. Kim Coates Ed Logan
8. Jeff Daniels Frank Griffin



9. Sam Waterston Marshal John Cook

All the cast from season 1 will likely return for season 2 except Frank. Well, Roy killed Frank so we do not see him in season 2.

The Plot of Godless? What to Expect From Godless Season 2?

The limited is a revenge story between infamous criminal Frank Griffin and his gang and Roy Goode. Roy was a former member of Franks gangs, but he betrayed the gang. He took all the money they looted from a train and left it. Since then, Frank and his gang went on the quest of killing Roy. Roy went to La Belle, an all-women town where he meets Alice Fletcher, a widow, and owner of a ranch. When the women of the town known about him, they decided to protect him from his gang.

Later, a romantic relationship developed between Alice and Roy and they had sex in episode 6 of the series. Meanwhile, Frank tries everything to get the information about Ray. When he came to know that he is in La Belle, he went there to kill him. The fight took place between them, and eventually, Ray killed Frank. In the end, Roy bid farewell to Alice and left her all the money he took from Frank.

Though it is a limited series, it lefts few threads open making room for season 2.

Is There Any Trailer Available for Godless Season 2?

No, Netflix has not given green light to season 2 of the series so far. Therefore you cannot expect the trailer of Godless season 2 as of now. You have to wait for a while to watch it. Till then, take a look at the Goldless season 1 trailer to refresh your memory.

What Is the IMDB Rating of the Godless Series?

Fans and critics showed their love for the series by rating it well on numerous platforms.

IMDB Rating- The series gained an excellent score of 8.3 out of 10.

Rotten Tomatoes

The series received an approval rating of 7.94 out of 10.


It has scored pretty well 75 out of 100.

Despite such favorable ratings, numerous fans called it underrated series.

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Final Verdict

The neo-western series rocked the screen. Viewers praised it for its exciting storyline, developments of characters, and visuals. The creators have paid attention to every intricacy of the series. According to Vanity Fair and The Washington Post, it is one of the best shows of 2017. The. The characters, script, and music of the series have been nominated for several awards and won some of them.

If you love to watch western dramas, it is an excellent option. The showrunners have tried to keep the situation real. However, it only pays to those who have patience, as the first two episodes are quite slow. So you have to be with it for a while to derive pleasure.

Do watch it and let me know how much you like the Goldless series.