God Friended Me 3: is This Comedy Drama Officially Cancelled by CBS?

God Friended Me is a comedy-drama show which has been in talks for a while. Social media is filled with questions about this series and its latest third season. The show has already released two seasons for the people which are loved by their fans and now the same fans are hoping for a third season.

Today, we are going to talk about everything one should know about this series. And we’ll also look forward to its upcoming third part. Read the whole article.

About God Friended Me

The American Comedy-drama series first came into TVs on 30 September, 2018. On 11 May, 2018 the creators officially announced that the series will be made and it will mainly focus on comedy. Created by Steven Lilien along with the support of Bryan Wynbrandt, this series is something you shouldn’t miss for.

God Friended Me 3

God Friended Me runs under the production studio CBS. Soon after the release of the first season, CBS directly renewed this series for its second series. So far there are two seasons that are exclusively available on Amazon Prime Video, Now, the people are looking for the third season but is it really happening? Well, this question will be answered in the next section. 

Expected Release Date of God Friended Me 3: is It Happening or Not?

The first season was officially announced on 11 May, 2018 and released on 30 September, 2018. The show became popular shortly after the release of the first season. With the popularity and all the fame, the creators decided to launch another season. The second installment of God Friended Me was launched on September 29, 2019. CBS decided this series’ s future. 


Now the people are looking at the updates of the third season but sadly there are none. The third season is not coming anytime soon. The officials have announced this in a statement telling that the third season will not get renewed. 

Furthermore, that’s why they have released the finale of the season on 26 April, 2020. Now, it is officially concluded that there will be no more season of God Friended Me. 

Cast and Characters of God Friended Me 3

  • Brandon Michael Hall as Miles Finer
  • Violett Beane as Cara Bloom
  • Suraj Sharma as Rakesh
  • Javicia Leslie as Ali Finer
  • Joe Morton as Arthur Finer
  • Chris Conroy as Adam Gray
  • KK Moggie as Dr. Chang
  • Eleanor Koski as Liv

The Plot: Expected Storyline of God Friended Me 3

Miles Finer’ s life is depicted in this television programme. Although Miles is an atheist, his preacher father does not get along with him. Miles hosts a podcast as well, but after accepting a friend request from a Facebook user, his life takes an unexpected turn.

God Friended Me 3

The title of this story was “God,” which was a very important name. That account suggested new friends that required assistance after accepting the friend request.

He encounters a number of people during this occurrence, but he is unaware of the person who created the “God” account. Cara and Miles Finer were collaborating to find out who that man was.
The show’s primary plotline from Season 3 would have continued. It’s possible that Miles assisted more people.

God Friended Me 3 : Why Was It Cancelled?

As you know that the comedy-drama series ‘God Friended Me’ is already cancelled by now have you thought why? Why did the series get cancelled? 

The main reason behind the cancellation of this series is low viewership. The first season was a hit among the people but the second season didn’t attract much of an audience at all. The creators of this show weren’t satisfied with it and that’s why they demanded to finish the show in two seasons. 

Moreover, the writer himself said that the creators were asking them to end the story within the two seasons with a satisfactory ending. If the show ever got the hype and popularity, it might return back. But as far now, I don’t see any ray of light coming from that side. 

What Are the Ratings of This Show?

The show is loved by the audience during the initial years of its release. As the show progress, the people starting to decline but there are still some honest fans and people who adore this show until now.

The Audience Rating Summary of this show is 4.8 which is quite understandable after all these fans. But the show failed to impress the critics. The IMDb rating of God Friended Me is 6.9/10.

Final Words

The American Comedy-drama series, God Friended Me is not coming anytime soon with its third season. The creating studio, CBS has cancelled the third installment of this series because of low viewership.

The writers of this show were asked to finalize this drama with a perfect ending. There is no official statement after that and the show is not going to renew for the audience.