Girls Trip 2: Will the Girls Trip 2 Ever Happen?

We all love to see each other when we meet our friends after many years and decide to go on a trip which reunites all and in Girls Trip we all see how girls reunite in this movie. Let’s talk about more Girls Trip and its sequel?

American comedy film Girls Trip, in which there is a group of four friends who go for a trip to attend the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana. Malcolm D.Lee is the director of the film whose star casts are Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Tiffany Haddish, and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Will there be a Sequel to Girls Trip?

Girls Trip 2

For the second season girls like Hall, Haddish, Pinkett Smith and Latifah are excited to come back and it is good to hear as there may be no major changes to be seen in Girls trip 2 if it confirms.

Will Packer, the producer told podcast host on March 22, 2021, through youtube “If I’m doing ‘Girls Trip 2’ it’s really gotta be right, but we are working on it behind the scenes … Stuff is happening, it just hasn’t happened yet, and I think it’ll be right, you know what I mean? Like, I don’t mind that it’s a little bit of time in between ’cause I think it makes you miss those characters more.”(1)

In March 2020 Haddish said that due to the money issue they met upon zoom to start writing a sequel of their own but the sequel written by the cast was abandoned and it was told by Packer that Oliver and Barris not Haddish is working on some ideas.

Release Date of Girls Trip 2?

Girls Trip 2

There is no confirmation about the Girls Trip Sequel release as there is no official announcement made till now and more than 3 years have passed and still no announcement is made about the sequel actually happening.

Where is Girls Group Going in Trip 2?

Is there any girl’s trip going in this girl sequel? At this moment it is known who is making Girls trip Until Universal Pictures releases or makes it official for the new movie or sequel. Whether the trip is happening or not in this Girl Trip. Firstly, the main point is whether the movie is confirmed or not for coming in future? Are they making a new story with a different location?

Reviews and Ratings of Girls Trip

Girls Trip

6.2 out of 10 ratings is given on IMDb to Girls Trip and the popularity of this movie has increased and these are some positive reviews of this movie. One said that it is absolutely funny with pure laughs, a Hilarious movie, and so much fun to laugh at, great comedy full of laughs while on the other hand, some negative reviews are- filthy and disgusting, a truly terrible film and a script of contrived lines and choppy scenes.

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Is there any teaser of Girls trip 2?

At this time there is no teaser or trailer of Girls trip 2 but you can watch and Enjoy the Official Trailer of Girls Trip which is given below-

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