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The 2019 horror film Girl on the Third Floor is directed by Travis Stevens and stars Phil “CM Punk,” Trieste Kelly Dunn, and Tonya Kay. It was written by Stevens, Paul Johnstone, and Ben Parker. The film follows a very damaged guy as he renovates an ancient house for himself and his wife, as well as the spooky happenings that unfold as they prepare to move in.

After receiving mostly excellent reviews at the SXSW, BUFF, and London Fright Fest Film Festivals, Girl on the Third Floor was released worldwide on October 25, 2019. Reviewers praised novice filmmaker Travis Stevens’ knowledge of the genre, as well as the believable portrayal of the main character by a former profession actor.

Girls on the Third Floor Release date

The film Girl on the Third Floor was released on October 25, 2019. Netflix currently has it available to view. The film has already screened at festivals such as SXSW, BUFF, and London Fright Fest.

Girls on the Third Floor Cast

  • Phil a.k.a. “CM Punk” Donald “Don” Koch is played by Brooks.
  • Liz Koch is played by Trieste Kelly Dunn.
  • Sarah Brooks in the role of Sarah Yates
  • Sadie is played by Elissa Dowling.
  • Ellie Mueller is played by Karen Woditsch.
  • Milo Stone is played by Travis Delgado.

Girls on the Third Floor Plot

Don Koch, a convicted felon from Chicago, buys an old house in the suburbs in the hopes of giving his pregnant wife, Liz, and their dog, Cooper, a fresh start. Don meets Ellie Mueller, the preacher who lives across the street, shortly after moving there. Later, Don learns about the house’s shady past from the neighborhood bartender, as well as its impact on straight males. Strange things happen in the house, including a sludge-like material leaking from the walls and fixtures, as well as the appearance of marbles around the house, according to Don.

Don then meets another fictitious neighbor, Sarah Yates, who seduces him in the upstairs bedroom with ease. The bedroom ceiling collapses as she leaves, revealing a viewing platform in the attic. Sarah reappears the next day and tries to seduce Don, but he confesses his guilt and dismisses her.

Don’s former co-worker, Milo Stone, shows up at Don’s house and discovers Don’s affair. Don goes to get more supplies and warns Milo not to come back until he can keep the secret. Milo pursues a marble into the basement when Don is out, where he is murdered by Sarah.

Sarah uses a stone to entice Cooper downstairs, then murders him the next morning. Don looks for her and discovers a hidden room in the attic. Don discovers Milo’s head while checking other walls. Don is chased upstairs to his bedroom by a disfigured girl, who strikes him with marbles that get under his skin.

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When Liz arrives, she discovers a newspaper item regarding the house’s background as a brothel as well as a body that has gone missing. Sarah appears and claims to be assisting Don with the renovations. Ellie answers the door and informs Liz that the house is not conducive to healthy partnerships. Liz arrives to the house and sees strange men walking upstairs to see “the show” in a vision from the past.

When she climbs into the attic, she notices a swarm of suit-clad men staring down into Sarah’s bedroom, where she is performing S&M with a masked birdman. When the masked man offers the child a bag of marbles, she notices a small girl named Sadie sketching on the wall in a dark part of the room.

When Liz returns to her room, she finds Sarah, who admits that the brothel owner murdered her. Sarah assaults Liz, but she flees to her bedroom, where she discovers Don’s lacerated body. Liz resolves to stay at the house in order to break the curse by locating Sarah’s body and properly burying her.

Liz is contentedly living alone in the house with her daughter six months later. Don comes in a ceiling grate and dumps marbles into the crib when the baby is left alone in the crib.

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Where You Can Watch Girls on the Third Floor

On October 25, 2019, the film Girl on the Third Floor was released. It is presently available to watch on Netflix. The film has previously screened at SXSW, BUFF, and the London FrightFest Film Festivals, among others.

The film Girl on the Third Floor is available to watch on Amazon Prime.

Girls on the Third Floor viewers reviews

  • The crowd anticipates where the film will go and arrives ahead of the film. Nonetheless, it bodes well for Travis Stevens, a veteran horror producer who is making his feature directorial debut here.
  • This is a fantastic haunted home film that I thoroughly loved… It’s a light-hearted look at gender roles.
  • Girl on the Third Floor, an amazing haunted house film, is as much a machine for producing alluring visuals as it is an effective deconstruction of those explicit symbols.
  • A singular vision that satisfies from start to finish.

IMDb Rating

According to IMDb, its rating it is 4.6 out of 10.

Frequently Asked Question

 What is the duration of the film Girl on the Third Floor?


 Girl On the third floor, who are the girl crews?

Travis Stevens is the director of Girl on the Third Floor.

 What kind of girl is on the third floor?

Girl on the Third Floor is a horror/thriller film.


Though Girls on the Third Floor has low rating in IMDb, still we suggest you to watch this at least once. It will be thrilling. For more update and information stay connected to KeeperFacts.