Girl’s Girl TikTok Trend: The Ultimate Celebration of Female Friendship

Now that we have your attention, a true girl’s girl will always have her best friend’s back. She is not a girl’s girl if she has been looking and even giggling all night at the coral lipstick on your front tooth. She is not a girl’s girl if she “forgot” to notify you about the toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your stiletto heel.

A girl’s girl, according to the dependable Urban Dictionary, “respects female decorum” (whatever that means). In addition, she is “a girl who attempts to be ethical and respectful in her interactions with her female companions.”

Now that is something we can support. The word “girl’s girl” has been trending on TikTok, and women have many ideas on what a “girl’s girl” is and is not.

What is a “Girl’s Girl” on Tiktok?

“girl’s girl” is a highly commendable term overall. As previously said, it emphasizes the significance of close female friendships. In fact, @elliemaegrady, a TikTok user with over a million followers, cannot see why you wouldn’t want to be considered a girl’s girl.

Ellie continues by clarifying that a girl’s girl does not require a multitude of female closest friends; rather, she must cherish and respect the ones she does have. Additionally, she is always there for women in general.

The Tiktok Trending Term "Girl's Girl" Has the Girls Talking

“I will tell you if you look great and I can tell you’re feeling good if you’re wearing a gorgeous outfit and have nice makeup because I want you to be happy!” she explains. She continues, “I won’t say it to make you feel uncomfortable, as other females do,” before imitating a girl with harsh, condescending motives.

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“I simply don’t get the conduct of some girls, like why you would ever want to be cruel or make another girl feel uncomfortable or unhappy, it’s just so strange to me.” We don’t get it either, Ellie.

A number of TikTok users, such as @sarahklait, have satirized what it means to be a girl’s girl. Sarah’s music video demonstrates what it means to be a guy’s girl or a “pick-me girl.”

“POV: the ‘girl’s girl’ checks on you at a party,” the caption of the video reads. Sarah’s comically naive persona is more concerned with getting praise from guys than with supporting her female friends.

Ultimately, a true girl’s girl is for the ladies, for the gals, and she will do anything to help another woman, whether or not she knows her personally. A round of applause for ladies, please.

Tiktok Has Filled With Lots or Similar Trends

The Tiktok Trending Term "Girl's Girl" Has the Girls Talking

As shown by Mia Khalifa, Emily Ratajkowski, and Chrissy Chlapecka, the girl’s girl is the stranger in the bar toilet who tells you how gorgeous, clever, and beautiful you are when you’re crying over your MidMan ex who viewed your story but left your message unread.

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This is not a new trend on tiktok, as there are other trends that are becoming popular on a regular basis, such as the pre-valentine hoodie fad. tiktok users are communicating a hidden message with these patterns.

However, due to the possibility of getting banned from this app, people were reticent to share their concerns. Now the equation is that all tiktok users should determine the message underlying this trend.