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‘Girl in the Picture’ Review and Brief Synopsis!

Girl in the Picture, a convoluted and sad account of a woman’s unsolved murder, is the latest in Netflix’s constant stream of true-crime films. Skye Borgman, a talented documentary filmmaker, constructs a narrative packed with heinous wrongdoing: theft, kidnapping, pedophilia, rape, murder, and exploitation. It is not for the faint of heart, but it serves its subject well in the end.

The Plot of Girl in The Picture!

This is a vivid portrayal of the events occurring in Oklahoma City. By the conventional framework of True Crime documentaries, it is shown with ominous overtones and includes well-produced reconstructions, fabricated components, scenes from the actual incident, and interviews.

the girl in the picture

It is effective, and its viewers will not be spared. Knowing how unfortunate the main character’s life was and the true tragedy she endured, one cannot be indifferent to her plight.

Some tragedies are well-told, creative, and transmit something on an artistic level, while others just aren’t and are constrained by adhering to the typical and overused pattern of True Crime films.

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This documentary can combine both approaches: the ubiquitous True Crime genre (so overused) and a vision, albeit not The Silence of the Lambs (1991), that gives it a consistent flow and an appealing narrative to a subject that is, by all means, horrifying and dreadful.

Girl in the Picture can transcend the story itself and move the viewer. Thanks to the skill of the director, the picture can eliminate the mediocrity that would otherwise be there in what would otherwise be just another average show.

Is Girl In The Picture Based On Actual Events?

Girl in the Picture is a genuine story, similar to many Netflix crime documentaries. In the documentary, Sharon Marshal is portrayed as a woman whose death is shrouded in mystery; the truth has yet to be revealed. She fell into a trap set by a man she mistook for her father. She does not even know if Sharon is her true name. Her death and genuine identity are hence shrouded in mystery.

Girl in the Picture

Matt Birkbeck, an investigative journalist and the film’s executive producer, first wrote about Sharon Marshall’s story in his novels A Beautiful Child and Finding Sharon. We may also appear in the documentary in which he explains the investigation and the case.

Release Date of The Movie?

Girl in the Picture will release globally on Netflix on Wednesday, July 6, 2022. Beginning at 3 a.m. ET/8 a.m. BST, the complete documentary will be available for viewing on the streaming service.

is This Worth watching Film?

The most noticeable elements of this documentary are the dramatized reconstruction of events, the photography, and the contrast-inducing dark tones. Maintaining the appropriate tone, it achieves an excellent expression that transcends the gruesomeness of the subject.

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It is a well-narrated documentary that, oddly, despite adhering to the genre’s template, achieves that extra je ne sais quoi that the formula does not generally permit.

The Cast of Girl In The Picture

  • Mark Chinnery as Joe Fitzpatrick
  • Natalie De Vincentiss as Cheryl
  • Dana Mackin as Sharon
  • Robert Christopher Smith as Floyd
  • Sarah French as HeatheR
  • Meg Schimelpfenig as Jenny


Girl in the Picture is a new documentary that will appeal to those who enjoy a blend of mystery and true crime. With each discovery of Marshall’s location and identity, a new odd element of the story is uncovered. Check out the film’s trailer below, and watch it on Netflix on Wednesday, July 6.