Girl In The Basement: Girl Sexually Hit By Her Dad & Get Pregnant Seven Times

Girl In The Basement focuses on the sad story of Sara whose role is played by Stefanie Scott. The story is basically a dark-themed one that shows rape, screams, harassment, assault, and a lot more.

At the very start of the story, Sara is who is kidnapped in their family storm basement by her dad, Don (Judd Nelson) who is also misleading his better half, Irene (Joely Fisher), and promising that Sara left the house on her own will. He also added that maybe she is facing problems with Irene but in reality, he has taken her in the storm cellar for the following twenty years, tormenting and physically attacking her.

Sara brings out a few kids en route, a tangle for Don. To manage this, he takes their most active one up to Irene to raise together, persuading her that Sara sent the child from any place she ran off to.

In the long run, Sara can get away and she takes to the press with her story. The film closes on her family finding a sense of peace with what Don has secretly executed throughout the long term.

The wild piece of all of this? Lifetime's portrayal isn't even that far away by any means from what really went down. In this post we are going to tell you, is the Girl In The Basement is based on a true story, parental guide, ratings, and where you can find the film.

Girl In The Basement

Is Girl In The Basement A True Story?

Yes, the movie is based on the true story of Elisabeth Fritzl, Girl in the Basement offers an exposition of the juvenile Austrian's painful battle to get away from servitude which is handover to her by her own father.

As announced by Oxygen, Elisabeth was held hostage by her dad from 1984 to 2008, in the wake of being tranquilized with ether and cuffed in their storm cellar.

He forced the little youngster to make a letter to her mom saying she escaped to cover her tracks. On top, all things considered, he continued to physically attack her consistently, which left her pregnant multiple times.

Similarly, as in the film version, Elisabeth's dad attempted to bring up the youngsters raised up with his better half, asserting their little girl had sent the infants to be really focused on.

Things stayed like this for some time, until April 19, 2008…At that point when Elisabeth's oldest child was out in the basement, she, at last, arose to take her to the emergency clinic. This public excursion brought up issues and soon enough the whole circumstance was revealed.

These days, Elisabeth has changed her name and migrated to an unidentified unassuming community in Austria with her youngsters, Mirror. Defeating the injury those years welcomed on has naturally been a ton for her.

Presently, their new home is apparently under security, and she has even supposedly continued on sincerely with a long-lasting protector.

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Something About The Elisabeth Fritzl-

Elisabeth Fritzl was brought into the world in Austria in the year 1966 to Josef Fritzl and Rosemarie. She had 6 brother-sister– 3 siblings and 3 sisters. Her dad used to abuse her when she was only 11 years of age in 1977.

After fulfillment of her tutoring, Elisabeth began readiness to turn into a server when she turned 15.

She was fled from her home in 1983 and crawled under a rock alongside her companion in Vienna. Police tracked down her inside 20 days and got her once again to her folks. She later rejoined her server course and finished something very similar to find a new line of work in the close-by city.

Girl In The Basement

Is Girl In The Basement A  Good One?

The narrative is salutary as we have stated above but if we consider from the point of view parents' guardians need to realize that Girl in the Basement is an upsetting story subordinate to the repulsive genuine story of a harmful, controlling dad, as currently depicted in the book and film Room.

The Girl becomes pregnant in the movie seven times as she is physically attacked and raped by the other characters of the story which might be disturbing for some kids or teenagers.

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Where We Can Find The Girl In The Basement?

The show is currently available to stream on some of the Global platforms as well as on some websites, from my research I have collected some sites on which you can easily watch the show.

  • Hulu + Live TV
  • Philo
  •  Hoopla
  • Lifetime Movie Club

Note:- If the above sites are accessible in your location, then you can simply use them and if it is not possible then don't try to use the site because it might be banned or restricted in your area or locality.

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