Gina Rodriguez’s Pregnancy During ‘Not Dead Yet’: The Shocking Details!

Not Dead Yet aired on ABC on February 8, 2023, and quickly became the network’s most-watched comedy premiere in recent memory. The book-based series is as excellent as it gets, with performers such as Hannah Simone (New Girl) and Lauren Ash (Superstore) plus an abundance of celebrity guest stars.

There is a reason why Gina Rodriguez’s character Nell Serrano may appear slightly different to you. The 38-year-old actress was pregnant during the first season of filming. Read on for more information!

So, is She Pregnant or Not This Question is Still in Your Mind Don’t Worry We Are Here to Reveal This!

The star announced in July 2022 that she and her husband Joe LoCicero were expecting their first child. Yet, the timing of Gina’s pregnancy surprised them both.

The Jane the Virgin alum disclosed to People that her first pregnancy was unplanned, but that she and Joe could not have been happier. Prior to filming her new ABC sitcom Not Dead Yet, Gina realized she was pregnant.

At the Television Critics Association Press Tour in January, the actress remarked of the series cast and crew, “It’s my first time experiencing this, and they’ve been so lovely and supportive of me, you know, inadvertently falling pregnant right before the program began.” My husband and I are obviously quite pleased about it, but it was not planned.

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Gina is a Funny one she Joked About her pregnancy Which Would Arrive First: Her Child or the Premiere of “Not Dead Yet”

Gina Rodriguez's Pregnancy During 'Not Dead Yet'

On January 25, Gina Rodriguez posted a slideshow on Instagram outlining some of the activities she engaged in during the final weeks of her first pregnancy. In her post, the expectant mother stated, “Just a few things I’ve been up to throughout my 40-plus week pregnancy.

With Not Dead Yet’s February 8 premiere date and Gina and Joe’s silence on the birth of their child, the new ABC sitcom very well may have aired first.

Nevertheless, given that the Jane the Virgin alum was 40-plus weeks pregnant at the end of January, it’s probable that she’s given birth and is enjoying much-needed bonding time with her newborn, husband, and dog!

Well, the Producers of “Not Dead Yet” Helped Gina Rodriguez Keep Her Pregnancy a Secret

Gina was concerned about how her pregnancy would affect her new program after learning that she and Joe would become first-time parents.

Luckily, the showrunners provided unqualified support. “One of them remarked, “You’re pregnant, you’re a miracle,” Gina recounted. “Just live with it and we’ll find a solution.”


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Not only showrunners David Windsor and Casey Johnson were consoling Gina on the set of Not Dead Yet. She disclosed to People that executive producer Dean Holland did everything possible to ensure Gina had a nice set experience.

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The Not Dead Yet lead added, “He helped all the directors come up with incredibly imaginative solutions to disguise the belly, whether it was costumes, my cubicle, a plant, or a refrigerator.”