Ghost Adventures Season 18 Episode 9: Paranormal Reality Show

Ghost adventures is an American television reality show which follows the genre of paranormal documentary. The show is created by Zak Bagans with his combined team. At first, it is debut on the Travel Channel on October 7, 2008, but later move to Discovery+ in 2021.

The show starts with Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, and Jay Wasley. They went to collect visuals or audios of ghosts from the reportedly haunted places. The concept remains constant in each episode although every time the location changes with their owners.

They searched for some clues of ghosts in the specific locations by using their tools. They also talk manually to the peoples who have witnessed the spirits on their own. Do you believe in ghosts? If your answer is No! then I must recommend you to watch this show once 😉

Ghost adventures season 18 episode 9

Ghost Adventures Season 18 Episode 9- Casting

In the Ghost Adventures series, we usually see the old-beloved characters unite again to play their role in order to find the ghost. In the eighteenth season, we see Zak Bagans(2008-present), Aaron Goodwin (2008–present), Billy Tolley (2009–present), and Jay Wasley (2009–present) without these four the show is nothing.

They are the main leads who are still with us from the first season to the twenty-third season.

However, some other faces are also there with them in some episodes i.e Patti Negri, Nick Groff, Bill Chappell, Bryan Ouellette, Dakota Laden, Michael Parry, and Marti Parry.

Ratings of Ghost Adventures Season 18 Episode 9!

Unfortunately the ratings of the Ghost Adventure Season 18 Episode 9 or the whole season 18 haven’t calculated by the census at this time… but you can read some IMDb user reviews of the show.

“This thing is hilarious, especially the lead guy he can hear a ghost voice from a fart from his special EVP equipment, this whole series is pathetic and has made some absolute charlatans very rich people it’s pretty pathetic sad, and funny all at the same time.”

“I used to really love this show, but you can tell that it has become all about Zac, as the main host I find it shocking that he steers clear of all the solitary experiments. He also talks over the other 3 hosts on the show.”

“The best thing they could do is walk away from Zac and start their own show. Well done Nick for having the courage to do this. Zac, you really have become a wannabe and a fake!! Learn from your mistakes before it’s too late.”

This is about the IMDB’s reviews but what about you? Have you seen the Ghost Adventures series before? Share your honest opinions with us in our comment section.

How Many Season Ghost Adventures Have?

From October 17, 2008, to 2021 the show creators throw around twenty-three seasons with a total of two-hundred and thirty-one episodes plus 49 specials excluded in the list.

Each episode has a running time of forty-two minutes with a 1080i HDTV picture format. Although some shows like Paranormal Challenge, Deadly Possessions, Paranormal Lockdown, Expedition Unknown, Ghost Nation, Kindred Spirits, and Destination Fear are related to the ghost adventure series.

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Where We Can Watch Ghost Adventures Season 18 Episode 9?

You can stream the whole season on Amazon Prime Videos, Travel Channel, Discovery+, and AeTv. You have plenty of options to stream the show…

Last Lines

Ghost Adventures is one of the longest-running reality television show with a total of twenty-three seasons and some spin-offs named Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks, Ghost Adventures: Serial Killer Spirits, Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room!, and Ghost Adventures: Quarantine with two additional spins Paranormal Challenge and Deadly Possessions. 

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