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Waiting to watch Chris O’Dowd comedy series Get shorty, then you come to the right place to know Everything about this American Drama Series of Season 3.

American Comedy-drama TV, Get Shorty is a comedy crime drama series based on the novel of same name of 1990 by Elmore Leonard. The first season was aired on August 13, 2017 on Epix whose main stars are Chris O’ Dowd, Ray Romano, Sean Bridgers and many more and this Get Shorty Series was created by Davey Holmes.

Until this date there are 3 seasons of Get Shorty which has 27 episodes in total. There is no news for the renewal or cancellation of the 4rd season officially so we can’t say whether Get Shorty gets its new season. Get Shorty is also the second adaptation of the novel following the film of the same name in 1995.

Plot of Get Shorty Season

Get Shorty Season 3

The series revolves around Miles Daly who is involved in the murderous crime in Nevada but for his daughter he decided to leave all this and to choose another profession.

However, he became a movie producer but he is not able to end or leave his criminal world behind and took with him to Los Angeles accidentally. Rick Moreweather who is a low quality film producer and Miles partner and guide of Hollywood but they Miles Decided to end working with him.

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Get Shorty Season 3 Trailer

Get Shorty season 3: Release Date

Third season of Get Shorty renewed in 2018 and it comes to screen on October 6, 2019. It also doesn’t follow the plot or characters from the novel the same as in the film but uses the novel’s basic premise of a gangster.

Get Shorty Season 3: Cast

Get Shorty Season 3

  • Chris O’Dowd plays the role of Miles Daly.
  • Ray Romano plays the role of Rick Moreweather.
  • Sean Bridgers plays the role of Louis Darnell.
  • Lidia Porto plays the role of Amara De Escalones.
  • Megan Stevenson plays the role of April Quinn.
  • Carolyn Dodd plays the role of Emma Daly.
  • Goya Robles plays the role of Yago.
  • Lucy Walters plays the role of Katie Daly. and many more cast are there in this season.

Episodes of Get Shorty Season 3

No of Episodes Title Directed by Release Date
1 “What To Do When You Land” Adam Arkin October 6, 2019
2 “Dark Roast, Oat Milk, Two Splendas” Adam Arkin October 13, 2019
3 “Strong Move” Eric Galileo Tignini October 20, 2019
4 “What Else Did God Say?” Davey Holmes October 27, 2019
5 “The Stick” Davey Holmes November 3, 2019
6 “Tomorrow They Light Me On Fire” Adam Arkin November 10, 2019
7 “Should Not Throw Stones Adam Arkin November 17, 2019

Ratings and Reviews Get Shorty Season 3

Get Shorty Season 3

Get Shorty Season 3 gets 95% Audience Score with 22 user Ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and there are 2 top critics reviews along with Audience Reviews and see what they said about this American comedy drama. One top critic’s review is that it has enough charm but Get Shorty is a mess like O’Dowd’s characters.

Some audience reviews are – Get Shorty has an interesting plot with well developed characters and excellent storyline with dark comedy in it. It is the best show on any streaming or TV and has improved with every season. It is a great season and show and one of the users love the season so much.

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On IMDb episode 5 is highly rated among all episodes in Season 3 and the whole show or series got 8.2 ratings on IMDB. Some user reviews on the Get shorty which makes you think that watching this series is the Best show at the moment, it doesn’t fall shorty, enjoyable and it is a very entertaining series Opener and the last one is a worthy addition to the Crime Television Genre.

Where to Watch Get Shorty Season 3

You can currently watch Get Shorty Season 3 and previous seasons also on these platforms-

  • Youtube
  • SlingTV
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Philo
  • Google Play Movies & Tv
  • Apple TV
  • Vudu
  • Epix
  • Fandango Now
  • Youtube TV

Frequently Asked Questions by the People-

Is Get Shorty Renewed For Season 4?

New Brand Season 4 of Get Shorty is not renewed or cancelled. So there are equal chances of happening or not happening during the season.

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Why is Get Shorty Called Get Shorty?

Get shorty title refers to Orson Wellers’ chauffeur George Shorty Chirellon and John Travolta’s Recited this part character from Welles’ film Touch of Evil.

Does Rick get killed in Get Shorty?

Yes, Rick is Killed by Lou and Miles as they had no choice left rather than killing Rick. Rick requested for a more peaceful death instead of a bullet.

What is the last Episode of Get Shorty?

Last episode of the Get Shorty is Should Not Throw Stones.

Is there another Get Shorty Series?

Epix, which is a US network, has yet to confirm whether it will Get Shorty for new Season 4 as there is no cancellation news for the new season.

Is Get Shorty Available on Netflix?

Season 3 is not confirmed whether it is available on Netflix or not but you can watch season 1 of Get Shorty on Netflix to Stream.


Get Shorty is a great comedy series in the form of crime drama. You see how a mobster turned into a producer and how adventurer his journey in Hollywood.

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