Anticipating the Age of Geralt in The Witcher

Geralt of Rivia

The magic of fiction again comes to play with the character Geralt in a much popular series called “The Witcher”. The main character of the show, Geralt of Rivia, ages at a much slower rate in comparison to the normal human scale.

The character is 150 years old at the end of season 1 but the character does not seem to have aged a single day.

If we talk about The Witcher Season 1, With in just 8 episodes, IMDB rating goes to 8.2 out of 10 and that’s too from 2,78,566 IMDb users. Isn’t that great? The wicher is full of action, adventure and fantasy tv series that everyone loves.

Geralt of Rivia Age

Talking about the character,  According to Lauren S. Hissrich, the character is almost 100 years old at the beginning of the series which has answered most of the questions regarding the age of Geralt.

The answer to how old is Gerald is further answered by running through the timeline in the series.

Season 1 starts at around the year 1210 and ends in the year 1263 which adds another half-decade to the age of the character. Having a timeline like this still doesn’t provide 100% reassurance about the age of the character which leaves us at best guessing his age to be around 150 years old.

Age of in the books is quite different from what they show in the TV series. The book showcases the age of the character anywhere ranging from 50 – 100 with an addition of 100 years by the end of “Witcher 3: Wild Hunt“.

This leaves the Geralt character with two different ages in both the versions which makes him a greater man of mystery.

Why Aging of Character Geralt is so Slow?

The reason for the slow ageing of the character Geralt is due to the mutation taking place while Yennefer is kept young in the series with the grace of her magic. The existential longevity comes with a price and keeps both of them from biologically being able to reproduce at all.

This is the reason behind both the characters being barren in the show. Season 1 of the series gives us much-needed insight about the same. An ascension ceremony allowed Yennefer’s reproductive organs to be cut out which you will find her regretting in the entire season.

The character Ciri seems to be ageing with a normal pace but can be seen doing down the path of the Witcher in season 2 of the show. The character Ciri can be seen to have a lot of power and the source of it is yet to be revealed.

The witcher season 2 is also one of the season that got delayed due to pandemic coronavirus and will be launch anywhere in 2nd quarter of 2021.

How old is Geralt?

Anticipating the age of the character Geralt is not straight forward. The age of the character has been hinted out by the author but it again leaves the age of the character Geralt a mystery. The age of the character is more than 50 as hinted out in the book and the character age slower as the time goes by. If we look at all the research, it is difficult for us to get a definitive answer regarding the age of the character. We can, however, conclude that Geralt is around his 100’s in the events of Witcher 3.

An entire Witcher series has a thing common and not a single character has been shown to die of old age.

While the leading character may not have a certain age but we do have the age of other characters from the series based on the interview that took place in Chalotra. Yennefer is 14 years old when she was sold to the MyAnna Buring at the beginning of the series and was 77 at the end of season 1.

Ciri on the other hand was born in 1249 and was 14 years old when she met the main character of the Witcher in the year 1263.

The entire crux of the age of Geralt cannot be decoded using the same rate we use for humans. Witchers has a different rate at which they age which does not give us an exact number of how old Geralt can be. The age of Geralt being around 100 is what we will be leaving our cards on.

What’s your opinion on the ageing rate of the characters shown in Witcher season 1 and what do you expect from Witcher season 2? Expecting lot of interesting answers 😉


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