Gangs of London Season 2 Release Date: Is Sen’s Death a Mystery That Can Be Solved in the Second Season?

It is based on the 2006 video game of the same name. Gangs of London is a British action–crime drama television series created by Pulse Films & Sisters and aired on ITV in the United Kingdom. Throughout present-day London, it follows the exploits of rival gangs and other criminal organizations.

In the United Kingdom, the first season will premiere on Sky Atlantic on April 23, 2020, at 9 p.m. The series was created by Gareth Evans and Matt Flannery, and it is best known for the action crime film The Raid, which was released in 2008.

Following that, AMC announced that it had reached an agreement to purchase the show’s US broadcast rights and that it had joined as a co-producer on the newly commissioned second season.

Who Will Return for Season 2 of Gangs of London?

The first season’s viewers were taken aback when it appeared that Sean, played by Joe Cole, had been shot and killed. The mobster was last seen lying in a pool of his own blood, according to witnesses. Is it true, on the other hand, that Sean passed away?

  • Sean Wallace is played by Joe Cole.
  • Marian Wallace is played by Michelle Fairley.
  • Jacqueline Robinson is played by Valene Kane.
  • Billy Wallace is played by Brian Vernel.
  • Finn Wallace is played by Colm Meaney.
  • Ed Dumani is played by Lucian Msamati.
  • Alex Dumani is played by Paapa Essiedu.
  • Shannon Dumani is played by Pippa Bennett-Warner.
  • Danny Dumani is played by Taye Matthew.
  • Elliot Finch is played by Sope Dirisu.
  • Vicky Chung is played by Jing Lusi.

As much as we were told that the man had been killed, we never saw his face, which is required by the “nobody, no death” rule in shows like this.

Is it possible that Sean made a deal with the authorities to disappear, allowing him to infiltrate The Investors and take them down in secret? It was predetermined from the outset that Sean Wallace would die… “Corin Hardy, the co-director, informed Den of Geek that he had been shot and died.

Gangs Of London Season 2

What Are the Gangs of London Season 2 Plot?

The most pressing concern is, of course, whether Sean has survived and how the rest of the gangsters will react as a result of his survival. Another important plot point involves the relationship that develops between undercover detective Elliot and Shannon, Ed Dumani’s daughter.

It’s going to have a lot to do with them as characters,” he continued, “and particularly Alex [Paapa Essiedu], who will know a lot more about Elliot now.” I think he’ll have a better understanding of what Elliott has been up to the whole time… And, as someone who appears to have gone rogue, what exactly can Elliott bring to the table at this point?”

“It can’t just come to that,” Evans went on to say. If you bump off four people in a hotel room and then say, “Oh okay, we’re done,” that is not what you are doing.

In my opinion, there are a lot of possibilities there, a lot of things they can pursue and further investigate.” We can safely predict that there will be plenty more horrifying and bloody scenes along the way as the story unfolds.

One of the show’s more macabre scenes, in which Sean sets a man on fire before sending him tumbling to his death, came dangerously close to not being included in the final cut.

In an interview with, Gareth explained that “we were very concerned about what it would say about Sean,” and that “a number of us got cold feet.” For that sequence, Matt worked extremely hard because we were all concerned about what it would reveal about Sean. As a result, a couple of us got cold feet.”

“To his credit, Matt remained firm and stated, ‘This sequence has to be how the show begins; this has to be the first scene.'” As a result of the abundance of information available right now, the first two or three minutes are critical.”

Gangs Of London Season 2

Gangs of London Season 2 Release Date

Even though there is no set release date for the second season of Gangs of London, Sky has committed to bringing the show back in 2022 with all-new episodes.

Filming began in late June 2021 as a result of previous comments from star Sope Dirisu, who stated that the production was ramping up and that he was looking forward to getting back into character.

In addition, the EE Rising Star BAFTA contender stated, “I would love for Elliot the same thing I would love for all of humanity, and that is peace of mind and happiness,” but she believes this will not be the case given his current trajectory.

For me, a rollercoaster ride would be ideal, something he could look back on and say, “Wow, that was a lot of experiences.” “I think things are going to get a lot worse for him before they get better,” says the mother.

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What Is the Best Site to Watch Season 2 of Gangs of London Online?”

Gangs of London is a television series produced by Sky Atlantic and distributed by Pulse Films, among others. As a result, it is possible that the series will be made available on the Pulse Films website. Additionally, it is available on Amazon Prime Video, though only in limited availability in certain regions.

If you are from India, you will have a difficult time finding and watching the show. This was one of the factors contributing to the audience’s dissatisfaction with the show. At the very least, a series with such a high rating and a slew of awards should be available in every country where it is available.

We hope that, in light of these concerns, Sky Atlantic will consider selling the series to other streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and others, rather than keeping it. Aside from that, Amazon may expand the program to include countries where it is not currently available.

For the time being, all we can do is wait for the release of Season 2 and watch as the mystery unfolds in front of our very eyes. It will, without a doubt, be one of the most important programs to debut in the year 2022.

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91 percent of the reviews on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes have given the series a positive rating, which is based on 33 reviews. In the words of GQ, it’s “a strong early contender for the summer’s best show” at this point.

A total of 2.23 million viewers tuned in for the first episode over a seven-day period, making it Sky Atlantic’s second-largest original drama launch ever, according to the network.

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Gangs of London Season 2 Trailer