Gangs of London Season 2 Release Date: What to Expect From This Season?


The British television series Gangs of London is an action-crime drama created by Pulse Films and Sister. Gang warfare and other criminal groups in modern London are examined. It's heavily based on the 2006 video game of the same name.

The premiere of the first season aired on Sky Atlantic in the UK on April 23, 2020. Gareth Evans and Matt Flannery, who are both recognized for their work on The Raid action crime flicks, came up with the concept. AMC then made an agreement to acquire the rights to air the show in the United States and to co-produce a second season.


What Is the Release Date of Gangs of London?

After its debut and generally favorable reaction, Sky Atlantic decided to renew the show for a second season. On June 24, 2020, exactly one month after the debut, the truth was finally revealed. After the first season was so successful, AMC decided to partner with Sky Atlantic for the second; AMC will air both seasons in the United States.

Given the show's success and the potential for a continuation, this is not shocking. To hear it from Sky Atlantic UK's Managing Director of Content Zai Bennett, the crew is over the moon about season two!


The premiere date for Season 2 is unknown at this time. Season 2 production, however, kicked off in June of that year. Director Gareth Evans said that it took three years to complete the martial arts movie. He added that the circumstances are unprecedented and that he has no idea how long it will take.

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Season 2 of Gangs of London was directed by Corin Hardy, Marcela Said, and Nima Nourizadeh, making them a new directing trio. Hardy, on the other hand, oversaw the production of four episodes of the pilot season of Gangs of London.

We do not know when exactly Season 2 of Gangs of London will launch on Sky Atlantic as part of a NOW Entertainment Membership, but it will be in 2022.

Who Will Be In the Cast of Gangs of London Season 2?

Gangs of London

Gangs of London Season 1 cast includes a number of well-known actors. They also featured several debut perfumers, who were brought to life in the film. A familiar cast member from Season 1 will return for Season 2 of Gangs of London. People are interested in Sean's whereabouts after the conclusion, whether he is alive or dead. Elliot takes a direct shot at the season in the season finale.

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Billy and Jacqueline have been cast in the lead roles. Sean, who plays an important role in the show, will make the announcement alongside them. Season 2 also sees the return of Luan and Mosi. Season 2 will thus concentrate on the main act.

What Is the Plot of Gangs of London Season 2?

Gangs of London

The storyline of Gangs of London season 2 is another thing to think about. Season 1 ended with Sean Wallace's death, and London's criminal underworld still doesn't have a strong leader. As a result, we're back at the beginning of Season 1.

During the first season, the Wallace crime family was the most powerful in the city, but Finn Wallace's death left a power vacuum. During this time, an undercover cop decides to move in with the Wallaces to find out what's going on firsthand.

Sean, on the other hand, had messed up a lot of things that hurt the international criminal department, and they may now be looking for sweet revenge. In the last episode of Season 1, Marian and Floriana are planning a plan. We were surprised to hear that Marian had survived the shooting. But because of the circumstances at the time, Panama gave Elliot temporary diplomatic immunity.

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We also learned that Elliot quit his job as a police officer. So, what he does in Season 2 will be fascinating to see. Will he stop investigating? Or will he go back into hiding and dig deeper into the Wallace family's web?


Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Watch  Gangs of London Season 2?

“Gangs of London” is currently available for streaming on Sky Go and Now TV, as well as purchase as a download on Amazon Video, Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, and Microsoft Store.

Is There Any Truth to Gangs of London?

It is set in a fictionalized version of London, but it is based on extensive research into the reality of gangland London, with input from ex-gang members, criminologists, and detectives, to name a few. If you like ‘Peaky Blinders,' you'll like ‘Gangs of London,' and you'll recognize some of its main characters.