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Gamers Season 2: Release Date | Cast | Everything You Need To Know

gamers season 2

Are you a fan of the popular Japanese romantic Comedy The Gamers and eagerly waiting for its second part? Well then, you and I share a mutual connection since I am also waiting for Gamers Season 2 so badly.

Romantic Comedies have an altogether different tone. More often than not, they easily appeal to the audience of almost all age groups and when the romantic comedy series turns out to be an anime, it is even more exciting and fun than one can imagine.

The first season of Gamers attracted a large number of viewers and now the ardent fans of the show are eager to watch its second season as well. Scroll down to know more about the Gamers, when will its second season release, cast and so on.

About the show

Gamers is a Japanese fictional Romantic comedy anime series aired from July 13,2017 to September 28,2017. There are 12 episodes of the series with a run time of approximately 25 minutes.

For the uninitiated, it is a remake of a Japanese Light novel series of the same name written by Sekina Aoi and illustrated by Saboten.

Made under the direction of Manabu Okamoto, the series revolves around Keita Amano, a high school boy and gamer. It was produced by Mitsutoshi Ogura, Tatsuya Suguri and Tsuyoshi Sōda.

Season 1 proved to be pretty successful among the masses and fans are now looking forward for its second season.

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Plot of Gamers Season 1

As told in the previous section, the series revolves around a young boy Keita Amano, who is a high school boy and a gaming buff.

One day he is asked to participate in School's gaming club by his idol Karen Tendo. At first he agrees and decides to try his hands on it but when he realises that it is at a competitive level, he withdraws his name from the gaming club, little did he know that this rejection is going to have a very significant impact on the lives of both Karen and Keita.

Karen, the one whom everyone in the school idolises starts falling for Keita. Keita too reciprocates her feelings and confesses that he is also in love with her. He tranforms his apathetic lifestyle into cheerful and exuberant one. They love each other's company and always have each other's back.

The series is highly entertaining for all the gaming anime freaks who are looking out for something new and refreshing.

With some elements of comedy and drama, it mostly focuses on the budding high school romance between Keita and Karen. So if Season 2 ever happens, the viewers will be able to see more of their personal dynamics and how they manage to balance their professional lives as well.

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Gamers Season 2 Release Date

Sadly,the makers haven't announced anything regarding season 2 of the show yet. So at this moment its really very difficult to say when we will get its second installment.

But if everything goes well and the Covid Pandemic doesn't obstruct its way, we can expect Season 2 of the romcom series to hit the floor either by the end of 2021 or early 2022.

I know you are waiting for Season 2 of the Gamers so badly. Keita and Karen's chemistry has a beautiful charm and aura.

As soon as makers give a statement regarding its second season, we will inform you at the earliest, till then do not forget to share this article with all the anime lovers you know.

Star Cast of The Gamers Season 2

Know the voice behind your favourite characters here :

Where to Watch the Gamers Season 2

Gamers 2 has not been released yet but till then you can watch its first Season on a number of platforms. Amazon Prime, AT-X, Sun Tv, Tokyo MX and BS11 are some of the major channels streaming the Gamers. Other than these, you can also watch it on official Netflix App.

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Ratings and Reviews

Season of the show Gamers has got an average rating of 6.6/10 on IMDb and 6.8 out of 10 on Nevertheless, the lower rating didn't seem to affect the popularity of the series much as the series was loved by the audience on a wide scale who are now waiting for its second season as well.

Official Trailer of Gamers Season

Watch the official Trailer of the Gamers Season 1 by clicking on the link below.

Concluding Note

Gaming Lovers, we know how difficult it for you to wait for the second season of your favourite show Gamers, but till then go and enjoy its First Season on the aforementioned platforms.

We have told you all the latest updates of Gamers Season 2 that were available to us .If you think we have skipped anything, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. We will revert back to you.

Have a good day!

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