Former Game of Thrones Star Jack Gleeson and His Fiancée Róisín O’ Mahony Were Married in a Private Ceremony


Jack Gleeson wed his girlfriend Roisin O'Mahony in a “very basic” wedding in Kerry. Although the exact beginning date is unknown, the 30-year-old entertainer has been seeing Roisin for a very long time and has made the modest but respectable decision to exchange wedding vows.

According to Parish priest Father Patsy Lynch, who tweeted about the occasion on Monday, the 30-year-old former Game of Thrones star and his actress-comedian fiancée were married in a private ceremony at The Sacred Heart Church in The Glen, Ballinskelligs, County Kerry, Ireland.


On Monday, August 29, the event's officiant, Father Patsy Lynch, shared numerous pictures of himself and the happy couple on Twitter along with the message, “Very modest, prayerful and respectful marriage ceremony.”

Former Game of Thrones Star Jack Gleeson and His Actress-comedian Fiancée Were Married in a Private Ceremony

The clergyman continued, “It was a fantastic celebration. Everyone seemed so at ease. There are so many memories of this great day that I will cherish.


The marriage was only a “pre-wedding ceremony,” according to Lynch, and the official ceremony would take place in England. However, the family has been vacationing in Ballinskelligs, The Glen, for many years and has many wonderful memories there.

“I believe the utmost simplicity really hit everyone, and everyone was pleased and content,” he concluded. Everyone down here knows Jack, proving that they are all a part of the same neighborhood. He's the kind of person that when I met him, it felt like we had known each other our entire lives. Nothing artificial is present.

Jack Gleeson, 30, took a six-year break from acting after portraying the evil Prince Joffrey in Game of Thrones. With the miniseries Out of Her Mind in 2020, he made a comeback to acting. He will also be seen in the upcoming Netflix feature In the Land of Saints and Sinners. In the BBC miniseries Laugh Lessons, O' Mahony most recently made an appearance as an actor.

Former Game of Thrones Star Jack Gleeson and His Actress-comedian Fiancée Were Married in a Private Ceremony

The small-scale wedding seems appropriate for Gleeson, who stated in 2016 that he wanted “to live as normal a life as possible” despite the popularity of Game of Thrones.

The status issue is perhaps what makes me uneasy, he said at the time, according to the publication. “People can be wealthy and not be mean, but this status thing… some people feel better and more deserving when they get fame. That's what gives me such a bad feeling. I try to avoid that as much as I can.

The native of Ireland said that the experience was “therapeutic, in a manner,” after his character on the HBO fantasy drama series was killed off during season 4.

“You want to do the situation and character justice,” he concluded. I've never experienced a death onscreen before, so it's a complicated scenario. You want the coughing and choking to appear genuine. In the end, it was enjoyable, but it was a little frustrating to be so concentrated while appearing to be utterly inattentive. intriguing but challenging.

In the interview from April 2014, Gleeson was open about his intention to take a break from performing.

“Up until this point, I've always used acting as a hobby or a pleasant summer activity with my pals. I liked it. Your relationship with something alters when you depend on it for a living. Not that I dislike it; I just don't want to do it, he added at the time.