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Release of Season 8 “Game of Thrones”

Guys, finally the last season, season 8 of “Game of Thrones” had been released on April 14, 2019 and concluded on May 19, 2019. Yes yes.. this series which was our favourite and had taken us to the land of fantasy, love, plotting’s and tough wars with Dead’s and Dragons is finally over.

Some of you might have missed it or looking for some other information regarding it, or planning to watch this season, you need to know about some of the important information regarding the series.

So stay tune with me… many more is about to come!

How Many Episodes in season 8 of “Game of Thrones”?

Season 8 is having a bundle of 6 episodes, which is quite unlike to first six seasons, as they were having 10 episodes each. And season 7 had seven episodes and in total till season seven we had 67 episodes in total. And after adding last six episodes of season eight, we have 73 episodes total in “Game of Thrones”.

Main Characters of Season 8 of “Game of Thrones” :

Westeros : The continent of Seven Lands located in the far west of the known world and whole thing is happening around it for its Iron Throne in the drama series “Game of Thrones”. Essos, its neighboring continent separated from it by Narrow Sea

Jon Snow (Aegon Targaryen) : Jon Snow, born as Aegon Targaryen, the son of Lyanna Stark and Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, the next hire of Iron Throne. Lyanna Stark given him to Eddard “Ned” Strak to save him from King Robert. Ned Strak change his name to Jon Snow for his safety and upbring him in Winterfell as his son with his other children’s Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon.

Daenerys Targaryen : Youngest child of King Arey II Targaryen, youngest sister of Prince Rhaegal Targaryen, Mother of three Dragons, second in the line of throne of Westeros after Jon Snow, which she was unaware. Actually till the second episode of season 8th, both Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen was unaware about the truth of Jon Snow and was in love with each other.

Drogon : One of the three dragon of Daenerys, who survived till end and lately flew away with the dead body of Daenerys.

Rhaegal : One of the Daenerys dragon, who she named after her eldest brother and father of Jon Snow Prince Rhaegal. This dragon was killed by Euron in 2nd last episode.

Bran Stark  : Brandon Stark, commonly known as Bran, is the second son of the Ned Stark and Catelyn Stark. He is their fourth child who has a special power to see past, present an future. Due to this power he is also known as Three-Eyed Raven. This power of his, helped Starks family with his allies to win the war against the White Walkers. Lately he become the king of the Westeros.

Sansa Stark : She is the eldest daughter of Ned Stark (the Lord of North of Westeros i.e Winterfell) and his wife Catelyn Strak. Her initial life was filled with hardship and betrayals which make her strong and latterly she got back Winterfell, become Queen and made it a free kindom.

Arya Stark : she is the third child and second daughter of Ned Strak. After Lannister’s betrayal and killing of some of her family she get trained and turn in to Faceless Man an assassinator. She later killed the Night King while saving her brother Bran.

Winterfell : The Northern most part of Westeros, and earlier under rule of Ned Strak and lately ruled by Lady Sansa Stark in this season and house of Stark family (Bran, Arya and Sansa).

White Walkers : The magical creatures, created by the Children of the Forest for good purpose but lately they become uncontrolled and created an army of Wights to get control over Westeros.

Night King : Th every first White Walker and head of the White Walker army.

Viserion: The Dead Dragon of Daenerys Targaryen, who named after her brother Prince Viserys, which was alived and converted into ice Zombie by Night King and now a part of Dead’s and fighting against Jon and Daenerys alliance.

Cersei Lannister : Current queen of Westeros and Iron Throne, married to King Robert Banaratheon and later killed him to become the queen. Also twin sister of Jaime, more then it were in the love affair with Jaime and had her children which both Cersei and Jaime passed as Kings Robert children to save them and themselves.

Jaime Lannister : One of the House of Lords of Westeros, who planned a overthrown of King Arey II Targaryen with her allice of Ned Stark and Robert Banratheon and become the main Man of King and after his death start serving her sister, queen and lover Cersei Lannister.

Tyrion : The youngest brother of Jaime and Cersei’s, who turned his back to his family a way abck and joined Daenerys as his advisor. Lately become the advisor of King Bran.

Euron : King Euron Greyjoy, is the brother of Balon and Aeron Greyjoy. he murdered his own brother King Balon and become the King of Iron Island. He also tried to kill Theon and Yara (Kids of king Balon) but, they escape safely and joined Danerys. Euron lately had a allies with Cersei’s.

Theon : He is the youngest son of Lord Balon Greyjoy and only living heir of Balon Throne. He is also the youngest brother of Yara.

Yara : She is the eldest child an daughter of King Balon, that’s why she is Queen Yara Greyjoy, also the eldest sister of Theon. Lately joined Daenerys to get back her throne from her uncle Euron.

Sam : Samwell Tarly also know as Sam, Is the closest friend of Jon Snow who accompanied him in Night Watch too. He wass not brave but one of the most educated and intelligent person who helped a lot Jon Snow in their battle by telling him know about the White Walkers.

Jorah: Jorah Mormont is a former Knight in Westeros who was exiled from Westeros during season 1. He took asylum in Essos and lately joined Daenerys Targaryen.

Brienne : Brienne Tarth, known as Brienne, the only daughter of Lord Selwyn Tarth, A worrier lady, who’s loyal to Stark’s and fight for them without any title. Jaime leave Cersei for her love and moved to Norths of Westeros to have a life with her.

Edd : Eddison Tollett, known as Edd is a brother of Night Watch. On Jon Snow’s command he become the acting Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch before departing the Castle Black.

Berric : Lord Beric Dondarrion is the Lord of Blackhaven and Head of House Dondarrion. In the war he was againt Lannister’s and had been almost killed around five times and each time saved by Thoros.

Tormund : He is a renowned leader and raider of the Free Folk and on eof the leaders behind the Mance Rayder. After Mance killed by Stannis Baratheon he become friend to Jon.

Last Hearth : It is an abandoned castle in the North, formely the seat of House Umber, a vassal house holding fealty to House Stark of Winterfell. It is located south of the gift, east to the Kingsroad, and north of the Last River.

Ironborn : The Ironborn are the fiercely independent seafaring people, natives of the Iron Islands off the west coast of Westeros, who believes in the rule of Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms.

Gendry : He is a skilled blacksmith and an unacknowledged bastard son of King Robert Baratheon. He accompanied Davos and jon Snow to North in their mission to capture a wight and was in was till end. He supported Daenerys and after the victory she titled the Gendry as Lord of Strom’s End.

Lyanna Mormont : Lady Lyanna Mormont is the youngest child and daughter of Lady Maege Mormont. She is also the young Lady of Bear Island and the head of house Mormont of Bear Island. She is niece of Jeor Mormont who was Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and cousin of Jorah Mormont who was exiled and joined Daenyres. so, in absence of her elder hires she become the Lady and Head of her House.

Dothraki : Dothraki are horse mounted warriors in Essos, who allies with Daenerys in the war of “Games of Thrones”.

Melisandre : She is a Red Priestess. After the Battle of Winterfell, she revives Jon Snow with a believe that he will be the Prince that was Promised. In this season, she guide Arya about her purpose.

Varys : Varys, also know as Spider, is a eunuch and was the Master of Whisperers on the King’s Small Council. When Tyrion Lannister left the Westeros, at the same time he was also forced to leave the King’s Landing. He is skilled manipulator and commands a network of information across two continents. With Tyrion he also joined Daenerys.

Hound : Sandor Clegane with nick name Hound, is the younger brother of Ser Gregor Clegane. He travelled with Arya to her in getting revenge from Cersei and after a close brush with death, he goes for travel in hope of having a greater purpose.

Missandei : She was originally a slave of Master of Astapor, who got freedom from her slavery  because of Daenerys. After that she serves Daenerys as her trusted advisor and Handmaiden. She also sails with Daenerys in her war to get her Kingdom back.

Grey Worm :  Grey Worm was a commander of the Unsullied, the worrior eunuchs of Astapor. Lately when Daenerys acquires Unsullied from the Master of Astapor, he become the main advisor of Daenerys.

How is wight different then White- Walkers?

From the starting you guys have a doubt in mind, how wights are different then White Walkers. So, I thought why not to answer this question first before heading to the story.

White Walkers :

White Walkers are not dead nor even ghosts. Instead they are magical creatures, created by men. As per Bran visuals the Children of the Forest convert Night King in to First White Walker during a magical ritual by stabbing his heart with the dragonglass.

White walkers have a language to talk but simple people can’t understand it. White walkers looks similar to human, but there body is made of brittle ice with bright blue eyes. They also have magical powers and always carries a sword crafted by their magic. This swords can cut steel in pieces with one stroke, man flesh stands no where in front of it.

So this creature can only be killed either with dragonglasss or Valyrian steel (a special metal found in Westeros, but in very less abundance) and with dragonfire but, not with regular fire and steel.

Wights :

White Walkers have magical powers which they use to turn the dead and decomposed bodies into wights. Wights are like ice zombies and they always follow the White Walker who creates them and get vanish as their master White Walker get killed.

Wights are simply killed by simple fire and Dragonglass. This method of their killing has been found by Jon with his Night Watch’s.

So, after getting the interesting information about White Walkers and Wights lets move further to the story of the serial.

Story Plot Of Season 8 of “Game of Thrones”:

This season was picturised around two main conflicts:

  1. The Great War against Night King
  2. Final war for Iron Throne

In first three episodes all the main character Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, her Dragons and their allies had a bloody war at Winterfell against the Night King and its Dead army of White Walkers. After a tremendous winning over Dead’s, in last three episodes all the main characters fought finally for the throne and that is their final “Game of Throne”.

This season where get the mixed reviews from Critics, got the endless love form series lovers all around the love. This love with its enormous cinematics this season received 32 nomination at the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards, which it self is a record for any series for a single season. And out of 32 nominations, it won twelve awards and need not to mention it won the awards as “Outstanding Drama Series”.

Lets move towards the episodes. I know.. I know you guys are waiting for it from so long.. (Are not you???).

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game of thrones
game of thrones

Episode 1 “Winterfell” of “Games of Thrones” :

In this episode, Jon Snow, Daenerys and there alliance army reached Winterfell where they learned about Dead army of Night King had breached the Wall with the help of Viserion Dragon and entered the Westeros. Where the allies was preparing for the war, on other side Daenerys was worried and  doubting on Cersei’s pledge about the allies against the Dead’s. Euron arrived Westeros with his Golden Company and force Cersei to consummate their union. Along with this, Cersei hires Bronn to assassinate Tyrion and Jaime.

On other  hand, Theon rescued Yara, and joined Winterfell where Yara sets off to take her kingdom Iron Islands back. Here in Winterfell, Jon again united with Arya. After this Jon and Daenerys took a ride on dragon and fall in love once again.. Probably the last time, as the war has already been started.

Sam saved Jorah and Daenerys wanted to awarded Sam for this favour to her and here she realized that she is the one who killed his father and brother. After this, Sam tells Jon that is the true son of Prince Rhaegal, Aegon Targaryen and next hire of Iron Throne. At House Umber’s seat, Last Hearth, Tormund and Beric embeded Edd and other Night Watch members and left a message for others. In mean while, Jaime also arrives at Winterfell, where Bran Stark is already Waiting for him

Episode 2 “A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms” of “Game of Thrones” :

Jaime informed Cersei’s about Targaryen’s and Stark’s alliance and joins the alliance after Brienne calling. After reaching Winterfell, Jaime ask for apologizes to Bran for hurting him, but Bran told him he did him a way back and more over they are no longer the same people.

Daenerys lost her trust in Tyrion’s judgment and believing Cersei, but on Jorah’s word she forgives Tyrion’s for his mistakes. Daenerys tries to convince and gain Sansa’s trust by citing their mutual love for Jon as, Daenerys want North to bow her as Queen. But Sansa refused Daenerys and reminds her the vowed that North will never bow to anyone again.

Theon arrives Winterfell with Edd, Tormund and Beric and these three men also reports about the arrival of Night King’s army arrival. Bran sees a vision that Night King will try to trick and kill Bran (Three eye Ravena) but Theon and Ironborn will protect him. Before going to war Arya and Gendry make love after Arya seduce him. Jaime formally designate Brienne as a Knight in his army.

Along with this, Jorah fails to keep Lyanna Mormont away and safe from war and got a Sword of House Tarly’s as a present from Sam, which actually belongs to him only as a part of his family. Before going to war, Jon reveals his new true identity to Daenerys, which makes Daenerys realise that he is the next true heir of Iron Throne and could be a threat for her.

Episode 3 “The Long Night” of “Games of Thrones” :

The alliance army finally meet the Night King’s army on the battle ground. On war, initially Dothraki army has all the charge along with the assistance of dragonfires but soon the army of Dead’s overwhelmed the control. Edd gets kills while saving Sam.

Melisandre ignites a fire trench all around the Winterfell to keep the Dead’s army away from Castle for a while. In next scean, where Jon and Daenerys attack Night King on their dragons, wights enter Winterfell while killing army. In between, Lyanna Mormont dies while killing a giant wight.

Beric dies while defending Arya and Melisandre made her realise about her duties. Jon on Rhaegal Dragon make the Night King fall from Viserion (Night King’s Dragon Ice Zombie) and in mean while Daenerys and Drogon (her one of the dragon) burn Viserion without any delay and difficulty. Furious Night King raises an army of Winterfell dead defenders as his army and attack all living beings. Some wights pull down Daenerys from Drogon and try to kill her but, Jorah got injured badly while saving her.

In mean while, Night King arrives at Godswood and kills Theon. After this as Night King reaches Bran and tries to kill him, Arya stops him and stab Night King with her Valyrian Steel Dagger (a rare metal of Westeros which has capability to kill White Walkers).

Just after this Night King all his army with Viserion get collapse. The half battle has been over now and Arya’s purpose has been served. After all this Melisandre allows herself to die.

Episode 4 “The Last Of The Starks” of “Game of Throne” :

Before celebrating their victory, alliance army killed and burn all the left over Dead’s. During celebration, Daenerys titled the Gendry as Lord of Storm’s End. After getting the title, Gendry propose Arya for marriage and on other hand Jaime and Brienne becomes lovers. Even though Daenerys is in live with Jon Snow, but still to protect her throne she asks Jon Snow to prove his true parentage and right on throne.

In mean while, Bronn reach to Jaime and Tyrion and threaten them to kill on Cersei’s order. But he left them when they promised him to become a Highgarden Castle. Jon tells about his true identity to Sansa and Arya which he got to know from Sam and ask them keep it secrete. But Sansa wants Jon become a king and tells about Jon’s true identity to Tyrion, who further shares it with Varys.

In mean while, Arya along with Hound moves toward Kings Landing to take their revenge. Tormund returns to North with alive Wildlings (ghosts) on Jon’s request. Where after all this Jon joins the Northern army, Daenerys sails to King’s Landing with her fleet.

At Dragonstone, Euron’s navy attacks Daenery’s fleet and killed her one of the dragon Rhaegal with ballistas mounted on a ship-mounted and after this taken Missandei as hostage. Which fills Daenerys with anger and she decides to get over her throne with the help of dragon’s fire.

Daenerys this decision made Tyrion and Varys against to her and they start thinking about Jon Snow as a better king then her. And when Jaime get to know about Daenerys attack on Cersei, he returns to Cersei depite Brienne’s pleas to stay. Daenerys threaten and demand a surrender from Cersei while, Cersei denies to surrender and use Missandei as a shield from Daenerys and Grey Worm.

Episode 5 “The Bells” of “Game of Throne” :

Varys plot against Daenerys and try to convince Jon Snow to claim his Throne but Jon refuses his this offer as he don’t want to betray Daenerys. On other side, Tyrion reveals Vary’s plot on Daenerys and she executes Varys by dragonfire.

Jaime gets arrested by Daenerys army,  but Tyrion realease him and ask him to convince Cersei to surrender and leave Westeros for ever. But Cersei denies to surrender and Daenerys while riding her Dragon burns most of the city defences along with Iron Fleet and allow her army to enter in the city.

Daenerys allies army enter in the city and slaughtering everyone comes in their path, no matter its soldiers and civilians. Cersei forces were not able to take so much destruction and showed signals of surrender but Daenerys rage will be unable to see it and she burn the whole city and cause massive destruction. This massive where horrifying Tyrion and Jon, on other side Jaime kills Euron and get wounded mortally.

After seeing so much destruction Hound convince Arya to forget about her long time revenge from Cersei and save herself and after that they moves towards the Mountains. Arya saves her life barely and get out of Kings Landing. Cersei and Jaime finally unite but killed at Red Keep finally. Jon calls a retreat for civilians after this massive devastation.

Episode 6 “The Iron Throne” of “Games of Throne” :

Jon opposed the capturing of soldiers by allies army on Daenerys orders. Tyrion finds Jaime and Cersei dead in ruins. After war and getting her throne Daenerys free the Unsullied and Dothraki fleet for the whole world. Tyrion resigns from his post to Daenerys and she put her behinds the bars for this.

Arya and Tyrion separately warned Jon about Daenerys that she is not only a threat for himself, but also for House Strak’s and the People of Westeros. Jon confronts Daenerys, he was unable to accept her path of destruction. During conversation as Daenerys come close to him, he apologised  to Daenerys and kill her. Her dragon Dorgon, when saw the dead body of Daenerys, get engry and melt the Iron Throne, carries her body and flew to sky with her body.

Later, Tyrion suggests that all the future monarchs be choosen on the basis of their ability by Westeros Leaders, not as familial succession. All the Westeros current Leaders choose Bran as their future king “Bran the Broke”. He appoints the Tyrion as his advisor and grants The North independence and accept it as a kingdom.

Jon again joined the Night’s Watch as their Lord. Tyrion made a small Council with Brienner, Bronn, Davos and Sam to rebuild king’s Landing. Sansa is crowned as the queen of North and Arya sails to explore unknown lands west of Westeros.

So, finally this glorious series meet its end.

Will the Season 9 of “Games of Thrones” come?

Many people still wants to watch this series further and speculating weather will HBO brings the new season of this serial? The answer is, the chances of any new season is negligible. As many of the main characters of this series had already met to death (quite unfortunate and strange about this series that, its main characters kept dying and new characters took their place). And more over, the Game of Iron Throne is over and in new episodes they don’t have much to show. What will they show to audience? Arya’s travelling and experiences of far west of Westeros and a new battle of concurring the world? What you think about it?

Conclusion :

So guys this is all about “Game of Thrones” season 8. I tried my best to summarised about each episode and details as per my best. I hope you will love this article as much as you loved this monocultural Drama Series of HBO. If you want to know something else about this series.. please comment about it. Keeperfacts will try best to provide you all the details. Good bye!


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