Recap and Explanations for the First Season of “Game of Thrones.”

Are you planning to watch HBO's most popular TV seriesGame of Thrones”? This popular series has a total of 67 episodes in seven seasons and a grand premiere of the eighth a final season is about to come. This article is for both, the old lovers of Game of Thrones along with, the new viewers who are planning to watch the season eighth.

Here I am trying to provide you with all the required information to refresh and understand all the seasons if you have missed any. So stay tuned… and keep scrolling with me!

Introduction Of All The Main Characters :

  • Westeros: A continent used to be divided into Seven Kingdoms, which were later conquered and become one big kingdom ruled by Targaryens.
  • The Iron Throne: The most powerful seat in Westeros, made up of melted swords and blades. It seems the whole world is busy getting a hold of this only throne.
  • White Walkers: Mysterious Inhuman Figures, who are like ice Zombies. Westeros believe they are just a myth but White Walkers are the real upcoming threat to Westeros, to whom they are unaware and busy in dirty “Game of Thrones”.
  • Targaryens: The rulers of Westeros for centuries whose power was taken by a group of rebellions. And next heir of Targaryen fights to get back their kingdom from the Lannisters.
  • King Aerys II Targaryens: Also known as Mad King, overthrew by some powerful leaders.
  • Prince Rhaegar: The oldest son of King Aerys and the next heir to the throne. Married to Lyanna Stark and the father of Jon.
  • Lyanna Stark: Youngest sister of Ned Stark, married Prince Rhaegar secretly and gave birth to Jon Snow (Prince Aegon Targaryens, Next hire of Westeros)
  • Lannisters, Baratheon, Stark: Three Leader of Houses who took the throne from King Aerys II.

Explained Below:

  • Jaime Lannister: Killed the king, Jaime was the Kingsgourd, an elite group who took an oath to protect King in any situation. He got the nickname “Kingslayer” after killing the king.
  • Robert Baratheon: Killed King Aerys II, and fiancé of Lyanna Stark. After killing King, he becomes the Westeros New King for 20 years and married Cersei Lannister, the twin sister of Jaime.
  • Ned Stark: Another Leader of Houses and a rebellion who supported the throne overthrow. Also the eldest brother of Lyanna (Prince Rhaegar’s wife). Later rolled on North of the kingdom.
  • Jon Snow: The son of Prince Rhaegar and Lyanna and the true next hire of Westeros. Her mother named him Prince Aegon which was changed by Ned Stack as Jon Snow for his safety. He is the main lead of Game Of Thrones.
  • Prince Viserys: Younger Brother of Prince Rhaegar and managed to escape safely from Westeros during the rebellion war.
  • Princess Daenerys: Youngest sister of Princess Daenerys, later become the Mother of three dragons and become people’s queen because of her kind-heartedness. One of the main characters of Game of Thrones fought to get her kingdom Westeros back.
  • Khal Drogo: Husband of Princess Daenerys, killed prince Viserys and later died himself.
  • Cersei Lannister: Twin sister of Jaime, Married to King Robert Baratheon. She was in a secret love affair with her own brother Jaime and gave birth to his child which she passed on as King Robert’s children.
  • Bran Stark: One of Ned Stark son’s, the most powerful Greenseer of the world. He got this power during an accident. Later known as “Three-Eye Raven”.
  • Robb Stark: Eldest son of Ned Stark, who made a failed trial to take revenge for his father’s death from Lannister’s and was killed by Lannister’s in Red Wedding.
  • Catelyn Stark: Ned Stark’s wife, killed by Lannisters in Red Wedding.
  • House Bolton and House Frey: Lannister allice with them to kill Robb and Cateylen Stark in Red Wedding.
  • Sansa Stark: Oldest daughter of Ned and Catelyn Stark. Had gone through a tough time and finally become the Lady of Winterfell.
  • Tyrion Lannister: Youngest brother of Jaime and Cersei Lannister, who think always different from this elder brother and sister. And due to this, he turned his back on the Lannister family and become the main advisor of Princess Daenerys.
  • House Tyrell: Another family in the greed of power in Westeros.
  • Olenna Tyrell: Mother of Margaery Tyrell, who poisoned her daughter Margaery and King Joffrey on their wedding day.
  • Margaery Tyrell: Daughter of Olenna, also killed by her mother.
  • King Joffrey: A cruel King, was killed by her wife’s mother on his wedding day.
  • Lord Tywin: Lannister’s Father.
  • Essos: Neighboring Continent of Westeros, who provide asylum to Prince Viserys and Princess Daenerys. And later also to Tyrion Lannister.
  • Lord Petyr Baelish: Another Lord of House, also known as “Little Finger”. He helped Sansa Stark in her escape from King’s Landing to North to her family.
  • Winterfell: Ned Sharks house, Ned Stark was the Lord of North of Westeros. Later they passed to his childminders and lately Sansa Stark become Queen of Winterfell, by last season.
  • Ramsay Bolton: King of North’s of Westeros, Son of Lord Bolton, who backstab Stark’s family. Killed Robb and his mother in Red Wedding with allies to Lannister and House Frey. Married to Sansa Stark as political allies.
  • Balon Greyjoy: Lord of Island, once defeated by Ned Stark and took his youngest son Theon Greyjoy as a hostage.
  • Theon Greyjoy: Youngest son of Lord Balon, and next hire of Island, kept as a ward by Ned in Winterfell and also helped Sansa Stark in her escape from Ramsay.
  • Yara Greyjoy: Twin sister of Theon and daughter of King Balon Greyjoy.
  • Euron: Brother of Balon, who killed Balon and overthrown the Island Throne.
  • Arya Stark: Another daughter of Ned Stack, who becomes a Faceless Man assassinator after the Red Wedding incident to take her revenge on her enemies with her remaining brother and sister.
  • Walder Frey: the other person who backstab Starks and help Lannister’s in Red Wedding.
  • Night Watch: A brigade built in Ancient times along with the wall to keep the White Walkers away from the Westeros.
  • Wildings (Free Forks): People stay on the other side of the wall of Westeros and Westeros treats them as their enemies. Night Watch ragging with them to keep them away from Westeros.
  • Ygritte: A lady from free folk, who helped Jon when he was prisoned by free folks and later died during a fight.
  • Night King: Head of White Walker’s army. A human converted in White Walkers by ancients thousands of years back.
  • Brienne of Tarth: A worries, loyal to Starks. Helped and in love with Jaime. Finally, Jaime left Cersei for her.
  • Samwell Tarly: Friend of Jon’s from the time of Night Walk who helped him in the upcoming war.
  • Gilly: Sam’s girlfriend who came with Sam to Winterfell to help him and discovered the truth behind Prince Rhaeger’s and Lyanna’s Marriage and also about Prince Jon.
  • Citadel: An ancient learning hub in Westeros, where Sam took learnings.

First Scene of “Game Of Thrones”

White Walkers kill three men in the far north of Westeros and make a pattern by body parts to leave a message behind this violence. But Westeros believes White Walkers is just an old myth, not a reality (but this reality gonna byte them soon).

Westeros Throne :

A rebellion occurred 19 years before the “Game of Thrones” incident. When Targaryens who conquered seven kingdoms of Westeros and ruled on it for centuries, were overthrown from their throne.

King Aerys II was a cruel man and threatened to burn the entire city along with millions of his men. So, his own three leaders of houses Baratheon, Stark, and Lannister brought down King Arya and took the throne.

Secret Marriage of Prince Rhaegar and Lyanna Stark:

Lyanna Stark the youngest sister of Ned Stark, who was engaged to Robert Baratheon one of the rebellious heads, was in love with Prince Rhaegar Targaryen.

Prince Rhaegar and Lyanna ran off together and married secretly. Lyanna got pregnant with Rhaegar’s baby. Rhaegar hides his pregnant wife in a castle tower for her security as he went to deal with Robert Baratheon Rebellion.

The killing of King Aerys and Prince Rhaegar :

Robert Baratheon killed Prince Rhaegar during a rebellion war and King Aerys II was killed by Jaime Lannister.

After killing King Jamie Lannister become betrayal, a dishonourable man who broke his sacred oath to get the kingdom. But in reality, Jaime did this act to save the people of a city in Westeros.

Birth of Jon Snow (Prince Aegon Targaryen, next heir) :

During the overthrown of Westeros' throne, Lyanna was dying in the tower and just before her death, Ned Stark found her. Before her death, she gave birth to a boy baby and name him Aegon Targaryen.

She shared the secrete of her and Prince Rhaegar’s marriage with Ned Stark and handed over her newly born baby to Ned Stark and asked him to keep the baby safe from Robert Baratheon. Lyanna knows Robert killed her husband, Prince Rhaegar, and most likely he would kill the young prince too.

Ned Stack up brings Jon Snow as his Son:

To ensure the young prince's security from Robert, Ned Stack changes the Prince's name to Jon Snow and brings him his home and starts upbringing him as his own son.

Ned Stack was aware he was upbringing last living Targaryens, the true heir of Westeros Iron Throne.

Two more survived Targaryens, Prince Viserys, and Princess Daenerys :

Prince Viserys and Princess Daenerys were two younger siblings of Prince Rhaegar’s who managed to save themselves from Robert’s soldiers and escaped from Westeros.

Viserys and Daenery took exile in the neighbouring continents, Essos and while growing they spend 19 years of their life in Essos. Visery grew up as a cruel person and on the other hand, Princess Daenerys was kind by heart and prepared themselves to get their throne back.

Both Viserys and Daenerys were completely unaware of Jon Snow’s presence while they were struggling and plotting to get their kingdom back.

Daenerys worked her way up :

Prince Viserys sold Daenerys to Kahl Drogo into a marriage and in return he was supposed to get help from Khal Drogo to get Westeros throne back.

But things won’t go well between the two and later Khal Drogo killed Viserys. Now, Daenerys was the next ascender to get the power instead of her older brother. But she was empty-handed and had to work hard to way her up.

Daenerys Got Three Dragons Baby by Blood Magic Ritual :

Like White Walkers, Westeros people believed dragons are also a myth. But after losing her husband and baby in a miscarriage, Daenerys gave life to three dragons.

She got three eggs and did blood black magic on those eggs to bring them to life. She did a miracle that shocked the world. The Magical Creatures which the world thing could never be true are now alive. Dragons grew well with time and slowly and gradually Daenerys learned how to control her dragons.

On one end where Daenerys getting famous among people, her devotees and dragons were growing over time, and on the other side, Westeros was once again in a war.

King Robert Baratheon Kingship of 20 years :

King Robert Baratheon finally got married to Cersei Lannister who is the twin sister of Jaime Lannister. Cersei and Jaime were not only brothers and sisters, they were in love with each other and were in sexual relationships.

Cersei and Jaime had three kids and they passed as King Robert’s children. King Robert and everyone else were unknown about this love affair of Cersei and James and their kids.

Cersei was an ambitious lady, and to get power and thrown she plots her own husband's murder. After two decades of King Robert’s rule, his wife Cersei sat on the thrown with the help of Jaime.

Bran Stark Got his Greenseeing Vision :

One odd day, Bran Stark (Ned Stack son’s) saw Jaime and Cersei during their lovemaking. Before Bran can run safely from there, Jaime caught him, and to keep his n Cersei secrete safely he tried to kill Bran Stark.

While trying to kill Bran, Jaime pushed Bran out of a window, and during the fall from the window, Bran only got paralyzed from the waist. Where on one side, he got paralyzed on the other side, this injury activated a new power in Bran, with which he can see the vision on the past, present, or future. People called this vision power “Greenseeing”.

At the End of the series, Bran Shark will become the most powerful “GreenSeer” in the world, who will help the Westeros to come out of his tough time with his vision of past, present, and future.

Kings Robert Murder and Ned’s Execution :

Ned Stark came to know about a conspiracy against King Robert and tried to help him. But Lannister first kills King Robert and then they execute Ned stark as a part of the conspiracy. Ned’s execution was the first shock of the “Game Of Thrones”.

After King Robert Baratheon’s death, only two families House Lannister and House Stark are left in the Westeros. After Ned’s execution, Lannister and Stark get against each other. After Ned Stark, his family left with his wife and five sons Robb, Sansa, Bran, Arya, and Rickon left behind.

Robb Stark’s Failed Try To Take His Father’s Death Revenge:

After Ned’s death, his eldest son Robb Stack and Ned’s wife Catelyn Stark collected his army and tried to win North of the Kingdom once again. But got Lannister’s defeated them once again. Lannister makes an alliance with House Bolton and House Frey and arranges a Murder Massacre “Red Wedding”, where they brutely kill Robb and Catelyn Stark along with his army.

Sansa Stark’s Being Hostage :

Where on one side Ned’s true eldest son got murdered by Lannister’s, and his eldest daughter Sansa Stark had been held hostage by Lannister’s. To spare Sansa's life they forced him to get to marry Tyrion Lannister, the youngest brother of Jaime and Cersei.

But, in this situation where Sansa herself was not whiling to this marriage, Tyrion was also against this marriage. He was always different from his family.

House Tyrell, another family seeking Power :

House Tyrell is another family in Westeros, that was looking for power. On the day of King Joffrey and Margaery Tyrell were poisoned by Olenna Tyrell (mother of Margaery Tyrell) and blame was put on Sansa Stark and Tyrion Lannister.

Olena Tyrell didn’t like King Joffery because he was a cruel man and that’s why she was against her daughter Margaery’s wedding with Joffery. And Later the whole family got finished.

Tyrion escaped from King’s Landing After Joffery’s Death:

After Sansa and Tyrion were wrongly blamed for Joffrey’s death, Tyrion was sentenced to death by his own father, Lord Tywin. But Jaime set Tyrion free as he loved his brother. Tyrion killed his father before he turned his back to House Lannister forever.

After killing his father, Tyrion took asylum in Essos and joined Daenery’s as her advisor. The Tyrion escaped and the killing of Lord Tywin increased the differences between Cersei and Jaime.

Sansa Escaped King’s Landing With the Help of Lord Petyr Baelish (LittleFinger):

After Joffrey’s death and Tyrion escape, Sansa stays low for a time being in Westeros and then comes back to North to her family house WINTERFELL with the help of another Lord Petyr Baelish who is also known as “LittleFinger”.

On the way back to North they first have to stay at Vale for a while and manipulated Lady Arryn and her Son Robin and convince them for their help.

Sansa in an another Political Alliance Marriage with Ramsay Bolton :

For a Political Purpose, Sansa Stark got married to Ramsay Bolton (Son of Lord Bolton, who betrayed Robb Stark and killed him with his mother in Red Wedding). Ramsay was not a good man and he physically abused Sansa Stark from the day of their wedding.

Theon Greyjoy escaped Sansa from Ramsay :

Theon Greyjoy was the youngest son of Balon Greyjoy, the Lord of Island, and would be king of Island. Balon had a fight with Ned to get his kingdom back but got failed. After this, Ned took Theon as his hostage and raised him as his ward in Winterfell.

In Red Wedding, Theon betrayed Starks and killed the Starks army, but he soon realized his mistake and to make his mistake he helped Sansa to escape from Ramsay.

Island Politics Turn and Twists:

After ensuring Sansa's safety, Theon returns to his sister Yara on Island. Their uncle Euron, betrayed and killed King Balon (father of Yara and Theon) and took the crown of the Island.

After overthrowing of Island throne, Yara and Theon ran and joined Daenerys Targaryen force to get back their kingdom. On the other side, Euron alliance with Cersei Lannister to protect her throne from Theon and Yara.

Cersei, The First Queen of Westeros :

While all this was happening, Cersei and Jaime continue plotting to get power, and to achieve this they killed the whole family of Tyrell in an army operation. Furthermore, they also blew up the church and kill other Lord Houses.

In return Cersei got the Iron thrown for herself and become the first Queen of Westeros, after losing two of her children during this power game.

Arya Stark’s other daughter of Ned Stark’s, Journey :

Along with this power game, the other daughter of Ned Stack’s, Arya Stack escaped the King's Landing and reached Braavos a city in Essos. There she met Faceless Men who is an assassinator.

Arya got training from him and become a Faceless Man, who can kill anyone without having a second thought.

Arya’s Killed Walder Frey And Returned Winterfell :

After becoming a Faceless Man, Arya creates a list of all the people she wanted to kill and Cersei is at the top of her list. To take her revenge, she first returned to Westeros and killed Walder Frey, one of the men who were in the setup of the Red Wedding. After killing Walder, she returned back to Winterfell for her family reunion.

Jon Snow Moves after Ned Stark’s Death :

After Ned’s death, Jon had no clear idea about his future step like other Ned’s children so he joined the Night’s Watch, a brigade that was built in ancient times to keep the White Walkers away from the safety wall of Westeros to keep the Kingdom safe. But as thousands of years passed and people start believing White Walkers as a myth so, Night Watchers also lost their importance.

As there are no White Walkers, Night Watch remains busy in the fight with free folks. Free folks are the people who live on the other side of the wall and Westeros took them as their enemies.

Once Jon was wounded and prisoned by free folks where a lady Ygritte (one of the free folk) took care of Jon and fell in love with each other. She later died while protecting Jon.

White Walker’s Existence :

While having a fight with free folks, Jon comes to know about the existence of White Walkers. White Walker has the ability to give life to corpses, skeletons, and dead bodies and they were creating an army of ice zombies to attack the Westeros.


Night King :

Night King was a human, who was transformed an Ice-Zombie by a group of ancient people, who also created White Walkers thousands of years back. No one knows why they have created these creatures.

But, later these White Walkers got out of control and they started killing every living one even their creators. Night King was still their head.

Jon Become Lord Commander of Night Watch :

Because of his great skills, Bon had become the Lord Commander of Night Watch. Jon had seen the White Walkers during a fight named HardHome. So, he was well aware that to protect Wildings to become a White Walkers army, Wildings have to be taken to the south of the wall.

Jon understands the adverse effect of this situation, so he becomes the Lord Commander of Night Watch, he took all the wildings to the south of the wall. This step makes him quite popular among Wildings but unpopular among some of the Westeros.

Jon Murdered and Rebirth:

Some of Night Watchmen who didn’t like Jon killed Jon. But one of his man Ser Davos Seaworth took his dead body to Melisandre a Red Priestess. She worships Lord of Light, R’hllor, and performs magic too.

Melisandre performed his magic ritual on Jon and he gets back his life. She also told Jon, that she believed he was the prophesied hero who is crossed by God to save the Westeros from the coming darkness. She thought Daenery’s Targaryan will also be an important part of it.

Daenerys Become Queen of People :

In between, Daenerys conquered multiple cities while moving towards Westeros. Along with it she believes in justice for all and to do this she free all the slaves from war and win over the people's heart. In this way, the “Mother of Dragons” got popular among peoples and a vast amount of loyal followers.

But Daenerys only wanted to get back Westeros and Targaryen throne. To achieve this he made an alliance with the Dothraki army to get their ships and sail to Westeros.

Season Seven

season 7

Daenerys Reached Westeros and Jon became King of North:

In the Seventh season, Jon Helped Sansa to get back to Winterfell and he himself becomes the king of North. Meanwhile Daenerys arrived in Westeros and Cersei was still the Queen of Westeros and Jaime is still with him.

Cersei Victory over Daenerys :

As Daenerys arrived in Westeros, she began a war with the Lannisters. Daenerys army sloughed Lannisters army and many of their High Born Lords with the help of one of her Dragon and Dothraki Army.

But in end, Cersei won over Daenerys, with the help of Euron Greyjoy whose army destroy Daenery's fleet and prisoned Yara Greyjoy (Theon’s Sister).

Jon Snow and Daenerys Alliance:

Jon Snow thinks the Daenerys army could help them to win a war over Night King, as she has a strong army along with Dragon Power.

But Sansa and other Lord of his kingdom think the complete opposite to this. They all believe Targaryen are not trustworthy, but they including Jon were unknow of the truth of a Targaryen, the next true heir of the Iron Throne.

Jon Met Daenerys to convince her about the Night King's existence:

Jon went south to meet Daenerys and tried to convince her about the real upcoming threat of the Night King and his White Walker army and he succeeded in it.

Finally, Jon and a team of Daenerys decided to went beyond the wall to find a White Walker prove so that they can convince Cersei and her army about the true Death is coming.

Jon and Team got a Prove and Bend The Knee To Daenerys:

During the mission, Jon and his team were attacked by the Night King and his army. To save Jon from his attack Daenerys flew to the south with three of her dragons (who are fully grown now). Night King killed one of her dragons and Jon and Daenerys saved their lives with difficulty.

But, during this life-threatening attack, Jon managed to get a White Walker as proof. And as Daenerys saved his life so Jon agreed to bend his knees to Daenerys and got ready to serve her as his queen.

The Prove was brought to Jaime and Cersei :

Jon brought wight (White Walker) to the King’s Landing and he was alive and roaring when Jon brought him in front of Jaime and Cersei.

It was unbelievable to everyone that the myth is a coming true Death. Meanwhile, Jon showed everyone how they can kill White Walkers with the fire and Dragonglass. They can also be killed with Valyrian steel, a rare metal available in Westeros.

Cersei shot Truce when She found Jon Had Bent The Knee to Daenerys :

When Cersei got to know that Jon bends his knees to Daenerys, she shot down the truce with anger. Tyrion was aware that Cersei is not a trustworthy person. So he made a face-to-face conversation with Cersei to convince her to take part in the war against White Walker.

In this meeting, Cersei told the whole truth about her and Jaime to Tyrion. And in the next scene, Cersei gave her armies to Daenerys and Jon to help them in the fight against Night King.

Cersei and Jaime Conflict :

After Cersei’s announcement, Jaime starts making his preparation to go on fight with his troops towards the North. But later when Cersei told Jaime that she was lying about sending help to Jon and Daenerys.

This makes Jamie furious with Cersei and he told Cersei that he would go to the North and will help Jon and Daenerys in their battle with Night King. Cersei took this step of Jaime as his betrayal of her.

Jaime Artificial Golden Hand:

During the recent war, Jaime was prisoned at a point when his sword hand got chopped by an opponent. A woman named Brienne of Tarth saved Jaime and helped him to recover.

After this attack, Jaime got his golden hand in replacement of his sword hand. She was one of the knightly warriors in Westeros. She was loyal to Westeros and fought bravely for her kingdom without having any title.

Jaime and Brienne got into a deep bond with each other. Although Jaime was still leading Lannister and Brienne is a warrior for Starks and loyal to them.

Jon’s Friend Samwell Tarly joins Stark’s Family at Winterfell to Help them and Jon :

Samwell was with Jon in Night Watch and a good friend of his. He was in Citadel, an ancient learning hub of Westeros, where Samwell learned about several important things.

He was the one who earlier told Jon how and from where he could get the dragon glass. The cave full of dragon glass was on Daenery’s Castle-island i.e. Dragon glass.

Sam and Gilly Discovered About Rhaegar and Lyanna’s Marriage :

While studying at Citadel, no one believed Sam’s about his thoughts on White Walkers and thought he was talking about a myth. So, before he left Citadel, he stole “restricted” books from the Citadel library which he thought might help them in war.

These books contain all the information regarding the ancients and White Walkers how and when they came and all other important information they might need during the war.

Along with this, Sam’s girlfriend found an old diary of Prince Rhaegar with an entry, which reveals the truth of Prince Rhaegar’s and Lyanna Shark’s Marriage.

Sam and Bran revealed the Truth of Jon’s Birth (the True heir of Throne) :

Sansa, Bran (Three-Eyed Raven), and Arya were in Winterfell and later, Samwell and Gilly had joined them. Herewith the help of Bran’s power of seeing everything about the past, present, and future, Sam connected the piece of information about Prince Rhaegar’s marriage and the birth of Jon.

That simply means that Jon is the true son of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen (Daenery’s older brother), so he is ahead in line of the throne to Daenerys and a true claimer of being the King of The Seven Kingdoms and their would-be King.

Daenerys, Jon, and their Allies Sailing towards Winterfell :

On the way to North, Jon and Daenery’s had a conflict about the actions taken against the Army of the White Walkers. And Just after this conflict they, for the very first time locked their lips and had sex.

On the other hand, Tyrion, Daenery’s advisor was concerned about the romantic union between the two leaders. He was not sure about the consequences of this love union.

Finally Night King into Westeros :

Night King converted the dead Dragon into the ice-zombie monster and got controlled over it. Using Dragons power Night King broke down the wall and enter the Kingdom with his army.


Major Turns of Upcoming Episodes and Season of “Game of Thrones”

Jon Snow bent the knee to Queen Daenerys Targaryen and slept with her without knowing his own true reality and Daenery’s that’s she is his aunt. And they both still have a lot to face. Cersei Lannister losing his grip on her Iron Throne and also on Jaime. She will send Euron to Essos, to get some support for her.

Jaime Lannister had finally decided to break his relationship with Cersei and moved to the North with Brienne of Tarth. The Night King entered Westeros with his army and moved towards the South to slaughter every living person in Westeros.

The Stark family is once again in front and united, where Sansa is the Lady of Winterfell, Arya a deadly assassin, and Bran with the most extraordinary power of Vision.

Final Words

It will be good to see what this monoculture series is next to bring for us. I have unwrapped the complete recap of all seven sessions and 67 episodes along with character introductions. So that new bees can relate themselves to the eighth season and oldies can refresh all their lost memories.

So, finally, before saying very goodbye to my readers, I want to say, I will wait for your comments and reviews about this article. Goodbye!

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