Future Diary Season 2 : Know Everything About It

In a report it was found that introverted people are more likely to love movies and story as compared to the extrovert. Well, we can’t neglect this point since the introvert people are a more reserved kind of people and they generally spend their time alone in their home or room. During this time they are more likely to enjoy it by reading novels and watching web series.

If you think that this description matches with you then you are lucky today, Why? Because we have a person who is similar to you. Yes, you heard it right. Yukiteru Amano is a boy who is introvert and spends his life in his little room. If you want to know more about this guy then you can check out the anime Future Diary.

The famous anime which resembles one of the most popular anime called DeathNote. So, if you love DeathNote and want to know more about this series, then stay right here and continue reading this article. 

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Future Diary – What is it?

Future Diary season 2

An Japanese anime which was firstly aired in the year 2011 with the aim of ruling over the hearts of people. Future Diary which is also known as Mirai Nikki in japan. The anime is an adaptation of the Manga series with the same name. The manga series was written by Sakae esuno and he has also illustrated it. The manga has been publishing its chapter for 4 years and it makes the manga popular among the people.

Furthermore, In the year 2011, Asread studio decided to launch its anime version for the people. The show contains 26 episodes which tell the story of an introvert boy who loves to write in his diary. More than he knows that his diary will turn into a living and change his life. While many people love this series because of the storyline, many think that this series is trying hard to copy the famous anime of all time i.e. Death Note. 

Furthermore, this series will be best for those who always love the violence because this anime is mostly based and revolves around action. Plus how can we forget the graphic nudity which is loved by most anime lovers. While the first season was great and it goes smoothly. Every episode was interesting and depicted the story nicely. But have you seen DeathNote? Because if you have then you would know after the death of X how hard they tried to put the storyline forward but it was of no use.

Sometimes, it is good to leave the things as they were and some stories are better to leave with the fixed episode. I personally think that the series has tried to put some extra effort but fails badly. But overall, the series was great and if there ever will be a sequel then I’m in. 

Future Diary Season 2 – Is it Happening or Not? 

future diary 2

The first season aired on 9 October, 2011 and ran for 1 years. The end of the first season raised a lot of questions in the mind of the people and it became a need to have another season. People were waiting for a second installment but in spite of it, they released an OVA (Original Video Animation). The Video animation video was out after 7 years and it answered all those questions which everyone had in their mind for so long. Now, the people are looking for the second season but I don’t really think that it will happen. 

The reason behind is that the anime ended well and there is nothing which is left behind to answer. The people are satisfied with it and that’s why there is no need for another season. On the other hand, it took 7 years for the developers to make a movie out of it.

So, if season two ever decides to happen you still have to wait for another 7 years. It is pretty okay to be honest because there are certain series which are back after decades, when their fans have almost lost hope. If the series ever decides to be renewed we’ll surely going to update this section for you. 

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Future Diary – What is the plot of this anime?

Future diary 2

The story revolves around the high school boy, Yukiteru Amano who looks sweet in the anime. The character of Yukiteru is an introvert kind of guy who always gets busy in his Digital Phone diary. He has a habit of writing everything in his diary. He is a normal highschool kid, who is average and not good at anything other than shooting darts. On the phone, he usually talks with two of his digital friends, who are not real.

He usually spend his time talking to his two friend whom are Deus Ex Machina and Deus’s servant. Deus is the god of space and time, who turns into a living after some episode. He asks Yukiteru to be a contestant in a game where the winner will get to be the next god of space and time. The match had 11 contestants and out of them, Yukiteru was the favourite of the god. In the game there are levels and one has to cross the levels by killing another diary. 

Now, the main protagonist of this story is kind and doesn’t want to kill anyone in order to win. Instead of it he plays safe and tries to survive in the match. While playing this super amazing match he finds another contestant named Yuno Gasai. Yuno is madly in love with Yukiteru or you can say kinda obsessed with him. He wants him to win and become the god of time and space and because of this he always goes forward and tries to save him.

Now, in this greedy world, how can we accept people to be as kind as Yukiteru? There was a reason behind this kindness or obsession of Yuno towards Yukiteru which was later revealed in the story. 

A Little about the Mirai Nikki: Radial.

After the end of season 1 in the year 2012, there was something which is missing. The end of the series doesn’t satisfy the audience and it opens the door for questions which were unknown to the people. Out of surprise! The producers decided to air an OVA which was supposed to fill out the remaining storyline. 

The OVA came out and it goes well with the people and there was everything sorted out regarding the series. Now, people are wondering if there will be season 2 or not. It is hard to conclude anything since there is no official statement regarding the second installment. There is no news whether the series will be back for another season or not. 

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Final Words

The series Future Diary which is also known as Mirai Nikki in Japanese. The series somewhat matches with the popular series DeathNote, which is another reason for the popularity of the show. Till now, there was only one series of Future Diary released yet and also there is an OVA, which was out in 2019. The series ended in a satisfying note and everyone is satisfied with it. There is still hope among people and they are waiting for the second series. While there is nothing officially released yet and we don’t know whether it is happening or not. If there is anything out regarding the second installment then we’ll surely let you know. 

Till then read more articles from our website, Keeperfacts. 

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