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Full Metal Panic Season 5 – When It Is Going To Release?

Remember how we say “Old is gold”? Yeah we completely love the old things whether it is old comic books, old songs or even old anime. There is a different level of enjoyment in watching these series which will go on forever. It is true that there has been development in most of them and we have already met some of the great anime like asterisk war, that time I got reincarnated as a slime, JoJo and many more but have you ever heard of full metal panic? 

If you are a fan of anime then you would have definitely recognized this amazing anime series. Recently they have released their season 4. You would be shocked to know that they have come up with season 4 after 13 years, isn’t this insane?

Most of the people have already lost the hope of getting season 4 but here we are with all new season 4. Studio Xebec was the one to release full metal panic season 4. Like the other seasons, this season also got well appreciated by the people and now they are waiting for their season 5.

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Luckily, there is hope that we might see it but there is still confusion going on. Wanna know in detail? Read the whole article and get every little bit of knowledge. 

Full metal Panic – What is it?

full metal panic season 5

Full metal Panic or FMP is a famous anime of japan since 1998. The anime was taken from a manga series, which we all know every anime is and the great story is written by Shoji Gatoh and Shiki Douj illustrated it. As soon as the anime got published for the readers it received an immense amount of popularity and not only the people of japan but also from the outside the country got an eye in this manga version. 2002 is the time when ADV films decided to produce this manga version into anime. Due to the world wide popularity, this anime got hit all around the world. 

But the second season was a little bit in confusion and instead of ADV, Kyoto animation produced the second season. Likewise the third season came to known and eventually everything stopped. There was widespread news that season 3 was the final. While many people believe it, there is still a class of people who know that there is much remaining in the story. 

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It took almost 13 years for Xebec Studio to publish the fourth season. In April 2018, the old yet popular anime got revived after 13 years of break. The fourth season has 13 episodes in total. With the end of season 4, is there more to the story? People are looking whether they are going to get season 5 or not? Read the next section to check out. 

Full Metal Panic Season 5 – Is it going to happen?

full metal panic season 5

Looking at the history of the anime, you will definitely going to believe that Full Metal Panic 5 will never happen. In the past years, the anime have gone through several studios and every season is published by different studios. The four seasons of Full metal panic is however great and at the same time profitable. If the writers ever produce season 5, they are sure going to have their pockets full. Any anime, who has a chance to do great in the market always comes out with new seasons. So, we can expect season 5 to happen.

Furthermore, if you have seen season 4 the ending was quite suspicious. The last scene of season 4 ended in a cliffhanger. The writers have generally thanked all the show admirers for watching the show till end. Not only this but they also commit that they will entertain the viewers in future too. Now what does it mean? Hmmm. I can clearly say that there will be season 5 because with this message anybody can conclude it. 

What I think is that season 5 will contain all the messages and stories which are yet to get solved. The season 5 ended in a cliffhanger and with this we can see the story get resolved. On the other hand, I think that season 5 will be the last and finale. It will further add all the remaining story from its Light novel.

It is necessary to add that all these are our predictions and there are several other websites who think the same. There is no official statement about season 5 and we don’t know whether it is going to happen or not. But looking at all of these points we think that it will. If there will be any information regarding this section, we’ll surely update it. 

Full Metal Panic Season 5 – What will be the release date?

The release date of season 5 of full metal panic is not known to us. Seeing the previous history of this anime series, we think that it will release after the gap of 2-3 years. Season 4 happened in 2018 so season 5 can be aired somewhere between 2021 or 2022 According to Alphanewscall.  If you are wondering about the release date of Full Metal Panic’s Season 5, then let me tell you that there is no official statement about its release date. We all are waiting for the studios to throw some news but there isn’t any.

Final words

Full metal Panic is based on a manga series which was released in 1998. It’s manga version has a total of 12 books. Till now, Full Metal Panic has 4 seasons in total. Season 4 arrived after the gap of 13 years but it was still a hit. And I must add here that this anime has some of the most loyal fans in the world.

Last season ended in a cliffhanger and also attached a note which says, “Thank you for watching IV till the end, We hope to have a chance to meet you again in future”. With all these we think that there will be Season 5 for sure but when? We don’t know. There is no official statement. But if there will, we’ll update this article.