Full House’s 35th Anniversary is Commemorated by Jodie Sweetin and Candace Cameron Bure

Some of the cast members are commemorating the 35th anniversary of the legendary comedy Full House three and a half decades later. Jeff Franklin developed the comedic series, which had its ABC debut on September 22, 1987. The story revolves around a widower who asks two dear friends to assist him in raising three girls in a San Francisco home.

The sitcom ran for eight seasons until being cancelled in 1995, but it later made a comeback for a five-season spinoff on Netflix called Fuller House. Former child actor Candace Cameron Bure, who portrayed DJ Tanner, the oldest child on the original series, posted a few Full House pictures to her social media pages. She added, “My life turned for the better 35 years ago.”


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In a video that was also uploaded to her Instagram Stories, Bure mentions that today is also the 35th anniversary of Full House. She talks about how her late co-star Bob Saget had always supported those for years, recalling on how she had to miss a scleroderma benefit the day before since she was on set for her upcoming film. Saget would have been pleased with the $1.2 million the event raised for the cause, according to Bure.

Saget, who passed away in January, was also remembered by Jodie Sweetin in her anniversary post for Full House. She uploaded a video of Danny Tanner giving Stephanie one of his famous motivational talks to her Instagram Stories. Along with “Here’s to 35 years of FH,” Sweetin added the hashtag #besttvdadever to his post.

Full House's 35th Anniversary is Commemorated by Jodie Sweetin and Candace Cameron Bure

John Stamos claimed that Saget had also made a ghostly cameo at Sweetin‘s wedding in July. Stamos explained that he was in a rush to leave the house for the wedding and didn’t know he had accidentally put on one of Saget’s shirts until after he had already left.

Stamos was surprised and thought that Saget was letting them know that he was there in spirit by doing this. “When I realized this, I burst into tears. “Jodie, Bob is here,” I remarked “Stamos clarified. All of the cast members had remained in touch in the years after the conclusion of the play, so their loss of Saget was particularly difficult.

The other cast members are open to the notion of a third season of Fullest House, even though Saget wouldn’t be able participate. Sweetin remarked last year that it would be intriguing to play Stephanie once more after another 10 or 20 years, possibly to give Full House a Golden Girls-inspired makeover.

On The Morning Show in Australia, Sweetin replied, “I don’t know, I think never say never.” Who knows, maybe in another 10, 15, or 20 years when we air Full House, I’ll finally get to play my want tobe Bea Arthur as one of The Golden Girls. Kimmy Gibbler actress Andrea Barber also discussed the prospective third season in a different interview with People. Although difficult, I believe Bob would desire that.