Fugitiva Season 2: Know Everything About Fugitiva Season 2

What you know about Fugitiva thriller drama series? Did the Story of Magda continue in Season 2 or what’s going up in the next season of Fugitiva. Let us talk about Fugitiva season and the Release Date of Season 2 in the article which is given below.

Fugitiva a Spanish Thriller drama Tv series based on a woman named Magda who made a plan for a kidnap themselves to escape and to protect her children from their husband’s enemies.

This Spanish Drama is set between Mexico and Spain and produced by RTVE and Grupo Ganga. Joaquin Oristrell created Fugitive Season and stars Paz Vega, Julio Bracho And Arantza Ruiz.

In 2018 Fugitive was originally premiered on La 1(flagship Spanish tv channel).Running time of this season is 70 mins and its season 1 consists of 9 episodes in total.

Fugitive Cast Members

  • Paz Vega as Magda, the main character in this season and a mother of 3 children.
  • Julio Bracho as Alejandro, Magda’s husband.
  • Arantza Ruiz as Paulina ( one of the twin daughters of Magda).
  • Luisa Rubino as Claudia ( 2nd twin daughter of Magda).
  • Ivan Pellicer as Ruben ( youngest son of Magda and Alejandro).
  • Lander Otaola as Edu.
  • Jose Manuel Poga as Tobias.
  • Mercedes Sampietro as Nova.
  • Sebastian Montecino as Ricardo and many others also played a role in it.

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Plot of Fugitiva Season

The Fugitiva Season story revolves around a mother named Magda who had made a plan to do a fake attempt to kidnap her and her children to protect and get rid of her husband’s enemies.

The story is seen in an unusual way created by Joaquin Oristrell which is an International drama show.

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In this show, we saw how a lady facing threats from her husband’s enemies made a clever plan to protect and save her family by making a fake abduction by herself.

What’s in the Story of Fugitiva?

Fugitiva is a Series that shows how a mother protects herself and her family from the dangerous and menacing situation and her sacrifice towards her family.

What would you do if you are in this type of situation? Did you make a plan like Magda to escape and get rid from husband’s enemies?

Or do you do different things or take help of public service or make a call to the police to escape from such a situation?

Write suggestions in the comment box how to come out from this situation if you are in place of Magda. And how can you protect your family members?

Fugitiva Season 2

Fugitiva season surrounds a family who made a plan to escape from menacing situations. Magda, a mother of 3 children named Paulina, Claudia and Ruben which are two twin sisters and one younger brother respectively.

Alejandro Guzmán Estrada, husband of Magda’s, gets threatening calls and videos of kidnapping so much. His son Ruben was almost killed in an incident where a bomb is planted in his car.

Terrified by the bomb incident in his car and threatening calls are receiving to him and also to his family, Magda talks to her husband and decides to talk to her husband about an escape plan.

Alejandro knows who is calling to him and to whom he had done his business deals.She not only makes a plan to escape from that place but also knows how she can save her family.

Release Date of Fugitiva Season 2

The first season of Fugitiva was aired on April 5, 2018 on La 1 by RTVE. The Season 1 lasted till June 7, 2018 which has 9 episodes in all.

The Official Channel of this series has not yet announced any details for the Season 2 of Fugitiva.

The new season totally depends upon the writers, cast members and last season reviews and ratings.

Netflix also dropped all the episodes of Season 1 of Fugitiva on November 23, 2018 so that you can take easy access to the show.

If there is any announcement or details related to Fugitiva Season 2 come will we inform you and also write about what’s new in it.

Fugitiva season ratings and reviews according to IMDb.

There were 5.7 ratings out of 10 given to Season 1 according to IMDb and you can also go deep for user reviews and per episode ratings through this link. (1)

Trailer of Fugitiva Season 1

Final words

Till then you can watch Fugitiva Season 1 and other related Spanish Tv shows on Netflix-