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frozen 3

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As winter has arrived in the town and Christmas is soon to come, I want to sing this song so badly. We all grew up while listening to this music by Agatha Lee Monn, Katie Lopez, and Kristen Bell of the movie Frozen. The Movie was released in November 2013. It’s been 7 years since then but still, it doesn’t feel like it. I heard a rumor that Frozen 3 going to release soon!


frozen 3

Frozen is a kind of movie which everyone loves to watch, whether you are a kid, teenager, adult, or parent. This movie makes $1.28 billion dollars worldwide.  Frozen 2 was released because of the widespread popularity and love across the globe, the filmmaker decides to make the sequel of the movie which is Frozen 2.

In November 2018 movie was again released. And guess what, it broke the record of its prequel and make $1.450 billion globally with breaking the record of earning of all animated movies.

Now, there is news about the third part of the movie Frozen 3. Here is everything that we have known to this date about it.

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Will Frozen 3 be released?

When the movie Frozen was first released back in 2013, there were no plans for the second part. That’s the reason why the second part took too long to release. Furthermore, they only decide to release the sequel because of the widespread popularity which this movie has got around the world. Now again the second part hits the box-office there is a chance of its third part go release.

Until now there is no confirmation whether Frozen 3 is actually going to happen or not. One of the co-director of the movie told that Frozen 3 won’t happen. During an interview with Yahoo Movies, Jennifer Lee told that

 “For me, it felt final”

Moreover, she previously told in the interview that now she is ‘tired’

Still, there is a ray of hope among the fans because of what Lee recently said that “we always say ‘never say never’”. Similarly, she teased Frozen 3 by saying “nothing ever close the door”.


What will be the story of Frozen 3?

Both Frozen and Frozen 2 were finished beautifully on a happy note. The movie beautifully expressed the love between the two sisters. But there are still some questions that are unsolved and unanswered in the movie.

  • Is there any chance for Elsa to come back to his home Arendelle?
  • Is she going to spend her rest of life in forest?
  • What happened to Kristoff’s parents? Are they alive or dead?

Moreover, the movie revolves only around the sister and the love life Anna. We don’t know anything about Elsa and her partner. It would be great if we can see her partner in the third part.


frozen 3

What are the theories regarding this movie?

We all were heartbroken after seeing Elsa go into the forest after she was doing amazing as a Queen. But somewhere everyone knows that Honeymaren is right. deserves to be in Enchanted forest with another spirit. The Frozen II ending was satisfying to many of you. But still, fans started to draw the plot for its the third part and some of them really make sense.

Frozen 3 Theories

Let us share the theories which are going around on the internet with you –

o The first theory is based on Elsa, it’s the first time of her leaving her kingdom and living in a forest. In the next part, we can see and explore more of her forest life.

o One theory about Elsa is that she’ll finally get a love interest. Many of the fans noticed some serious connection between Honeymaren and Elsa. Fans are expecting to see a lesbian couple in the Disney series.

o Furthermore Elsa and Anna never decoded the parchment which they found in the shipwreck.

o We can expect to found more about their parents as we don’t know much about them.

Han, the worst antagonist of Frozen might return. As we all know that Hans belongs to a big family and his chance of becoming a prince is little. As Elsa is not in Arendelle he might come back to woo her and get the kingdom. Moreover, he can attack Arendelle in Elsa’s absence and even attack and try to take the Enchanted forest.

In addition to this Hans can also fight against the North Waldron and the forest might become cursed again.

We don’t know if there is more possibility of people having magic-powers like Elsa. The movie didn’t answer some of the questions –

  • Why there is magic only in the forest?
  • Is there a time when magic was outside the forest?
  •  How does grandpappy know magic?

There are a lot of questions and maybe we can also get a prequel.

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Last words

Nothing is officially announced until now. But we know that if there will be the third part of Frozen it is surely going to be amazing. If you are new and haven’t watched any part of Frozen. Go watch it out and thank me later.


  1. it will make me, my friends and other fans happy if it ever happen in time, the ending with the sisters part ways remind me of my family have part ways too and made me sad, and plus Disney’s should give Elsa a love partner, I like to see that happen and when Anna and Kristoff get married as well, let that be the Grand Final I think.


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