From Video Games to Non GamStop Casinos

Give us back our good old video games! Come on, the big heavy reactionary who is going to do his paper for us by saying that today is rotten and that we have to go back to Pong. It is difficult with the passing of time not to look at the world next to Swan. The first console to arrive in my living room was a real Proust madeleine.

I knew the world before the digital revolution, before computers, before smartphones, before the internet. When I was little, and my parents wanted to be quiet when we were in the garden, they didn’t give me a smartphone, but they said to me “look, there’s a stick and from that stick I created worlds. It’s not the tool that’s the problem, it’s what they do with it. The title is provocative!

PacMan or Online Poker at Non GamStop Casinos?

Before, playing video games was a sign of evil. At any moment you could go crazy and eliminate all the old women in your building. We didn’t say gamers or geeks, we said “moron”, “moron” and whatnot. We weren’t trendy. We were the dregs. We did not know that in the world we were legion and that our vice would become the norm. It’s always a bit painful. It’s like your music group that lives in its original musical environment, and again, becomes a common good. It’s Metallica’s Black Album, it’s Games of Thrones, the Lord of the Rings is the Marvels and especially the DCs, it’s this world that was ours and that has become so trendy, that we have become clichés. We did everything. We cried little to play on the arcade machines when Dad absolutely wanted to show us how cool pinball is.

We discovered Pong at a friend’s house with a controller whose steering was done with a disc. Imagine a black straight line that was a road, a square that was a car. The object of the game was simply to double without taking the small squares that came in front. It all started with this 1979 Intellivision that I discovered a few years later. I’m not that old. Then there was the Amstrad CPC 464, a real revolution and a real work of discipline. It worked on tape. It was therefore necessary to plan three or four hours to play your game. Today, when I hear “it takes a long time to load” to play online, I can only smile. Then Nintendo came along and the world changed. In the meantime, computers have developed and a turf war has arisen between pro computers and pro consoles. PlayStation has managed to bridge the gap between gamers and console gamers.

Since then, we can say that business has taken precedence over the world of video games. The Internet has also been a vector of dematerialization and today, we have games without having the games. The dependence on platforms is far from the libertarian spirit that the pioneers of computing and the Internet had thought. Obviously, we have become specialists in non GamStop casinos, where we have found the classic games of blackjack and poker, so we cannot criticize what has allowed us to become enthusiasts without having to ruin ourselves in real casinos.

Non GamStop online poker is also a superb innovation. For once, PC games never worked. I was either needy or impossible to beat, limit, one could not wonder if she was not cheating, neither seen nor known, after three straight flushes in a row. And above all, we never won real money at these games…

Contagious Video Games

The video games of yesteryear had qualities lost on the altar of profit. A real story, chiadé scenarios, games without bugs, finished and a real length of a game, without anything to buy more!

There were even games that we couldn’t finish. The philosophy was different. The goal was not games accessible to all but games that deserved. Do you like Elder Scroll, from Morrowind to Skyrim? Have you completed Baldur Gates? Don’t come to talk to me about PC role-playing games, if you haven’t played Baldur’s gate. Might and Magic VI: The Celestial Mandate? When we play Skyrim, we know where we come from. We started with a wooden stick to conquer the world and challenge the dragons to end up in a game where a dragon flies above our head while we ride, guard in hand, in a sublime landscape. So, it wasn’t the first time, we were heroes who gambled their lives with the roll of dice under the watchful eye of the game master.

We can’t say it was better before, we play online, we love non GamStop slots, online blackjack, charts and even some blockbusters… Afterwards, there is one thing that is good, independent studios. The old people knew a time when they were all independent. Ubisoft in 1986, it was the Breton brothers who released crazy games like Zombi!

Today, there are pearls in a world of multinationals. Everything is not to be thrown away when from the top of Notre Dame, you can see the Paris of the 18th century and you stay there a bit, just to see how beautiful it is!

They stole our world, our codes, our music! Today, being a geek means queuing like a sheep to wait for a smartphone sold for 1,000 euros that will be produced in millions of copies to play at non GamStop casinos. Our world of childhood and adolescence has become a shopping center worth billions of euros. It’s not that we’re reactive, but we find ourselves like the band of surfers from the main beach of Biarritz, the pioneers who today no longer find themselves in this world of overrated surfing… It’s not a big deal, we’re going to drown our sorrows in a non GamStop live casino with a pretty croupier by telling him between two clicks!