Freeridge Release Date: What We Know so Far

Now that Netflix has revealed that an On My Block spinoff titled Freeridge is in the works, we’re excited for what’s to come! In On My Block season 4, we may have bid farewell to the core four, but in Freeridge, we’ll be introduced to a new core four.

There were undoubtedly some tears shed after viewing the series finale of On My Block, but we soon brushed them away when we realized that this is not the end of the popular teen series. Instead, we have the spinoff to anticipate, and if it’s set in the same universe as On My Block, it’s sure to be just as amazing!

Since the 27th of September, when the spinoff’s announcement was made public, not much is known about Freeridge. Nonetheless, we will reveal everything we know about this new Netflix original right now.

When Will Freeridge Releaseed on Netflix?

Freeridge Release Date forecasts

As we previously mentioned, Netflix has not yet revealed an official release date for the spinoff, which was unveiled on September 27. However, this does not prevent us from making forecasts.

Since it was announced in 2021, there is a chance that the spinoff series may arrive on Netflix sometime in 2022. The production of shows like On My Block and its offshoot is quick because they have little budgets and do not require special effects or other pricey elements.

Freeridge Cast

Creator Lauren Lungerich will be assisted in writing the spin-off by Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Haft. Netflix recently identified four cast members for the unreleased television series Freeridge. Bryana Salaz, known for “The Voice” season seven and “Team Kaylie,” will star in the drama series.

When Will Freeridge Releaseed on Netflix?

The new series will also include Kela Monterroso from the animated series “Growing Fangs.” It is anticipated that she will also be cast in “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Ciara Riley, who played Athena in “Kim Possible” and was Gabrielle Union’s co-star in “L.A.’s Finest,” will also star in the forthcoming drama series.

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Freeridge synopsis

Netflix has not issued an official synopsis, but it has been confirmed that the new teen series will focus on a new core four who reside in the same fictional Freeridge area. Similar to On My Block, the new core four are likely to get into difficulty. In their case, gangs are not the source of their problems, but rather a deadly curse.

We don’t know if gangs will play a significant role in the spinoff, but we expect them to make an appearance given the prevalence of gang activity in Freeridge. Without gangs, Freeridge would not exist. As additional information about Freeridge becomes available, you will be the first to learn! The fourth season of On My Block is now only available on Netflix.

When Will Freeridge Releaseed on Netflix?

What Should You Expect From The “On My Block” Spinoff?

Netflix has disclosed a few details about the show. We still know nothing about the plot or the cast. However, the developers have disclosed that this spin-off show would also contain four buddies like On My Block. However, this next show will focus on life-threatening curses rather than gangsters, which is the fundamental distinction between the two.

There is no information on the cast available. In addition, it is unclear whether the lead four from “On My Block” will feature on “Freeridge.” On the other hand, it would be fantastic if Sierra Capri, Jason Genao, Brett Gray, and Diego Tinoco featured in the spin-off series. However, we can only hope until Netflix and the producers announced the show’s title and actors.

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Fans of the Netflix series following its fourth and final season, but that doesn’t mean the show’s writers are putting down their pens anytime soon. It turns out that the story is far from ending, and things are becoming eerie. Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Haft, along with On My Block co-producer Jamie Uyeshiro and executive producer Jamie Dooner, are now in charge of Freeridge.