Freakish Season 3: Renewed or Cancelled?

Updated on 27th January 2022.

The Freakish season 3 release date for this show has been quite unclear since Season 2 came out. And while the show wasn’t really appreciated by middle-aged or higher aged audience (due to the use of language) but the show surely built quite an enthusiasm among the teenagers and youngsters!

I believe you have already been through a few articles where they claimed the show is finally confirmed, but that’s not the case sadly. Not yet at least.

The show is an American Television Drama series that is inspired by Horror-fantasy. The chief series of the show was aired on October 10, 2016, with a total of ten episodes, and two years later, the second season was dispatched. After two awesome! Hit seasons, now some firm fans are looking for the Freakish Season 3, and I am sure you are one of them. That’s why you have clicked on this link.

In this I have covered everything about the third installment, so let’s get started but before that what about refreshing our stressful minds with old quotes from the same show?

“I can’t trust you. And, I can’t be with someone if I’m always going to wonder if and when they’re going to cheat again.”

Series/Movie Name Freakish Season 3
Genre Horror-Fantasy Drama
Release Date Cancelled
Canceled Status No Authority NEWS Yet

Coming to our topic, Freakish is created by Beth Szymkowski. The show is in the English language and Originated from the United States of America. Freakish is a mix of Sciencefiction and Horror. The story revolves around the high school and some young girls and boys. The production has a related concept as we have seen in The Walking Dead. Yes, Zombies, the show is full of screams, blood, and dark fantasy.

Freakish Season 3

When Will Freakish Season 3 Be Released?

This might be some unfavorable news for those who are still waiting to get the Freakish Season 3. The first season airs in 2016 and after this the second airs in 2018 which makes the fan happy but not this time… wondering why? Regrettably saying the show is canceled by Hulu.

This lip-locked from their side means that they aren’t willing to make more of Freaksih or maybe the audience is done with the show but not all of them. The true fans are still in hopes, they are not happy with Hulu’s action, look what they are saying-

Will Freakish Season 3 Ever Renews?

The probabilities of Season 3 renewal are very low sadly, because at this pace it is canceled by Hulu but maybe in the future the show’s command comes into the hand of some other production channel like Netflix or Amazon Prime. If this happens then surely there be a third season.

Now many of the viewers might be wondering about the start cast, if the show renews then the remote member will be seen in the show. Let’s recall them-

  • Leo Howard as Grover Jones
  • Liza Koshy as Violet Adams
  • Adam Hicks as Diesel Turner
  • Aislinn Paul as Natalie Callaway
  • Meghan Rienks as Zoe Parker
  • Melvin Gregg as Lashawn Deveraux
  • Tyler Chase as Barrett McIntyre
  • Hayes Grier as Noodle Nelson
  • Niki DeMartino as Sadie
  • Saxon Sharbino as Anka Keller
  • Jordan Calloway as Zane Hiatt

Freakish Season 3

Terminal Words

The series has gained a 6.6 rating on IMDB, based on Season 1 & 2. The low ratings are the one of the primary reasons, why Hulu hasn’t spoken on the show for Freakish’s third installment. They haven’t clearly mentioned anything about the dissolution yet. According to TV Series Finale clear cancellation is the reason I am still optimistic about Season 3! When I get additional updates I will update more in this portion, so be with me!!

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More Queries

Is Freakish Season 2 the end of the Freaksih series?

Yes, at this tempo the show is canceled by the creators, so the verdict is that the first season has coated everything creators want to convey which might be the reason for the officials to cancels the show.

How many episodes Freakish series have?

The Freakish drama has a total of twenty episodes. Ten episodes are from the first season and the same structure follows with the second installment, it also gives us ten episodes. The show can be streamed online on Hulu, Netflix and Disney+Hotstar.

Where we can watch Freakish Season 3?

Season third is dropped at this time, so I can’t describe to you the streaming platforms for the next installment but if you are willing to watch the previous season then you can watch it on Netflix and Disney+.

Wrapping Up

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