Four More Shots Please Season 2 Releasing on 17th April – Every Hot and Glamorous Scenes from the Series

Four More Shots Please Season 2 is going to release on 17th April 2020, Amazon Prime’s latest Indian first, Four More Shots Please, is textbook litigation on why creators need to spend extra time on pilot incidents. Not only do they plot the story in gesture but also set the tendency, the aesthetic, the subject and the preferences of this show.

Four More Shots Please’s pilot episode does not one of these; it is a sobbing trash that doles out thick and unsuccessful condemnations in patriarchy and soda courses in feminism.

Four More Shots Please Season 2 Reviews

Sharing a reviews of season 1 of a guide and as 119 people found it useful hopefully you will find too .


Four girls with their own set of problems and ofcourse Feminism in nicer way😉 When you will finish watching 10 episodes of this mind-blowing urban drama you will feel Veere Di Wedding was just a trailer😁 Sayani outshines everyone in terms of performance as well as her character graph is better than anyone in this series… Kriti is equally good… Bani and Maanvi’s character has a linear character graph which doesn’t changes at all but they have done their part well… Pratik Babbar is very much likable… First two episodes may feel like it is usual series where woman protagonist is shown how they are put down by patriarchy but as the show progress it only gets interesting… I wouldn’t say it is something out of world but for sure you would like watching it… Every episode starts with a quote which is creatively mind blowing and top notch writing went into it… Many social taboo is touched upon with grace and panache.. It strongly conveys the message that everyone despite of which ever gender, they should live their life on their own terms and that may bring issues but just say Four More Shots Please and gulp down  your problems🤣 #watching

Another Review from another guide : 

“The starting episodes feel a little bit pushy but as they build onto the characters, you get hooked into knowing how each one of them fares in life. 

At one point you’ll be able to connect to 2-3 different characters because the issues they address are quite relatable to a girl in her 20s. I wouldn’t call it feminist, it’s more about seeing a reflection of ourselves and realising that these are the basic things we deserve to have & most probably do, just that people are not used to seeing a women first thought through series. 

It’s an Indian version of the Sex & the City. Their outfits left me with a long wish list! 

Overall a great binge worthy show which you might return to now and then, just to feel that there’s someone out there who understands your urban woman everyday struggles”/! 

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